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Tips for One-day Glimpse of Historic Beijing

Time-honored historic city, Beijing is teeming with ancient sights, diverse shopping spaces and gourmet Chinese food. You can easily spend a vacation in Beijing without running out of things to see, do and experience if time permits! However, for those who only have a short stay in Beijing, there is still plenty to explore! Here is a little advice on how to make travel plans for one-day trip in Beijing.

Tip 1: Explore outside the city proper to see Great Wall
Badaling Great Wall

It is manageable (but very difficult for first time visitors) to see the Great Wall at Badaling, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square all in one day while visiting Beijing. If you prefer to do this one-day trip on your own instead of hiring a tour guide, here are some tips for how to plan your day trip in Beijing. First of all, you can have someone write Great Wall Badaling, cable car entrance and Forbidden City, Shenwu Gate in Chinese characters on a hard-paper card. Then ask the hotel staff for help to negotiate a day-rate price with a taxi driver. Most drivers are more than happy to be at your service with one guaranteed fare for the whole day. By western standards, the cab fare is usually quite worth it. After the driver drop you off at the Great Wall, have him wait for you at the foothill till you get back down to meet him (it is customary to pay half the fare to your driver so he can buy lunch while you walk the wall).

Tip 2: Explore imperial sights within city proper
Forbidden City

After the visit to the Great Wall at Badaling, you can have the cab driver drive you back to town and drop you off at Shenwu Gate and start your tour of the Forbidden City. You can spend as long as you like in the palace complex to see ancient imperial buildings and other sights in there. Exiting the palace, you can get a quick look at the Tiananmen Square and the landmarks sitting on the square like Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and more. After that, have your cab driver take you to the Temple of Heaven Park for some sightseeing. The park area used to be a place for worship of God and ancient ceremonies held by Chinese emperors. You will see plenty of ancient buildings over there, which are a far cry from those in Forbidden City. Lastly, complete your day trip with a visit to the Summer Palace. Tour Ends!

Overall, you can still have a fun day in Beijing!

Destinations for Beijing Nightlife

Apart from Beijing top highlights, Great Wall, Forbidden City and some other modern buildings, Beijing nightlife is also regarded as the most dazzling scenic spot in the tourists. However, for terrific Beijing nightlife, there are also many destinations to enjoy.

Beijing Night Show: If you are very interested in the art performance, at night you could choose to appreciate some night performances, Peking Opera, Acrobatic Show and Kung Fu performance. Each of them stored their own features and characters. As the quintessence of Chinese culture, Beijing Opera show is the most attractive.

Beijing Sanlitun Bar Street: With modern theme and glorious location, Sanlitun Bar Street is the most attractive spot in the tourists. Nowadays, it has been regarded as the landmark of Beijing nightlife. For the young tourists who are keen on the pop music, Sanlitun will be an ideal choice.

Leisurely Wandering: For some tourists, they are very interested in the tranquility and leisurely wandering. If you are very interested in old Beijing culture, you could walk along the Beijing Hutong. If you are very interested in the modern atmosphere, you could come to the CCTV Tower for closer appreciation!

Top Beijing Water Areas for Summer Tour

For the coming of summer tour, Beijing will hug all the tourists with fantastic scenic spots. During this time, I would share you some popular water paradise for entertaining your summer holiday.

Water Cube Paradise: built for the 2008 Olympic Games, Water Cube Paradise was established for entertaining and enjoying. Cozy environment, cool temperature and high advanced facilities will offer you great chance for the families.

Beijing Joy Water Magic Cube Water Park: It is a large scale outdoor water paradise offering cozy environment, advanced playing facilities and high-tech water programs. Combining Chinese traditional building style and western theme ideas, it will be an ideal place for enjoying summer tour.

Beijing Xiedao Water Park: as the largest artificial bathing beach, this water park always offered tropical seaside amorous feelings to the tourists exploring Beijing summer tour. Various water activities will offer the children best childhood. It is a terrific place for friends or families gathering!

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