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Highlight Section of Great Wall

Last week I visited a couple of sections of the Great Wall. Got to say I was impressed by the wall. It is architecturally beautiful, looked up close and personal. I really enjoyed a great walk on the wall at different sections. To be honest, I just loved Jinshanling and Huanghuacheng Great Wall. Those sections were as amazing as they could be!

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

It was the second day of my visit to Beijing that I was taken to spend an entire day at Huanghuacheng by my tour guide. The Great Wall walk aside, I also crashed there for the night at a local farm house. The scenery at Huanghuacheng was one of a kind and the trails were kind of off the beaten path, which made our walk along the wall pretty hard and challenging. But it was all worth it. I was rewarded by the breathtaking views, amazing countryside landscapes as well as the out of the way outdoors. I really had a full day filled with fun, relaxing walk and blood-pumping adventure. The lodge at the farm house definitely is a bonus for my walk on the wall. I got a good rest that night and even had a great dinner prepared by the host of the farm house. The experience at Huanghuacheng was just as amazing as it could be and I really enjoyed every minute of it.

The next day right after I had my breakfast, together with my tour guide, we hit the road again. This time we headed for Jinshanling section. Our walk on the wall at Jinshanling was easier than what we had at Huanghuacheng as many parts of the wall were complete and well paved with stone. However, there were some parts along the way that caused us some trouble to march on. They were built on steep cliffs, making it hard to climb over. The watch towers at Jinshanling were mostly crumbled with only some ruins left - they felt like falling down at any minute. But I put together some courage and still got near them, which turned out a great experience. I am really glad I did that. I took dozens of great pictures over there. Moreover, while I was walking on the wall, I had also wished that I brought some camping gears, that way I could camp the night away at Jinshanling. Too bad that slipped my mind. Anyway, I really enjoyed a good time and had a lot of fun on the wall. Definitely once in a lifetime experience!

Hiking on the Great Wall of Beijing

It is my first time visit to Beijing China last week. I spent a couple of days in there. Aside from visiting some historical sites in the city, I also explored outside city proper. Of course, the Great Wall was on the top of my bucket list. My visit to the Great Wall covered several sections and took me two days. It was fun and totally worth it!

Jinshanling Great Wall

My tour guide met me at the hotel and we hit the road to Mutianyu first on a van. The ride over there took us about over an hour and the minute the van came to a stop, we headed to the wall. Looking from a distance, the Great Wall was impressive and very eye-catching. My excitement built up along the wall over there. It was my first time to see the Great Wall up close and personal. Upon arriving at the entrance, we got the tickets and paid some money for a cable car ride up the wall. The lift ride was short, but I did get a bird's eye view of the wall on the chair lift. It was really amazing to see the wall from above. Upon landing on the wall, we started hiking forward on the stone paths. Mutianyu is well restored, making trekking on the wall easier and quicker. My walk on the wall was all about fun, relaxation and taking in the fresh outdoor air. I really had a good time walking here and there on the wall. There were so many great picture opportunities on the wall, so I kept busy snapping some fine pictures, forgetting that I got company all along.

The next day, we headed for another section of the Great Wall, which is not as well-restored as Mutianyu. But I liked it even more than I did at Mutianyu. The section we headed to is called Jinshanling, which is so different from what I saw at Mutianyu. I was told that all sections of the Great Wall hold their own, compared with others, according to my tour guide. My visit to Jinshanling was king of like what I did at Mutianyu, walking the wall, taking in the countryside landscapes and the like. However, walking at Jinshanling is harder than I did at Mutianyu. There were some parts along the way very steep and I had to be extremely careful not to fall off the wall. Overall, I had great 2-day excursion!

A Little Hot Weather, Exciting Journey

My son is very interested in Chinese Great Wall buildings, so this time I booked this Badaling and Ming Tombs tour last Saturday. I want to take him to explore and realize his dream. After getting this news, he got very exciting and happy. To be honest, I stayed in China so long time but without any ideas to it. I only knew China housed numerous heritages.

Ming Tombs

The first destination we appreciate is called Ming Tombs. It is a large scale tomb area buried Chinese history 13 emperors. Hearing this, I think it is full of mystery and fairies. Beijing spring is hotter same as summer. I took off the coat and bought water. Water and food here are expensive beyond my imagination. At that time, I got hesitated about the afternoon Great Wall hiking. Badaling Great Wall is not far from Ming Tombs. Perhaps, because of the hot weather, sitting on the bus, I want to sleep. My son persuaded me to inspire and go on. What impressed is the charming scenery here with light breeze. Tourists here are not so crowded like the tourists said. In fact, I want to take the cable car but forbidden by my son. He got very interested. Appreciating this dragon-style section, it is so elegant and grand seemed to seize all the things into its body. Stepping on the building, I felt fresh air, appreciating the green color creatures.

Badaling Great Wall

Taking pictures becomes the main task of my son. However, every step for me is like a mountain to climb. Watch towers are waiting for our appreciating. I did my best to climb. My son did not get any tired. Every section is so easy for him that he was the first to arrive at the top. My wife and I sited for a while, drinking water. For the fresh climbers, we are doing our best. About 1.5 hours hiking, we arrived at the top. Having a bird view, all the scenery reflected unique fresh and dazzling, especially the wall buildings and the watchtowers. It is just like a picture telling every tourist Chinese past and glorious culture.

On the way back, my son gave me many detail information about Chinese history, great wall buildings functions and some rules.

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