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My Trip to Memorable Historical Places in Beijing

I just want to share my experience in Beijing last vacation. I was visited my friends in Beijing and I had a plan to visit famous tourist places there. Yes, I got the online booking from my country and it was such a relieved.

Tiananmen - Largest City Square in the World

My one day short trip travelling Beijing began as my first experience visit Tiananmen Square. After tour guide picked me up in front of my hotel, together with all of the tour members, we directly go to the Square. Tiananmen Square is the largest public square in the world, the area looks very clean and there also located soma historical sites around. According the tour guide said, the Square has become the symbol of China where become the place that hold many national events over hundreds year.

Palace in Forbidden City

After that, we went to the Forbidden City that located just behind the Square. Forbidden City was used as the ancient palace of China in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Along the way, guide was never stop to make us clearly understand about the history behind. The complex was just so big with many huge red buildings around. The guide said there are thousands room inside the palace. Such an incredible palace, right! I could not imagine Chinese people mostly build their royal building with a huge scale and spend lots of money.

Temple of Heaven - Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests

After that we continue the journey to the Temple of Heaven which was used as the sacrificial altars to the God for good harvest. Everything was so fast and because I traveled only by myself, so I could listen the guide stories well. At past, emperors really believed they must worshipped and give the sacrifices as a ritual for the good harvest and safety of the kingdom.

Summer Palace - Imperial Garden

After explore the complex of the sacrificial building in Temple of Heaven, we were going to have lunch at the Chinese restaurant. The trip was going so fast and I realized we already arrived to the last destination. Summer Palace is the last destination but the sceneries were just different! It is my favorite place! An imperial garden with huge area and stunning nature panorama! Explore the garden, I found many historical relics blends with the beauty of nature. All day trip was worth of money! The service was good with a professional guide!

Short Day Trip to Stunning Mutianyu

I heard from my friends, Mutianyu Great Wall has been called as the favorite section among tourists because less visitors. So, that time I had a chance visit Beijing and did not want missed the Great Wall. Got the trip from the online website, it was very easy and trustworthy one. Got the email from the trip advisor quickly and my family and I were going to Mutianyu in the third day we were in Beijing.

In the morning, we were picked up in front of our hotel. We did not wait too long and directly ride up to the van. First, we drove to the Ming Tombs where buried 13 emperors of Ming dynasty. Along the way, tour guide never stop welcoming us and speaking nicely so we did not feel bored. She was very polite and speaking English very well. She also told us everything about Beijing and Ming Tombs, the first place that we would visit.

Dingling-Underground Palace in Ming Tombs

Arrived at Ming Tombs, we directly entered a big complex of the tomb. In fact, I did not really feel that was the tombs. It was just like a big complex with ancient Chinese architecture and historical relics around. But after tour guide started told us about the history and where the location of the tombs it was, finally I could realized it.

After that, we were transferred to the Chinese restaurant to take lunch together with another customer in the trip. The atmosphere was very crowded and fun. Everyone was just talked with their family or friends. After that, we were going to the Mutianyu Great Wall. Like everyone has always said, Mutianyu exactly is less crowded one.

Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking

We had two hours to climb up the Wall and should get back to the place where being agreed. Climb up the Wall, we saw many tourists were riding the cable car. And for save some time, we also rode cable car to bring us to the above. When we got to the top, the view was amazing and stunning! We could not stop capture this interesting moment and fascinating sceneries as many as we could while walking around the Wall. With less people or locals, Mutianyu was a perfect destination!

We should get back to the van and transferred back to the city. Drove by the Olympic Stadium, the trip become complete! Send us home safely and the trip end!

My First Experience at Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs

My friends and I, we have studied Chinese in Beijing for about one year. For that long time, we have not been visit Great Wall once. And because of that, we arranged a plan to visit Great Wall last weekend. We got the reservation on the website. It was really easy and not long time after filled the enquiry form, one person from the tour agency sent us email for the details. And that was a beginning for my journey to the Wall.

We got the reservation of the cheapest bus tour. It was a short trip but all was worth it. Yes, at least I have already climbed the Great Wall once, right? At the morning, tour guide picked us at the university near my house. We ride on a comfortable bus and saw many other tour guests who already waiting for us.

Changling in Ming Tombs

The first destination that I had visit called Ming Tombs. Before the trip, I did not really know what the Ming Tombs it is? Since my main destination is Great Wall, so I did not really care about the tombs so much. Arrive at the tombs, tour guide explain all of the history while we could also see the landscape around. The cemeteries complex was really huge! I did not exactly know how big whole complex it is. After explored the Ming Tombs, we had some Chinese lunch in the restaurants, the food was good and clean. Everyone started to eat and having some conversation during lunch.

Bricks and Wall on Badaling

After lunch, finally we were going to Badaling Great Wall. Same as my expectation, Badaling always crowds with locals. I could saw many locals on the foot of the Wall. Tour guide left us about two hours to explore the Wall. My friends and I save more time and directly climbed up the Wall. It was nice and the challenging one! While climbing the Wall, we also could capture pictures as many as we want. Feel satisfied with our pictures that we already had taken, and since we already got tired to continue climb the Wall, we walk down to the gathering place where tour guide had said before. After that, back to the town, we drive by the Olympic Stadium where located not far from my hotel. Overall, I felt really glad and satisfied with all the experience that I got that day!

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