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Urgent News for Beijing Tour

2014 APEC

From 7th November to 12nd November 2014, because of the APEC meeting, Beijing pratise traffic regulation. If you take flights during this period, I suggest you handle the boarding pass on the website or arrival at the airport at least 5 hours before the departure time of the flight. Otherwise perhaps the time not enough to check in the flight.

And also the flights arrival at Beijing perhaps own some delay because of the traffic regulation. The airport will implement the highest standard security check. Please prepare in advance.

1. The most busy time in Beijing Capital Airport is 06:00am~08:00am, 10:00am~12:00am, 14:00pm~19:00pm, 23:00pm~01:00am + 1 day. Most of the Air Company stop check in process 45 minutes before the flight departure time. So please arrival at the airport as early as possible to leave enough time for the security check.

2. The airline tickets is also hard to buy during this days, please buy your tickets as early as possible.

3. I suggest you take less luggages to make sure the security check more easier.

4. The luggages with liquid items, electronic product, etc. require special check.

Thank you very much for your consideration and have a nice trip!

Where to Stay in Beijing

Wangfujing area
For those tourists who come to Beijing for the first time, they do not know about where to stay in Beijing. Most of people would like to look for the best place to stay in for sightseeing, shopping or nightlife with convenient transportation. Now, I will introduce you three areas.

Wangfujing Area: As one of the best place to stay for tourists in Beijing, Wangfujing area is certainly located and it is with walking distance to some of the landmark buildings in Beijing. It is an ideal area to come and stay in Beijing with sightseeing and shopping.

Houhai or Nanluoguxiang Area: Houhai and Nanluoguxiang are nearby places. Staying in the area, tourists would have a chance to see Beijing past, Beijing present appearances. With convenient transportation, this area is full of hotels, traditional courtyards and bars, restaurants and shops, etc.

Qianmen Area: It is also one of the greatest places to stay in Beijing. Regarded as a historical center with slow pace of life, it shows peaceful living atmosphere.

Top Art Space to Go in Beijing

National Art Gallery

For those who want to catch some artistic vibe in Beijing, the National Art Gallery is not to be missed. The National Art Gallery focuses on collecting, studying and displaying the work of the modern and contemporary artists.

There are 14 pavilions which cover more than 6000 square meters in the gallery. Lots of large-scale displays are often held to showcase all kinds of work of art. Up to 100000 artworks are collected here. Most of the collection come from the artists before or after the Liberation and the rest are collected from Ming, Qing dynasties and the Republic of China, including those premium representative drawings and paintings and those colorful folk ones. Overall, the art space is well worth a visit while in Beijing.

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