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Amazing Tour with Great Service!

Everything was so organized from the beginning till the end. We love our guides during the tour who were so accommodating, informative and friendly too. We had a nice tour that I will never forget. The tour is also include in everything we need during our 3 days in the capital include hotel, lunch, some breakfast at the hotel, tour guides, driver etc. The itinerary of the tour was also well organized. Overall, I could say the tour gave us everything that we were expected before and even more. Thank you for that. Without your help, we could not explore Beijing as fast as we did.

Mutianyu Great Wall Summer View

Among many outstanding attractions around Beijing include Great Wall, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven etc, I think I love Great Wall best. I did not exactly know why, but Great Wall was just amazed me more than my expectation before arrived at Beijing. Mutianyu Great Wall was surrounded by stunning large vegetation and mountainous area. Everything was so nature and fresh. I love the environment and might because it located outside from the city. I thought that we really had a real excursion to see the nature, far from the crowded city back to the history of China.

Inner Appearance of Watchtower

Step by step we climbed the Wall, little bit exhausted but all the effort was worth it! I could tell everyone that Mutianyu was stunning, historic and huge! On that day, the weather was also so cooperated, it was bright, little bit hot and that was okay! Fortunately, we already prepared ourselves to really climb the Wall, in fact it really seems like exercising to hike it. We wore comfortable shoes and clothes, prepared for the day so we can reach as far as we can.

We joked around, took lots of interesting photos since the scenery was just breathtaking, had some rest if felt tired, everything was so memorable and interesting. After visited the Wall, now I could say why the Wall was so famous and popular around the world, the reason that everyone should personally find with visiting it. If I have the chance to visit Beijing again next time, I will come back to the Great Wall again for sure. At last, we are happy that we spent every cent of money worth it! Thank you for everything!

3 Days Explored Famous Beijing Attractions

If you want a private and complete tour in Beijing then I should recommend this tour. I got the trip from a local tour agency in Beijing online. Our guide picked us up right in front of our hotel every day when the tour begins. In 3 days, we got 3 different guides but all of them were so informative and very nice.

Awesome Buildings in Forbidden City

We did visit many remarkable attractions around the city include Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Hutong, Beijing Zoo etc. My favorites are Great Wall and Forbidden City. Both places are so famous with its history even in my home country. Once everyone come to China, it is a must visit those two places. Why I choose Forbidden City? Personally, I felt deeper about the palace when step inside it. The complex of the palace was really huge with hundred of pavilions, halls, rooms. Everything was so identical with royal family. The architecture, color, layout and structures of the palace was like the originally palace without reparation or even renovation.

The Demarcation of Inner Court and Outer Court

We did explore the Outer Palace first and after that entered to the Inner Palace. Outer Palace was used as the place where emperors ruled the country and did his administrative things. And the Inner Palace was the palace where emperor and his family live. At last, we finally could see the Imperial Garden of this ancient palace. There had lots of ancient tress and rare Chinese plants. It was used as the place where emperor had rest and enjoy his time admire the nature. For about 2 hours explored several important areas inside include the Exhibition of Treasures, after that continued our journey to Summer Palace, another highlight of the tour. A lot of impressive places we did visit, lots of things we did know, a lot of new experience we did get.

If you are looking for the ideal tour for your family within 3 days then this tour could be the best! The itinerary and attractions were my favorite. Everything well organized from the beginning of the tour till the end. Worth for every cent that I spent and I got the best moment of my time in Beijing. Thank you for everything, I am very glad for joining the tour.

Busy Day Trip to New Landmarks of Beijing!

Beijing is not only famous for its historical places, but also popular for the successful of development for the city. A lot of new landmarks in Beijing which also has significant function in new history of China were built. With this one day private tour we explored and knew better about those landmarks history one by one. Our guide picked us up right in front of our hotel on the day tour, she greeted us friendly and nice.

National Grand Theater

We were really lucky because we could get such an informative and good guide. First destination in this tour is National Grand Theater or also called The Egg. Located near from Tiananmen Square, the Egg Theater is a national opera house in Beijing where is a home for many performance halls for music, theater, opera etc. The shape of the building is really unique and authentic, I could not find it in my home country. Other interesting buildings which also have unique shapes are China Millennium Monument and the CCTV Tower. We did have a chance to visit it with this tour. Our guide also described to us the functions and why the buildings were built.

Bird's Nest in Olympic Park

Oh, and two important buildings that I never forget is the Bird Nest and Water Cube Stadium. Both are the best and great buildings, important venues for Beijing 2008 Olympic. Not only has advanced facilities inside, both buildings were also located in the huge complex where also very clean and well maintained. Saw both stadiums was like a reminder from how success the Olympic being held at past. Sadly, because of the limited time, we could not enter to see the inner structures of the stadiums.

Night View of Wangfujing Snack Street

More than that, we also explored several business area in Beijing including Beijing Financial Street, Xidan Commercial Street (famous shopping district in Beijing), and Wangfujing Street (largest pedestrian street). Wangfujing Street was our last destination on that day. And because of our hotel is located near from the street, we decided to extend our trip in Wangfujing. Spent the night there and explore the night snack street was an interesting experience. During my one week vacation in Beijing, we had visited the street for about three times. Never bored roam around it, shopping or just walking enjoy the atmosphere at night. Nice!

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