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Badaling Great Wall & Forbidden City Bus Day Tour

I booked a Beijing 1 day bus tour through a Beijing China travel agency, I highly recommended it. This tour took us to visit the Badaling Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. I was as excited as I just seen them in books before. This small group gathered just English speaking travelers, so we had good communication during this tour.

My tour guide met me at 8:00am, and transferred to Tiananmen Square. So large square in the center of Beijing city, that I cannot reach the side in short time. According to the tour guide, Tiananmen Square is the largest city center square in the world. Today it is the place of celebration and relaxation for the Chinese as well as foreign visitors. Included are Mao's Mausoleum, the Great Hall of the People and the Monument to the People's Heroes, the Tiananmen Square is always the must-visited spot for most foreign tourists and every Chinese.

Forbidden City

Forbidden City, stands opposite to Tiananmen Square, restored these enormous and numerous buildings. We just have 2 hours to visit this huge wooden construction group, so the tour guide led us along with the axle wire to visit the most important hall in Forbidden City. In one word, this huge imperial palace seemed like a big courtyard of local Beijing.

Badaling Great Wall

What attracted me most was the Badaling Great Wall, one section of the Great Wall of 7 wonders in ancient world. After a traditional Chinese lunch, we moved to Badaling section. On the way to Badaling, we were all excited to share our ideas about the Badaling, but once we arrived at base, we all kept silence, shocked by its grand momentum and beautiful scenery. Absent of the professional equipment to climb the Great Wall, we decided to take cable car to enjoy the whole view of Badaling section. Also there are several options for wall walking to experience the huge structure personally. Walking to the top, I had heard of some story about this Badaling section and the whole sections of the Great Wall. Standing on the top, I try my best to image how they built this world wonder without any modern machine…What an unbelievable feat!

Thank you Linda for making my Beijing tour more memorable. I would certainly recommend Linda and this Beijing China travel agency!

2 Days Beijing Bus Tour to Mutianyu Great Wall

Free in Beijing, I have strong feelings to visit the most famous attractions of Beijing. So I booked the 2 day tour package online. In order to save money and time, I chosen the bus tour. Out of my imagination, the price and service are the best in my heart. The real advisor gave me the most suited suggestions and help. She was always patient to me every question and doubt. Last, she helped me booked this 2 days bus tour package.

Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall

First stop was Mutianyu Great Wall. Why not choosing the Badaling section? From a tour book, I knew the Badaling Great Wall is the most choices for tourists, always crowded with many people. The Mutianyu section gathers fewer tourists than Badaling, and has beautiful views. I am a little lazy, so I chosen take cable car to top. From the cable car, I enjoyed the best view including characteristic mountains. I got the best chance to take photos of the scenery.

After Mutianyu Great Wall, we visited the Ming Tombs. One the way back to hotel, I visited the Olympic Stadium, the main stadiums in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. These two buildings stand opposite and represent the talent of Chinese people. From their name Bird Nest and Water Cube, you could image shape easily. In addition, the Chinese silk art was another place attracted me lots. Delicate hand-made and various colors, the Chinese silk art is famous all over the world. In ancient time, the famous Silk Road brought the silk arts and productions from China to many foreign countries.

Second day, we continue to visit the Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Temple of Heaven. They are the imperial places in ancient China. Now, walking in them, I enjoyed the imperial atmosphere and know more about Chinese imperial culture and history. Especially the Summer Palace, it has become the excise place for local people. They play Taiji, Kungfu, dancing and singing in this imperial garden. It is the most fitful place to relax and morning excise.

After this tour package, I received the good service and price. So I write this suggestion recommend to you. This Beijing China tour operator is responsible and patient, I believe it and recommend it.

Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace Bus Tour

I am a young man and I have much enthusiasm in China, so I packed my luggage and flied to Beijing. Of course, Beijing is the first stop in my China tour. With long history and rich culture, Beijing is ideal city to know about the Chinese history and culture. At same time, you have a Beijing tour guide to tell you these mysterious things. I booked this 1 day bus tour online, to visit the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. Why I did not visit the Great Wall? The reason is these spots are all about imperial culture.

Forbidden City - Grand Building

Forbidden City, the largest wooden structure construction, is the well-preserved courtyard in the world. I have seen some Sihe Courtyards in books, but this was my first to visit such huge courtyard. With crowded people, we entered the Gate of Supreme Harmony. What first caught my eyes is a pair of copper-lion. The tour guide told me that these are the biggest lions in this Forbidden City. Lion is the symbol of noble and inviolability in ancient China. They built these two lions here aimed to protecting the imperial power.

Entering the Gate of Supreme Harmony, I saw the grand Hall of Supreme Harmony. In the front of the hall, there are 18 bronze tripods, also means to protecting the emperor power. From above, I found the ancient emperors in China have strong realizes to maintain their power. The Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Central Harmony and Hall of Preserving Harmony are the three biggest halls in the Forbidden City.

Along with the axle wire of Forbidden City, I still visited the Imperial Garden. According to the tour guide, the Imperial Garden is the place for the ancient emperor to select the referendum show petticoat. In addition, we have lucky to visit the Exhibition of Treasures. I was almost addicted into these beautiful and delicate works from jade, gold, silver, etc. They all show the glory in that time.

After Forbidden City, I have visited the Temple of Heaven – the place for emperors to sacrifice to heaven for harvest, Summer Palace – the biggest labor imperial garden in China. All these are supported facilities to imperial construction, and they also represent the high skills in architecture and structure of ancient China.

Ended of this one day tour, I would go on next city in China. But I will remember this Beijing tour. Even the well-reputed service and unbeatable price offered by Beijing China travel agency!

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