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Tips for Multi-Day Tours in Beijing

Housing world treasures and wonders, Beijing has become a must-enjoy place for word wide travelers. In order to enjoy a terrific holiday, most of the tourists always choose the multi-day tours in Beijing for sightseeing. However, there still existed some problems. Now, I will give some useful tips for the travelers who want to join multi-day tours in Beijing.

Rent a Car for Transfer

Book a Tour from Trustworthy Travel Agency
For multi-day Beijing tours, booking a tour in advance from a trustworthy travel agency is a smart choice, especially for those who are fresh Beijing visitors. As a metropolis city, there are too much waiting for your sightseeing. You could classify the attractions into different groups, modern attractions, imperial buildings, gardens and children paradise, etc. Even there are many cultural buildings established in Beijing, you should pay much attention on them. If you just explore your favorite, routes, itineraries and key information will become the main problem. At last, it could lead to the condition of wasting time and money. So, be a smart traveler. According to your request, decide your favorite, it will be an ideal idea. The travel agency will arrange terrific itineraries for your every stay in Beijing. You need not to worry about the vacant time. Fulfill and meaningful holiday is very easy to get.

Book a Hotel in Advance
If you decide staying in Beijing over one day, booking hotel in advance is very important, especially during the hot season. For the travelers, a good relaxed in night decides your exploration in daytime. In Beijing, there are many hotels available. According to your personally request, decide your hotel. If the travel agency contained the hotel booking, it could save much time. By contrast, booking a hotel in advance is the important for tour.

Rent a Car for Transfer
If you come from the far distance, you may carry heavy luggage. Heavy and tired condition may bring you some trouble. Especially getting off from the flight or train, facing the heavy traffic and strange route, as well as the crowded tourists, it will be unexpected problem. This time, car rental service will be the emergency helper. It could solve all the problems with you. During the summer, it could offer you cozy air-conditioned environment. During winter, it could create the warm surroundings. Taking you to your downtown hotel, just the car rental service!

Useful tips for fresh visitors in Beijing, just enjoying your Beijing multi-day holiday!

Tips for Taking Night Views in Beijing

Beijing is no doubt best explored during daytime, but the nighttime of Beijing is also very charming and breathtaking and worth seeing while visiting Beijing. A night out in Beijing is fun and definitely an essential Chinese experience! For exploring the night view of Beijing, here are two top destinations worth exploring.

Tip 1: Head for Bird Nest
Bird's Nest

The most beautiful bird nest is seen at night. The bird nest in Beijing numerous high buildings is not particularly outstanding, or cannot show its unique charm during daytime. In the evening, the lights have been lit, from afar, it shows its realistic nest shape highlight of its unique design. The colorful and beautiful bird nest is before your eyes at night. Ornamental bird nest is really breathtaking at night and it is not just the best place to see the scenery, it is as the landmark of the wonders of the world as the modern building and held the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The bird nest had already become the modern Beijing landmark attractions, and the symbol of the rise of the Chinese nation. Enjoy the beauty  of bird nest building, once the Beijing Olympic venues which held many first-class international top sports events, the nest will gradually become a center for sports, theatrical performances, exhibition, hotel, tourism, shopping and leisure as one of the large-scale comprehensive international sports culture communication center.

Tip 2: Go to Wangfujing for lively experiences
Wangfujing Street

Wangfujing is a nearly 100 years old business district. After the liberation of China, it rises up as one of the most bustling streets in Beijing. There are plenty of famous department stores lining the street, including the famous Dongan market, many large professional shops, the largest arts and crafts shops, the largest Xinhua Bookstore, the largest Chinese photo gallery and Lisheng Sports Center, medical appliance stores, Wangfujing shopping centre, the Muslim trade building, etc. It also brings together Beijing Roast Duck shop, Wufangzhai, Quansuzhai, Dong Laishun, and other famous restaurants and food shops. The new McDonald and other international fast food chain has also opened here. The new Wangfujing has many time-honored shops, such as Sheng Xifu, Tongshenghe shoe store, new world silk shop, blue sky clothing store, Raymond suit shop, Jianhua fur shop, Hendry watch, Daming glasses company, new China women and children department store, Donghua clothing company, Baicao ginseng pharmacy, Bi Chun tea shop, Ji Gu Ge heritage shop etc.

Overall, you will enjoy a fabulous night out in Beijing and have fun exploring the night of Beijing!

Tips For Enjoy Summer Vacation in Beijing

Summer may not be the best time to visit Beijing, but you can still find some fun things to see, do and experience in Beijing. Beijing never stops surprising its visitors with its countless delights. Here are some useful tips for making the most of a summer vacation in Beijing.

Visit Beijing

Tip 1: Put top summer retreats on your travel list
Nothing beats a retreat in one of the many gardens and parks while visiting Beijing during summer days. It is a great way to get away from the summer heat to enjoy some cool air. There are as many destinations as you can imagine in Beijing which are perfect for summer retreat. Within the city, you can head to one of those beautiful gardens or parks to enjoy a morning or a late afternoon with a relaxing walk or stroll. And the gardens and parks in Beijing also offer incredible views and landscapes. If you would like to venture further for your summer vacation, there are plenty of mountains and valleys outside the city proper of Beijing, where you can easily find yourself a nice resort. By the way, the various sections of the Great Wall are also located outside Beijing, so if you want to experience some adventure on your vacation in Beijing, those remote sections of the wall would be an excellent choice. In addition, you can also find lots of locations outside Beijing, where there are some rivers and lakes, so you can have fun with the water to cool down a little bit! Overall, you really should add some retreats on your vacation list while visiting Beijing during summer days.

Tip 2: Hire a reliable tour guide for first time visitors
As a sprawling city, Beijing is very difficult to navigate around with the traffic and crowds all over the city. For those first time visitors to Beijing, it is best to hire a tour guide for your vacation in Beijing. In doing so, you will save yourself a lot of time on the traffic and other stuff while exploring Beijing. With a reliable tour guide by your side, you will get an essential Chinese experience. Moreover, you will also learn more about Chinese people in the end by spending days with the tour guide and you may get some more insights into Chinese art and history on your trips with your tour guide. Overall, it is worthwhile to hire a reliable tour guide for a summer vacation in Beijing. If you are a fresh visitor, book a tour in advance offered by trustworthy travel agency is also a smart choice.

To sum it up, with these tips, you will have yourself a pleasant and unforgettable summer vacation in Beijing!

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