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Top Beijing Opera Theaters for Beijing Nightlife

As the must-explore attraction for Beijing nightlife, Beijing Opera has marked every one with wonderful performance, profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation. However, where should we enjoy the typical art performance?

Liyuan Theater: to be regarded as the most famous and popular theater for enjoying the Beijing Opera, Liyuan Theater puts on Beijing Opera Performance every day. For enjoying a leisurely relaxed to enjoy opera, tourists could sit around the Baxianzhuo for a cup of tea, very cozy!

Chang'an Grand Theater: being built in the year of 1937, Chang'an Grand Theater is an ideal place for enjoying the genuine Beijing Opera. As a terrific gathering place for Beijing Opera fans, it is a perfect combination of classical and modern architecture.

Mei Lanfang Theater: being named by the great Beijing Opera master – Meilanfang, this theater mixed the traditional opera theater and modern construction style perfectly. The audience seats are distributed in the four floors. No matter which floor you sited, you could see and hear clearly.

Top Chinese Souvenirs

As a dazzling country, China housed profound history and deep traditional culture. Nowadays, it has becomes the must-explore place for experiencing holidays. However, in addition to the top highlights, Chinese souvenirs are also the touring destination.

Chinese Silk: With deep cultural connotation, Chinese Silk experienced long history. Its mystery and typical value deserved all the tourists for appreciating. Famous Silk Road appeared as the treasure of history. Typical texture, smooth, bright features make silk become the most suitable materials for clothes.

Chinese Jade: As the most valuable decoration in the silver and gold, jade has influenced long times in people's daily life. Typical texture and special color gave it another meaning storing the soul. Nowadays, it has become a very popular decoration in the people.

Chinese Painting: Being divided three genres, Chinese Painting is also the production of history. From the simple to the complex, Chinese Painting is improving day and day. With the economy developing faster, tools and the colors as well as the styles of Chinese Painting all changed!

Tips for Shopping in Beijing

For tourists in Beijing, especially fresh Beijing travelers, after finished the visit in famous attractions, they did not know what to buy for their relatives or friends. As a metropolis city of China, Beijing housed too much. Today, I would like to give you some golden tips for your Beijing shopping.

Shopping in Beijing

What to Buy in Beijing
Experiencing so many years, Beijing is regarded as the most prosperous city of China. In the ancient times, it has become a business center. At that time, many skillful craftsmen have settled the area and passed their excellent skills generation by generation. Nowadays, we still could find the traditional handcrafts with typical eastern features in many business streets and markets. No matter where we went, the colorful cloisonné, Ivory Carving, Jade and Lacquer are all known as dazzling appearance. So, if you wanted to buy some gifts for your friends or relatives, you could buy some for them. Apart from this, some Beijing local specialties, Candied Fruits is also good choice.

Where to Buy in Beijing
There are many different-themed and different-classes markets and shops established for tourists and local residences. For some tourists who are willing to buy some gifts, where to go? The most famous places are Wangfujing Street and Qianmen Street. Some other markets special for the pearls or silk like Hongqiao Pearl Market and Silk Street. For the tourists who are very interested in the antiques, the Colored Glaze Factory and Panjiayuan Flea Market are the right place. Different needs have different markets for choosing. For the young tourists who are like to pursue the fashion trend, Xidan Commercial Street will satisfy your desire.

Matters for Shopping
Every market in Beijing has their opening time and closing time. During summer holidays, most of Beijing shopping malls are from 8:30 to 21:00. During winter season, these markets are closed half or one hour earlier than in summer. Bargain in some markets are available. In order to have a meaningful shopping, you could have a bargain according to your favorite. What should attention is that most of the hotels and large scale restaurants, etc are equipped with foreign exchange counters and ATM, Credit Cards.

Beijing shopping is very easy and it only depends on your special attention!

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