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First China and Beijing Travel of Mine

My family and I, in total of 5 people of us, we did visit Beijing last month. Our trip to China last month was the first time to visit the country for all of us. It was really important since China called has long history with rich historical attractions and abundant natural panorama. Even in capital, Beijing, we could see beautiful scenery in Summer Palace, an imperial garden of Qing Dynasty era which surrounded by classical cultural relics. The garden is different with others historical places in Beijing, this garden is also offer stunning nature sceneries which brought us to more enjoy the scenery than its history.

Summer Palace

More than that, Great Wall was a thing that should not be discussed more, it was just magnificent and breathtaking! Especially on Mutianyu Great Wall, less crowded and green plants grows everywhere. Great escape from bustling city and breathe some fresh air in suburban area close from the city. Then Temple of Heaven and Forbidden City, ancient important buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Personally, I loved Forbidden City.

I could not be more proud to finally enter the sacred huge ancient palace of China. There, we could see lots of ancient historical relics in each important building and its amazing architecture. Based on our guide description, each building had its own functions at past. All of that was used by emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasty which from there emperors ruled the country for over a span of nearly 500 years. Lots of accidents, ceremonies or other imperial festivals happened inside the palace. It is a proof of China long history, a symbol and a national heritage of China that should not be abandoned.

Huge Hall of Forbidden City

Overall, I like the tour in Beijing. Well organize and a worth it tour that everyone should join. For me, all the things I did experience in the city were interesting and new. The people I've met, the things I've eaten, and the scenery I've witnessed in Beijing are things that I'll never forget. From my last trip to Beijing, I also realize that China is a HUGE country, has lots different opportunities for a traveler. Waiting for another chance to come back again to China and do some more trips to another famous city explore more about the country!

Taste the History of China in Beijing within 2 Days

Overall, I love the trip, its itinerary, attraction, service, guides, and others. Everything was so interesting, we got new experience and knowledge. Visit Beijing is an ideal choice for the first visitors who come to China. Apart from Beijing is the capital of China, the city also home for lots of historical places. Great Wall, Forbidden City and Summer Palace are three destinations that I already knew even before I did visit Beijing. The city is very modern, clean and organized with good transportation system.

Magnificent Mutianyu Great Wall

With this tour, my family and I, we able to visit lots of representative historical attractions in Beijing. The highlight of this tour is Great Wall. On Mutianyu section of Great Wall, we did see stunning sceneries as well as magnificent structures of Ming Dynasty Great Wall. This section relatively less crowded, has relaxing path for hiking without much tourists or local visitors. We did take the cable car up to the top with extra pay and that was worth it. The ride helped us save lots of time and energy, in additional, it took us to enjoy different views of the Wall by taking the cable car. We did took lots of photos and even make some conversation on the Wall.

Beautiful Imperial Garden

Besides Great Wall, there are other highlights in Beijing, one of my favorite is Summer Palace. Wished I had more time sitting on the shore of the lake enjoys the view. Summer Palace was used as the imperial garden of Qing Dynasty and become one of the most famous tourist spots today. The garden surrounded by several cultural relics where also hidden lots of history of China. Not only famous for its beauty, Summer Palace really attractive because of its lake. A manmade lake located in the center of garden, a nice summer escape among locals. Summer Palace is a huge garden, very ideal place for emperor's summer resort.

For me personally, the trip was organized and went smoothly from the start till the end. Daily, we were picked up from the hotel on time, pickup and drop-off service were really nice, very accommodating. Within 2 days, the weather was also very coordinated and clear, make our whole time comfortable. Thank you for the arrangements for this tour private tour. Highly recommended local travel agency and tour line!

2 Days Beijing Excursion from Tianjin

Hello all, this was my first time comes to China and visit Tianjin where my daughter studied right now. My visit looked after my daughter makes us booked the trip to Beijing. With other family members of course with my daughter too, we are together come visit Beijing last month. From Tianjin, Beijing is located very near, only 30 minutes away take the high speed train which is really easy and convenient.

Beijing has lots of important and famous historical attractions more than Tianjin. We booked the tour and started the trip directly when arrived at Beijing. Spend 2 days in Beijing, our knowledge about China history and culture changed better. My daughter who studied in Tianjin almost year also got lots of knowledge from the tour. All the service of the tour from the start till its end was relatively nice and organized.

Bridge in Summer Palace

For the whole itinerary, mostly all of us picked Summer Palace as the highlight of the tour. Although Great Wall and Forbidden City are so famous but this classical garden is best attraction of us. Summer Palace was built in the reign of Qing Dynasty for a summer resort and had become the place used for Empress Dowager Cixi stayed. The scenery and landscapes of the garden is breathtaking! A lake in the middle of the garden and several cultural relics surrounded the garden. What a relaxing trip to Summer Palace escape from the summer heat.

Along the journey, tour guide always gave us clear introduction and told us stories behind the spot that we see. She is a very great person, friendly and also speaks great in English. She helped us a lot during the whole 2 days tour. Because it is a private tour so there was no other visitors joined our trip. For us in total of 8 people, private tour could be very ideal and reasonable. If you come to Beijing with lots of family or friends, I should recommend you to take the private tour.

2 days trip in Beijing surely goes too fast, faster than my imagination. 2 days seemed little bit short but we could not stayed little bit longer because our limited time. A visit to Beijing became our highlight for our China vacation this time. Wished I could back again to the country and visit another city with family. Thank you for all!

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