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Top Beijing Supermarkets

In the modern days, supermarkets are very popular around the country. In the metropolis city, Beijing houses many big supermarkets. Entering them, tourists are always dazzled by the great variety of goods in different brands. Many choices are just here!

Metro: In Chinese, Metro is translated into Mai De Long which is a German supermarket known by great quantity and cheap price. This supermarket accepted the VIP customers with membership card only.

Watsons: In Chinese, Watsons is translated into Qu Chen Shi which is mainly for the cosmetics and personal products. Around Beijing, there are many branches established offering various choices.

Carrefour: Translated in Jia Le Fu, the supermarket is one of the largest chain brands in China. Scattering all over Beijing city, this supermarket offered the Free Carrefour Shuttle Bus to convenient the customers.

Top Beijing Local Products

Exploring Beijing, tourists are easily lured by various local products in most of Beijing supermarkets. Relating these delicate products, they could absolutely conquer your Beijing tour.

Candied Fruit: As the most favorite products in the kids or the tourists who are interested in the sweetness, Candied Fruit would be the ideal choice. Being made of fresh fruit by traditional secret recipes, they tasted typical sweet and sour and are treasured by locals and tourists.

Beijing Crisp Candy: Getting the high fame as one of the best three candies in China, Beijing Crisp Candy has become a must-product in the celebrations, wedding ceremonies and other important festivals. Being made of high quality sugar and sesame paste, it tasted crisp, fragrant and sweet.

Lv Da Gun: As one of the oldest snacks in Beijing, Lv Da Gun gets another named called Bean Flour Cake. This kind of food shows yellow with dense soybean flavor with featuring of fragrant, sweet and glutinous.

Million-dollar Tips for Better Explore Beijing

While exploring Beijing or spending a vacation in Beijing may seem a lot of fun and full of once in a lifetime experiences, there are still some tips you really should keep in mind if you want your trip to Beijing a pleasant journey and experience! Here are some useful tips for you to better explore Beijing.

Travel in Beijing

Tip 1: Do not take too much photography
While traveling in a completely new city, it is kind of easy to get carried away with the obsession to take pictures of every street scene, statue and faces of local people. Always remember your trip to Beijing is not all about some spontaneous pictures, but about fun and deep insight into the culture and history of the city. You will always get some perfect chance to snap some decent photos whenever you like it when you hang around in the city. Taking too much pics may easily interrupt the spontaneity and visceral experience that should be the focus of your travel in Beijing. If you get carried away busying yourself with shooting photos that one click leads to another wherever you go, before you know it, you will end up with 300 pictures crammed on your phone, which are nothing but some old buildings, blurry sunsets and plates of food. Congratulations. Your trip is easily ruined by low-quality images and you may miss out on plenty of essential moments or experiences, trust us, nobody back home would want to scroll through those randomly-shot photos.

Tip 2: Do print out reservation details
While exploring Beijing, do not be overconfident that you have all the info you need on your phone and computer, therefore you do not want to bother to print out some reservation details on paper. From personal experiences, it is worth printing out some hard copies of your hotel name and address when you are in Beijing. Because at some points, your phone, computer, tablet and other electronics might not work very well or there is no wifi or internet connection available when you head off the beaten path. There is truly no guaranteeing that you will need some backup plans when something went wrong along the way. If you got some paper copies in hand, you will not panic when that happens.

To sum it up, it is better to be well prepared than to be sorry later whenever you are visiting Beijing!

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