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Highlights of My Trip to Beijing

Really enjoyed visiting the historic city of Beijing for the last few days. The 4 day trips I did in the city are so much fun and really opened my eyes. Definitely an essential Chinese experience and memorable trip to China. There are so many fun things to fill every day in the city. My favorite sights are no doubt the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The whole trip to Beijing went very well - got picked up from the airport right on time and taken to the hotel on a safe ride. Met the tour guide the next day and headed out for the whole day trip. The highlight of the trip is the Great Wall. It is my favorite Chinese sight and I really had a great time while hiking all the way up the wall. Saw the wall for the first time and got really excited to hike up and down the path up there. The snaking stretch of the wall goes as far as the eye can see and I really got overwhelmed by what I saw that day. There are so many great opportunities for pictures while hiking along the wall. There are some parts of the wall very steep but the experience made it all worth the climbs. Not many people out there and I felt like I had the whole wall all to myself. The experience is just incredible and I really enjoyed hiking the wall that day.

Forbidden City

Another highlight of my trip to Beijing is the Forbidden City. The Imperial Palace is now a public museum and there are plenty of treasure exhibits on offer in the museum. The architecture inside the palace is as marvelous as it can be. The palaces and halls are exquisitely decorated and full of Chinese style. The whole palace complex felt like a huge maze of enclosed wall, courtyard and houses. It is really amazing to traverse through the huge palace and it is a lot of fun. There are many visitors in the palace and the historic sight is too touristy nowadays. But my visit to the palace still allowed me to immerse in the imperial atmosphere and get a glimpse of the past glory of Chinese palace. It is so much fun and really memorable.

Overall, the 4-day trip to Beijing is quite interesting as it could be! Amazing!

Money-saving Holiday, Dazzling Attractions Arranged

2 days Beijing tour is arranged so perfect that the tour guide endow us too much. The booking procedure is very easy and the tour operator offers us the most considerate service. By the chance to visit my grandmother to Beijing, we enjoyed a typical holiday as well.

Badaling Great Wall

This is my second time to Beijing. The first time is in my five years old. Everything changed so fast, especially the economy development. On the first day, this tour gives me a big surprise that I finally realized my dream seeing Badaling Great Wall. It is truly a nice section more magnificent than the book said. We took enough preparations for hiking journey, water, food and sport shoes, etc. My father and I we climbed by foot. My mother and grandfather climbed by the cable car. Charming surroundings deserved our close appreciation. Most important is that on both sides of the Great Wall, there arranged the handrails. Many old people come here have a safety condition. When we came to the Beacon Tower, I learnt much. Many people gathered here explaining the function. I felt it is very interesting. In the ancient times, the soldiers stood inside observing the enemies far away. But so many carvings on the wall, many ancient tastes have been lost. Children running inside, it is really forbidden behaviors.

Summer Palace

In Beijing downtown area, Summer Palace left us a deep impression. As a large scale imperial garden, there are so many people gathering inside. They all come out to appreciate the extremely autumn beauty. Tour guide is very knowledgeable explaining each palace all the time. The flowers are all reaching the utmost blossoming attracting some butterflies. We walked to the Long Gallery sitting a while, so many tourists. Tour guide told us that this gallery is built for his mother to so she could walk out doors regardless of the weather so she might view the garden in rain or snow. There are many lifelike patterns on the roof housing certain ideas. In addition the Tower of Fragrant Buddha is also deserved appreciating. It will need your climbing, very high building. Just wandering inside, your mind and spirit can get fully relaxed.

I love this tour very much and certainly will recommend it to my friends!

Fully Explored the Great Wall

Been in Beijing for two weeks and never had a break from work to take in some sights in the city. Luckily, I had 3 days to spend at my own will, so I decided to pay a visit to see my favorite Chinese sight - the Great Wall. After comparing the different section of the wall, I added three sections to my itinerary.

Mutianyu Great Wall

My guide Jimmy picked me up from my hotel and then we hit the road to Mutianyu first. The ride was quite pleasant on our way over there. I first grabbed a cable car up the wall and then started to hike along the stone-paved path. I have spent about over 2 hours on the wall, walking, snapping pictures as well as taking in sights. The wall itself was well restored and very ideal for a leisurely walk. Afterwards, we hit the road again and this time we went to visit a huge graveyard called Ming Tombs. The scenic area is a lot of fun but there is nothing but a bunch of tombs down there. Then we headed to Jinshanling and stayed for the night at a small village at the foothill of the wall. Early in the morning on the next day, we hiked the wall at Jinshanling and the experience is even better than Mutianyu. I really had a great time up the wall and it is so much fun to hike through the steep path. Later we got down the wall from Simatai section and lodged at a farmhouse.

Jinshanlng Great Wall

The last day, we did an incredible trek on Simatai section and the path is even more dangerous than Jinshanling and I had to take some rest from time to time while hiking through those steep parts of the wall. As I could see, the section of the wall was not well restored and very wild and overgrown with shrubs and bushes. I got to say, hiking through the steep parts of the wall is very challenging to me but I was treated to quite a sight. The sight of the snaking wall undulating all the way up the rugged hills is just overwhelming. The trek I did on the wall is incredible too. The watch towers are so different from those at Mutianyu and very impressive.

Overall, the day-trip is no doubt the highlight of my stay in Beijing and I really enjoyed it to its fullest!

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