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What to Buy for Beijing Craftworks

It is always saying that if you came to Beijing without enjoying and purchasing the Beijing craftworks, it is equal that you have not come to Beijing. As the cultural city housing profound history, Beijing housed loads of treasures. Among these treasures, Beijing craftworks received high fame in the tourists.
Jade: In Chinese, jade was read into Yu. It is considered to be the king of the precious stones by Chinese for more than 5, 00 years. In some degree, it was thought to be the auspicious thing standing for goodliness, heavenliness and preciousness.
Cloisonne: In China, it is called Jingtailan. It got famous and popular in the people for charming appearance and delicate working. With profound history and deep culture, it expressed perfect combination of copper and porcelain.
Artificial Flower: it is called Juanhua. Since the traditional times, it is regarded as the handicraft. It is used as the hair decoration in the earlier time. With the economy developing, there are over 2,000 kinds of artificial flowers appeared.

Tips for Kids Tour in Beijing

More and more tourists come to Beijing for entertaining and enjoying. Among the tourists, families covered a large part. So, it will be a problem exploring Beijing with little children and heavy luggage. In order to relieve your pressure, ensure you an excellent holiday, I will spare you some tips.

Beijing Kids Tour

Explore the Scenic Spots Opened for Children
If you visit Beijing with your children, it is better to explore some children-themed scenic spots, just like Beijing Be You World, Happy Valley, Beijing Zoo, etc. Each of them could satisfy the children dream for researching the real world. No matter in the knowledge-widen, education and the life-dream, they could conduct a certain effect to their growth. For exploring the Be You World, children could widen vision and grasp the chance to enter into a new world. And they will be the role in this new world. See them how to design their life to analysis their characters and dream. For the Happy Valley, they could research the most interesting activity to leave their best childhood. For exploring Beijing Zoo, they could get closer to the real nature, pandas, golden monkey as well as the ocean world. To stimulate their inner thirst for the world creature, these arrangements will be best destination.

Safety-conscious for Children in Popular Scenic Spots
If you are very interested in the long-journey scenic spots, please take care of your children, such as Great Wall hiking. It is very hard for the children to have the whole hiking journey. During the journey, spilling away or the falling over condition is very easy to occur. You could climb with children in your arms. The most ideal choice for climbing is taking the cable car. With safety designing and perfect arrangement, cable car could offer the ideal condition for the children and the old.

Preparations for Kids Tour
Before starting the tour with your children, having enough preparation is the must. All the commodities children used should be taken including some drugs, clothes and their favorite food. The most important is that do not taking much cash with you. During the whole visiting journey, you will pay much attention on your children. Losing money or children will be the horrible result. So, just taking the card to start a journey, you will save a lot.

Kids tour is sweet and happy. It just depends on your special attention!

Cuisine and Restaurants in Beijing

In order to enjoy a terrific Beijing tour, apart from the charming natural scenic spots, having awesome cuisine is also the key point. As a prosperous capital City, there distributed many top restaurants for entertaining. From where, tourists could not only enjoy the traditional cuisine but also have the chance to enjoy the top cuisine of other countries.

Chinese Cuisine and Restaurants: for the tourists who are interested in the Chinese cuisine, these restaurants will be ideal choice for enjoy and entertaining. Covering various food from all over China, just like Hui Cuisine, Yue Cuisine and Chaozhou Cuisine, etc, each of them could satisfy your desire of stomach.

Western Restaurants: Besides of the thousands of Chinese restaurants, these well-designed western restaurants also could arouse your deep interests with serving the food from all over the world. Tourists coming to Beijing could basically get what they want in these restaurants, American, Brazilian and French, etc.

Muslim Restaurants: Feature food from Chinese ethnic minorities contributes a lot to Beijing colorful dining culture. Muslim Restaurants are the popular cuisine land for the Muslim tourists and the Muslim fans. If you came to Beijing, don not forget to enjoy the most popular Muslim food – Whole Sheep Banquet.

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