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Outstanding Itinerary to Destinations in Beijing!

We got this 4 days tour to Beijing before arrived in China. The online reservation was easy and reliable. Moreover, the trip advisor was so friendly, informative and gave us enough information about the trip and China. So, we begin our trip since arrived at the Capital Airport. The staff picked us up then transferred to the hotel. At night, because we had a free time, personally with my family, we did visit Wangfujing Snack Street. It was easy to find the street from our hotel. It was an interesting street with lots of shopping malls and night market too.

Imperial Garden in Forbidden City

Then in the next day, we truly began our trip with visit Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City in the morning then admire the old courtyard of Beijing in the afternoon. At night, we could enjoy the Acrobatics Show, breathtaking show. Besides all of those attractions, we also did visit Mutianyu Great Wall, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. All of those attractions were so impressive and authentic.

The Building Roof in Summer Palace

My highlight of the tour was Summer Palace. This big royal garden offers really relaxing atmosphere and cooler environment with lots of trees, clear water on the lake, pavilions etc. Everything was so perfect, a perfect garden for emperor have rest in summer. The guide nicely guided us to visit many important historical and cultural sites around the garden. There was a marble boat, beautiful long hall (seems nice if have a sit there), living area, administrative areas etc. The design of each building was so Chinese and ancient.

Furthermore, why I like Summer Palace most might because the landscapes. Different from other historical places around Beijing, this royal garden also gives a beautiful view to each visitor who comes. Everyone loves Summer Palace. Even my friends who had visit Beijing before also loved it most. I really wish we can spend more time in the garden more than 2 hours. It seems like there still lots of interesting and beautiful spots we did not explored.

At the end of the tour, I was really grateful about the fact that we finally did it. It was a nice choice to pick Beijing as our destination. Thank you for everything, the services, arrangements, great hotel, and many more. We could not make it without this tour!

Outstanding Experience Travel in Beijing

Travel to China was relatively cheap than other countries. For my first trip visit China, I decided to the capital, Beijing. As the develop country, Beijing as the capital was really impressive. We did see a lot of modern new building in the central area of the city, looks like same in others modern countries in western.

What is the different? Yes, with this 4 days tour, we could visit lots of remarkable attractions in or outside the city with private service. This means we should not travel with others family or members. We spent my high quality time only with family. That was really relaxing and comfortable. Beside the service was good and accommodating, the tour guides itself were so friendly and professional. She told us a lot about the history of each attraction.

Juyongguan Great Wall Hiking

With this tour, we were able to explore Great Wall which located outside of the city. Really excited and happy to finally could come and see the structures of the Wall from a close distance. What a masterpiece! Different from mostly historical sites in Beijing, at the last day of the tour, we also could visit Hutong area. There I had a chance took the rickshaw ride, a traditional Chinese ride for explore the old residence area of local people. Two people in one ride, it brought us see around the old buildings around the complex.

Hutong Rickshaw Tour

For about 2 hours, we did explore the old complex in Beijing where we also see some interesting life style and culture of local Beijing people. The area was little bit quiet, peaceful and really relaxing. Some Chinese local people seems like enjoyed their life there. The area is also can be said as one of the cultural heritage of old Beijing.

Besides Great Wall and Hutong, within those 4 days tour surely we also visited others impressive place such as Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven etc. Summer Palace which I already knew even before joined the trip was a beautiful imperial garden in dynasty era of China. More than Summer Palace, Beihai Park which also known as one of the popular imperial garden in Beijing offers different view from Summer Palace. Beihai Park is smaller than Summer Palace but the views are also worth to see. At the end, we are really happy because can joined the tour with your travel agency. See the other chances to come back to China again.

5 Days Memorable Excursion to the Capital of China

Beijing is my first destination city choice since I decided visit China last month. My family and I, we were so happy after joined the tour. For me, Beijing is a nice, well organized, and very coordinated city. Not as bad as from my imagination. The city is also very modern with advanced facilities and transportation system. That was nice for me to finally come to China.

Tiananmen Tower

Arrived at Beijing, the tour agency staff picked us up at the airport then transferred us to the hotel. Then we began our trip on the second day. I think the itinerary was good, not too rushed either. On the second day, we did visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven. The third day, we could visit Great Wall and Ming Tombs, both destinations are located outside Beijing downtown, in the suburb area near from the town. And the fourth day, we could visit Summer Palace and Hutong. On the last day, staff picked us up from the hotel then transfer to the airport, back to Chicago.

During our 3 days full tour, each day we could visit two attractions were so ideal schedule. We got enough time to explore by our own, took some photos as well as heard the guide explanation in each important spots during the tour. Once again, not too rushed and all organized well. Among several impressive attractions around or in Beijing, besides Great Wall, Forbidden City and Summer Palace, Hutong had given me different impression about the city.

Hutong Rickshaw

Hutong which known as the old residence areas of traditional local people was where now foreigners could learn culture and habits of Beijing people. Hutong become famous for its narrow alleys. Lots of alley we could explore by took the rickshaw ride or pedicab, two people in one pedicab. Along the way, we could take some photos anywhere we want. We did see lots of interesting activities of the local as well as several old buildings that still used till now. The rickshaw ride is an interesting and fun ride, fresh experience for us, the whole family. For about 2 hours we roamed around the old local alleys, by walk plus took traditional Chinese rickshaw.

Not only in Hutong, our visit to others historical sites around Beijing was memorable and great. Thank you for the service and all the efforts which made our trip incredible!

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