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Explore Long-standing History of Beijing

Beijing has long been hailed as a cultural Mecca in China, with a wide variety of historical and cultural attractions scattered around the city. Nothing beats a historical tour while exploring Beijing. History can be fun when it comes to Beijing.

Imperial History of Beijing
Forbidden City

There are so many destinations that you can pay a visit to learn more about Chinese imperial history. Hailed as a capital city of China, Beijing is filled with one of a kind historical relic sites which are scattered all over the city. For exploring imperial history in depth, you really should spend a couple of days visiting dozens of imperial remains left and well preserved to this day. At the mention of imperial remains in Beijing, the Forbidden City is second to none. For an imperial history experience, the Forbidden City is perfect. A visit to the imperial palace and court will give you a glimpse of the glorious past of the Chinese imperial family. You will get a chance to get an insight into the imperial history while walking around the courtyard and taking in everything related to imperialism of ancient China. The imperial palace aside, there are also a couple of imperial gardens available in Beijing for you to get to know better the imperial history and culture. Some of the imperial gardens have been turned into public parks, making it easy to get to. Must-visit is no doubt the Summer Palace which is as amazing as it can be!

For Folklore History of Beijing
Beijing Hutong

Other than the imperial history, if you want to get to know Beijing better, you really should head to some narrow alleyways and lanes in the city. Beijing Hutong refers to a crisscrossed lanes surrounded by residential houses. Hutong has long been regarded as a window into the folklore history of Beijing. With a wander and stroll down the lanes, you will get a chance to see the style of life up-close and personal. There is truly no better way to learn about folk history of Beijing than go down some Hutongs. Walking across some Hutongs will take you on a journey back in time to get a glimpse of the old Beijing as well as how the old residences lead their life every day.

Overall, Beijing is well worth exploring for those history buffs and has something for everyone!