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Celebration of Lantern Festival in Beijing

Chinese Lantern Festival is celebrated on the first Full Moon of the Lunar Year. Lantern Festival marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations, on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year. This year (2014) will be on February 14 (same date with Valentine Day), Chinese people will celebrate together the lantern festival in all country. For Chinese, this is a special day for them to celebrate both festivals in the same time.

Celebration of Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival

The 2014 Lantern Festival will welcome the Chinese zodiac Year of the Horse. This day or rather night will be lit with hundreds of colorful lanterns which will adorn the markets, store fronts, restaurants and hotels and just about anywhere you go. So for you who travel Beijing during that period, you will see beautiful view especially in some temples, malls, or other important sites in Beijing.

Traditionally, Chinese will decorate the light lanterns around the house and children carry the candle paper lantern on the street at night. It might the safety concern, not too many follow this custom today. Instead, many people will attend different activities of the Lantern Festival.

Moreover, fireworks will be up at the last day of Chinese New Year celebration, because after the Lantern Festival, fireworks are not allowed in the city. Traditionally, Beijingers like to set off fireworks and firecrackers on Chinese New Year's eve and the Lantern Festival to celebrate the holiday season.

Other beside lantern decoration that can be seen all over city, Chinese people will also celebrate Lantern Festival by enjoying tangyuan or yuanxiao. Just like China's other traditional holidays, the Lantern Festival also has its own signature dish, called "Yuan Xiao", or sweet dumpling. Although the sweet dumplings vary in name and recipe across the country, they are always coated with glutinous rice flour.

The Sky Lantern

During the night of lantern festival, some people also will fly the sky lantern by writing their wishes on the paper lantern and pray their wishes come true. Release sky lanterns as a form of prayer for good luck and blessing. And they believe that the lantern will fly to heaven, God will receive their message and hear their wishes. While in the day visitors could see some performances such as a dragon lantern dance, a lion dance, etc then in the night people can enjoy fireworks and sky lantern in a bright sky.

Happy New Year 2014 from China!

Celebrations are taking place around the world to mark the start of 2014. It is now the time for everyone says goodbye to 2013 and celebrates the beginning of 2014. Lots of massive celebrations greet 2014 New Year attracts thousands of people watch New Year's Eve fireworks in their own cities important district. It is the time for people welcomes a new year and new spirit of life.

New Year has arrived in China, celebrate with celebrations of fireworks and light shows across the country. China saw in the New Year with light shows at two spectacular and historic locations including part of the Great Wall near Beijing and at the Bund waterfront in Shanghai.

Beijing New Year Countdown at Badaling Great Wall

As the capital city of China, what is Beijing offer? At the Badaling section of Great Wall in northern Beijing, thousands of people gathered for a massive New Year's Eve celebration. As one of the World Heritage Site in China, Badaling section of the Great Wall was lit up with lights and lasers to form a giant dragon greet New Year 2014.

With the theme of "Flying Your Dream and Blessing the World", the New Year countdown provided tourists and locals with light shows and various traditional Chinese performances. The activity was also broadcast live on television, showing the world an attractive and cosmopolitan Beijing.

People dressed in traditional costumes play drums during a performance to celebrate the New Year at the Great wall in Beijing on December 31, 2013. Chinese and foreign visitors watched various performances, danced to music and enjoyed a light show on the Great Wall.

In Shanghai, a light show and fireworks display have attracted 200 thousand people to the Bund waterfront. During the 10-minute light show, there were images of China's pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo, Disney Land, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Colloseum in Rome taking viewers on a journey to landmarks around the world.

Recommended Places for Christmas Party in Beijing

Every year during the period of Christmas, the whole Beijing city will be decorated with Christmas decorations, showing the sweet atmosphere of traditional western holiday. Entertainment venues, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, etc all decorated Christmas Trees, Christmas Eggs, colorful lights and other decorations with Christmas Father. During Christmas holiday, there are large activities and celebrations hold in the city center. Never wait, join the Christmas Party in Beijing. Now recommend you 4 ideal destinations.

Go to Wangfujing Church

One of the must-do things on Christmas Eve is to go to church for worshipping. The Mass on Christmas Eve is usually divided into two parts: one from 9:00pm to 10:00pm and the other from 12:00 (the climax of the activity). After the midnight Mass, Christmas holiday is coming. Often accompanied by church bells sound, it rings for the world's forgiveness, blessings, joy and happiness. At this time, hold your lover's hand and go to Wangfujing Church to experience the most authentic Christmas atmosphere!

Magical Christmas in the Place

From the scale, the sky-screen ranks the third in the world just behind sky-screen in Suzhou and Las Vegas. However the technology is the most advanced, so from the technical perspective, the sky-screen in the Place is the No.1 all over the world. Visitors here can enjoy the colorful landscape of day and night, feeling rich in color and fashion tastes fantastic sound and light art of modern technology. Actually it has become a world-class spectacle attracting crowds from all over the world.

The most charming time in the Place is at night. Every year during Christmas Eve, here will hold Christmas Music Party. Along with the colorful laser show, together with your close friends, countdown creates your own Christmas STYLE.

Romantic Solana in Beijing

Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Christmas carols, Christmas gifts, this is a timeless classic for Christmas. Grand-scale activity, radiant bright lights, dazzling acrobatics show, pop music, all fashion factors are founded in Romantic Solana in Beijing. Experience the thrill of carnival stirring downs in music, dance and enjoy holiday cheer in a sea of jubilation.

Also there will hold fashion show on Christmas Eve in Beijing Happy Valley. Besides in large shopping malls, big discount is offered during the period. Really cool feeling to take part in Christmas Party in Beijing during the holiday.

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