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3 Tips for Badaling Great Wall Helicopter Tour

Nowadays, there appears a new theme tour of Badaling Great Wall - take a helicopter. Although it is a much expensive than the normal ways, it is really worth your money to enjoy the spectacular panorama view of this world wonder. However, for this kind of tour type, 3 tips need your attention.

Badaling Helicopter
Reservation Information
For the helicopter tour, it is special and unique. So, you should follow the departure time, don't be late and too early. First, you should consider your body condition, because some people can't be adapted to the high altitude. Different helicopter types, you should charge different fee. Please prepare the money in advance. Of course, you can ask your tour guide in advance about these questions. Doing preparation is very important, because the helicopter tour we offered is in short time. If you plan to enjoy the hiking journey, loosen clothes should be prepared. About the children taking the helicopter, the age range is between 3 years to 12 years. Because of the weather, we have to cancel the tour. Under the condition, you can ensure we could contact with you timely.

Badaling Helicopter
Boarding Information
For the boarding procedure, you should arrive at the designated place 40 minutes in advance. If you are delayed, you have no right to board. Boarding procedure on departure hall and fill in the necessary forms and get your boarding card. During the time, tour guide will help you. So, if you have something emergency, you could ask for them. What the most important is that you should follow the staff construction to get on the helicopter. Turn the important things to your tour guide, keep light to enjoy.

Flying Journey
It is forbidden to take the inflammable articles which are easy to explode on board. Taking weapons and other dangerous items are also prohibited. Before boarding, the camera and videos should be labeled anti-flash in case affecting the pilot's control. During the flight journey, it is forbidden to take off anti-glare film for photography. It is seriously forbidden to take pictures in front of the helicopter before boarding until the plane took off. It is must to fasten your seat belts. Sitting in the cabin, don't touch any power switch and the door handle in order to have a safe condition.

After grasping these tips, terrific flying on the Badaling Great Wall is easy!

Tips for Exploring Shichahai in Depth

At the mention of essential Beijing experience, Shichahai is second to none when it comes to sightseeing while visiting Beijing. You can easily spend an entire day exploring scenic Shichahai without running out of fun things to see, do and experience. For those who are planning on a visit to Shichahai, here are some useful tips for your reference.

Tip 1: Explore Scenic Shichahai on Rickshaw
Shi Cha Hai has long been viewed as the most famous historical and cultural tourist area. Consists of Qian Hai, Hou Hai and Xi Hai, structures are of antiquity and residence and customs. Covering an area of 146.7 hectares, it boasts as the best reserved in terms of flavors of old Beijing city. There are a couple of Mansions of Prince and gardens, like the best reserved Mansions of Princes Gong and Chun. The surrounding area used to be the main shopping district in old Beijing city. While you tour around this area, you are free to immerse yourself in the unique combination of classic and modern styles. This area is the most ideal venue for you to experience the old and new Beijing city. The best way to take in scenic Shichahai is no doubt by taking a rickshaw ride which takes you to weave through a maze of narrow lanes in the area.

Tip 2: Visit the Old Houses around Shichahai
The old houses of Qingling Song and Moruo Guo sit next to Shi Cha Hai. There used to live three commanders on Liuyin Street of Shi Cha Hai. Backed by the six lakes, it is quite famous for its willows on the lakeshore and the lotus blossoms in the lakes. Shi Cha Hai boasts as a watery area of north of China. It has long enjoyed a good reputation among the public. Nowadays, it has become the most ideal venue to spend some time with families and chase fashions. After hundred years of development, Shi Cha Hai has accumulated a diverse culture. Hutong and Sihe Courtyard have long housed the histories and cultures of old Beijing. Surrounding the river spreads an irregular net of Hutongs which were founded based on the landforms. To this day, Shi Cha Hai has still remained as a perfect combination of natural and cultural landscapes. Those structures of antiquity, like Drum Tower and Bell Tower, still stand like a series of pearls which have added more charms into Shi Cha Hai.

Overall, Shichahai is a fun place to explore while in Beijing.

Tip for Exploring Countryside in Beijing

Beijing has not only the Great Wall and the Forbidden City to offer. There are diverse options for exploring the historic city. For those who want to get away from the city noise and enjoy some noise-free time in Beijing, the ancient village of Cuandixia is well worth a visit. The ancient village is a great place to enjoy a weekend or vacation while visiting Beijing.

Cuandixia Village
Tip 1: Know more about Cuandixia Village
Cuandixia covers an area of 280 Mu, with 74 courtyards and 689 houses. Most of these houses came into being during the end of Qing dynasty in the form of Sihe Courtyards. This little town was founded beside the mountain and spread along the axis line. Cuandixia Village is enclosed and connected by several walls which are used to prevent flood and bandits. Located upon the slow side of the mountain, it is divided into two parts. The houses stretch down and are arranged on a little hill. These houses are mainly made up of Sihe Courtyards from Qing dynasty and enclosed by front house and side houses, as well as some small houses. These Sihe Courtyards in Cuandixia are divided into plenty of buildings featuring different styles. There are also a series of attached buildings, like screen walls, gate tower, horse poles, step stone and so on. The furnishings in Cuandixia include brick carvings, stone carvings, wooden carvings and drawings. The carving patterns are mostly symbolizing luck, like flowers, birds and animals. These carvings are usually furnished on the ridges, eaves, doors and windows, as well as screen walls and so on. These decorations are usually subject to the economical conditions and social status.

Cuandixia Village
Tip 2: More to Explore near Cuandixia Village
There are also several temple buildings available in Cuandixia, like Guandi Temple, Niangniang Temple and Wudao Temple. The most outstanding building is no other than Guangliang Courtyard which was erected during the beginning of Qing dynasty and renovated for a few times. This courtyard consists of three separate courtyards and 45 houses and is enclosed by walls. Some part of it has been damaged with a few parts remained well. During your Cuandixia Village tour, you will be marveled by this old little town and its breathtaking landscapes and views. As one of the most famous old towns in Beijing, Cuandixia has long enjoyed a good reputation among the tourists in Beijing.

Overall, Cuandixia Village is adding to your bucket list while visiting Beijing!

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