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Impressive Group Tour in the Capital of China

What a nice pleasure and business trip that I had together with my family! At first, because I had a meeting for work then I come to Beijing. Took my family together was the plan from the very first time. We booked the tour from home and scheduled it right after my work finish so we could travel together. That was my second time come to Beijing, but for my family, it was the first time. Since we only had limited time to explore then I decide booked tour agency to arrange our vacation. And finally, we booked this 5 days group tour for us.

Beijing Capital Airport

In Beijing, we also had a chance to directly see the modern city and a developed country of China. I thought Beijing is a nice place and really worth to travel. A lot of historical relics spread in all over the city represented long historical story of China.

Here, I would like to thank you for the travel agency and our guides which accompanied and arranged us such a wonderful trip for us! All the time was like really priceless and becomes a great vacation for me and my family too. We had a nice pick up and drop off service which always on time and well arranged. The tour guides were so professional, friendly and helpful. Very accommodating too. Guided us well and really care with our comfort.

Forbidden City

Group tour was comfortable enough for us. We got low budget tour for the 4 of us and able to travel Beijing in 5 days. Quite worth trip to take! The other tour members were also very friendly and cooperated. No problems ahead from the starts till the end. The itinerary was also so ideal and matched our requirements. We had visited many interesting famous historical sites around the city easily and very convenient. If we travel by ourselves then might we could not explore as much as we had with the tour.

I would like to recommend this tour. Not only amazing attractions we did visit for example Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Lama Temple, Beijing Zoo etc, we also could had a nice service by booked the trip with this travel agency. They have much information that is helpful to new tourist. Highly recommended tour for you who travel Beijing for the first time!

Comfortable Bus Day Tour to Badaling Great Wall and Summer Palace

I caught a chance in Beijing and enjoy the beauties and hear their stories are happy things for me. So I booked this 1 day bus tour before arrived Beijing. This Beijing China tour operator gave me more helps and conveniences. They could inform me the confirmed time and itinerary before this tour. The most important was they are so punctual.

Beautiful Sunshine on Badaling Great Wall

Having breakfast in hotel, I met the tour guide in 8:00am, and transferred to Badaling Great Wall in one hour. On the way to destination, I met many English speaking friends, and they were all along or couple. This small group let me feel as well as private tour. Arrived at the Great Wall at Badaling, we were shocked by its momentum, scenery, of course the thousands of tourists in front of us. The tour guide informed us, as the first opened section, Badaling section is more famous than other sections, so it always crowded with many tourists every day. Took cable car was the consistent decision among our group, and you can choose not take cable car, just climb. On cable car, I enjoyed the surrounding natural beauties including the ridgesandpeaks, trees, and extended the Great Wall. However, if at all possible, I would strongly recommend going to any other section of the Great Wall if you can. Heard of tour guide, the Mutianyu Section is the favorite section for many foreigners, might as well try!

The Entry of Summer Palace

After lunch, we were drove back to Beijing downtown to visit the Summer Palace, the imperial garden.  Although not mentioned in the same breath as the Forbidden City it really is an astounding place to visit. Crowded with tourists and local Beijingers, Summer Palace is good place for playing card, Taiji, dancing, etc. They have their daily life in this beautiful garden. It's really very beautiful, some of the prettiest gardens and architecture around. This is indeed one of the best parks not only China but perhaps in the whole world. It has all the details of Chinese gardening philosophy, a natural big lake as well as huge palace and temples. Do not miss it if any chance.

This tour is end, but I still have many spots want to appreciate. If have any enough time, I would have a professional Beijing tour, to explore the famous Beijing!

Our Relaxed 4 days Vacation in Beijing

Beijing is a nice and clean city. We did visit a lot of impressive famous historical sites include Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Hutong, Summer Palace etc. We did see a lot and got memorable experience after the 4 day tour. Everything was also very well organized. Tour guide always helped us during the tour, and she also did not feel uncomfortable at all.

Beijing International Airport

From the start all was very coordinated, our driver was a little bit late to pick us up from the airport but the tour advisor called us and asked us to wait for a little bit. I thought it was nice, they care and really accommodating us nicely. Although it was happen small problem but they still have responsible for us. My husband and I, we were really appreciated that.

The hotel that we stayed was also nice, hygiene and comfortable. I am really suggests you, anyone who want visit Beijing, you should ask the trip advisor first about anything that you did not before. It will be very help. I asked them about the hotel, and they did give the room that I want. The trip advisor will help as much as they can by email. They are also very friendly and reliable.

Dragon on the roof of the Palace in Forbidden City

Not the service which is great, the itinerary is also ideal for us. Within those 4 days, we did visit famous attractions which worth to visit. All of them represent Beijing and China old history, rich culture, traditional lifestyle and ancient art. Everything beautiful and fascinating we could see along the journey. We got new experience and did see amazingly characteristic sites around the capital.

Summer Palace - My favorite place in Beijing

Beijing is not only the capital of China, but it is also a beautiful city which filled by a lot of historical and cultural sites. Personally, I love Summer Palace! And my husband was more like Forbidden City atmosphere. Why I love Summer Palace? I think the biggest reason is because the garden offers stunning nature scenic views with clear water of lake and large garden area.

Around Summer Palace, there surrounded by amount of significant cultural relics which has each interesting history behind. Our guide, she was very good at sharing the information. She spoke good English and always makes us understand about the spot. The time that we spend in Summer Palace might be a bit short but we are still happy. Thank you for everything!

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