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Tips for Discover more of Great Wall

In recent years, the Great Wall has become one of the most popular destinations among the tourists in Beijing. For those who want to experience more of Beijing and get an essential Great Wall experience, the Great Wall at Mutianyu is worth adding to your travel list.

Tip 1: Know more about Mutianyu
Mutianyu Great Wall

Compared with other parts of Great Wall, Mutianyu scenic spot has long been highly spoken of by the tourists. While touring around this area, not only can the tourists enjoy the most amazing Great Wall but also experience a series of modern tourist facilities. They combine to provide the tourists an unforgettable Chinese experience. Along this Great Wall tourist line, a large group of famous attractions is available for the tourists. As one of the sixteen attractions in Beijing, Mutianyu Great Wall extends 2,250 meters of tourist line. This part features many crenels, especially three Watch Towers standing together, as well as other famous scenic spots, like Jiankou, Niujiaobian and Yingfeidaoyang and so on. They all will turn your tour into a lifetime experience. In addition, Mutianyu Great Wall is surrounded by lots of mountains and boasts lush vegetation, with coverage of 90 percent.

Tip 2: Fun Things to Do at Mutianyu
Mutianyu Great Wall

During your tour, you can also enjoy the top class cable car in China and other programs, like Chinese stone city and Shibide slide track. This unique combination of Great Wall culture, stone culture and sports and body-building has been honored. Moreover, touring around this area, tourists can also enjoy a wide variety of fish dishes. They will make your Great Wall trip even more worthwhile. The raising of the fish needs a series of conditions, like constant flowing spring water. Best of all, the perfect combination of fish soup and barbecue will make you want to try more of them. There are also many other delicious food available for you. These local delicacies are all very good for your health and very beneficial. Also, there is a village courtyard lying beneath the Great Wall. Tourists can get a taste of its green food planted by those villagers themselves. And these people are also very hospital and warmhearted and they will offer you all the best they have.

Overall, Mutianyu is a great place to have fun and get an essential Chinese experience while visiting Beijing for the second time!

Tips for Beijing Hutong Tour in Depth

I really do not why I hold so many interests to Beijing Hutong. For so many years, I pay much on Beijing Hutong culture. This is my third time visiting Beijing Hutong. However, this time come to Beijing, I learnt much. There are some certain skills for a successful Hutong tour!

Hutong in Beijing

Stay in Hutong at Night
In the past years, I always took the rickshaw roam in Hutong and have a layout appreciation. I always feel a kind of mysterious feeling surrounded. But I did not seize them without deep understanding. This time, I choose stay in Hutong at night, truly marvelous feeling. It is a Hutong-style hotel with courtyard, really cozy and fresh. Service offered is very considerate making me feel going back home. I really get close to the building architecture and the courtyard designing layout. Even the washroom is designed according to the past years. Adding the dining prepared for us, we are just the Hutong residences. It is a very spacious yard with flowers and plants surrounded. After entering into the house, one building can appear called Yingbei in Beijing dialect.

Join Hutong Activities
It really surprises me that there are so many colorful and meaningful activities held in Hutong. On the second day staying in Hutong, I widened my vision. So many China cultural experience activities left me a deep impression. Chinese cooking lesson, Chinese calligraphy and painting lesson, Chinese Handicrafts Making Lesson and so on. Each lesson attracts loads of tourists for entertaining and tasting. I learnt much from the cooking lesson. Cooking Jiaozi is so hard. I like to eat Chinese dumpling. From the appearance, it looks very easy but hard for making. The teacher taught us all the time. Last, I can do but a little ugly. Just having this lesson, I got deep understanding about Hutong culture.

Wander along Surroundings
The biggest harvest visiting Beijing Hutong this time is that I gained many other famous scenic spots, Houhai Scenic Spot and Prince Gong Mansion. They are very impressive in the designing and sceneries. Prince Gong Mansion led me appreciate the real traditional courtyard. Inner buildings are best preserved with traditional culture. In addition, I got much about the background.

Just roaming along Beijing Hutong, I really felt the essence, tranquil environment, harmonious atmosphere and delicate buildings. This time, my Hutong tour is very meaningful. Seizing the three tips!

Tips for Better Explore Mutianyu Great Wall

Nowadays, the Great Wall of China has become the most sought after Chinese sight for foreign visitors to China. Every year, millions of people flood into Beijing just to get a glimpse of the wall. For those who want to make the most out of the trip to Mutianyu, to rent a car for your trip is both economical and time-flexible.

Rent a Car to Mutianyu Great Wall

Tip 1: Time-saving Way to Get There
If you made up your mind going on a Mutianyu Great Wall tour, you can choose a Beijing car rental together with some of your friends. I guarantee you that this trip will cost you less and offers more than you expected. There is a wide variety of Beijing car rental options available for you. And I bet you will find a car rental option that is just for you. If the price is the biggest concern on the tour, then you can find the cheapest one; and if the car is the top priority, you will definitely find your favorite brand from thousands of cars. After the mission of Beijing car rental is complete, you can drive to the famous Mutianyu Great Wall and enjoy a good time with your friends or families.

Tip 2: Other Highlights not-to-miss
On your Mutianyu tour, you can climb up the Great Wall and take some pictures or just enjoy those amazing landscapes around this area. Moreover, this part of the Great Wall is not as crowded as other parts of the Great Wall, so you definitely can enjoy a good time. After this Great Wall tour, Beijing car rental will take you back to your hotel. And if you still got some energy left, then you can drive to downtown Beijing with the aid of Beijing car rental and enjoy some night shows, like Chinese Kung Fu show, Opera show and acrobatic show and so on. And after the show, you can also drive to Hou Hai Bar Street and have a drink with your friends or enjoy its unique vibes. With the help of Beijing car rental, you can enjoy loads of fun whenever you feel like it. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the car damage, it is already been covered by the insurance concerning Beijing car rental. I guarantee you will enjoy a safe and pleasant journey while in Beijing.

Overall, to rent a car for your trip to Mutianyu is the best way to spend a vacation in Beijing with family or friends.

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