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Majestic Great Wall & Beautiful Garden

Really enjoyed every minute of this bus day-trip while I was in Beijing. It is truly a fantastic experience to walk the wall and enjoy visiting the Summer Palace. I learned so much on that trip to Beijing and everything seemed so amazing over there. I just loved the wall and the garden!

Badaling Great Wall

The section tour guide took us to visit is called Badaling and because it is so popular, we had to make an early start to beat the crowd. She picked me up at my hotel and then we hit the road to Badaling with other travels on a coach ride. The ride was quick and very smooth and soon we made it to the foothill of the wall. Once getting off the coach, we were led to a cable car station to catch a chair lift ride up the wall to save more energy for the trek on the wall. It was a sunny day and was really incredible to see wall snaking way into the horizon. We were all very excited to see the wall for the first time and once we were safe and sound on the wall, we started to hike along. All of us were well prepared for the trek on the wall - wearing sunglasses, or hat and walking shoes and carrying cameras. There were just a couple of guys in our tour group and our guide really did a great job in attending to every detail of our trip to the wall. The views were unbelievably spectacular and completely took my breath away! I really loved it up there and everything seemed so great on the wall - we did not run into large crowd and the weather was pleasant and our guide was fantastic! We all had a great time with that wall trek!

Summer Palace

Once getting down the wall, we headed back to the city and moved on to visit the Summer Palace. The garden is housed in the huge park and the ground was beautifully landscaped and full of fascinating historic attractions. Personally, I really loved the white marble boat sitting by the lake. Never seen anything like that before and other sights were fantastic too! We all enjoyed a great walk in the garden and did incredible sightseeing too. Our experience in the garden was truly amazing, especially after hours of walk on the wall.

Overall, great day-trip and great experience!

What a Fun-filled Vacation!

Really spent a couple of fun-filled days in Beijing with my kids and husband. We prepared our vacation in Beijing for quite a long time and the whole vacation went just like we anticipated. We booked the private tour online and got picked up at the airport right on time. We were taken to see a bunch of historic sites over those days.

Forbidden City

The most impressive sight for me and my husband is no doubt the imperial palace on our first-day trip but our kids did not like it like we did. They all fund it boring and very crowded out there. What can I say? They are just too young for history, I guess. The palace itself is huge and really impressive and there were great photo opportunities everywhere inside the palace. Our guide kept filling us the history about the palace, which made it more fun and enjoyable on our tour of the museum. The palace and hall inside the museum were exquisitely decorated and from what I gathered the palace was as luxury as it could be back in the day. Anyway, our visit to the palace museum is definitely an essential Chinese experience! Our rest of the day spent visiting Hutong areas near the Drum Tower. It was a fun experience too. In the evening our guide also took us to watch a night Kungfu show. And our kids just loved it! So did we. We both were glad they found something to entertain themselves!

Badaling Great Wall

On the next day, we first went outside the city proper to see the Great Wall. We enjoyed a walk on the wall with our kids and had to keep a tight reign on them all the time as all they wanted to do on the wall was running around chasing each other. It was a fine day and the weather was very pleasant for the walk. It was really a great experience to get away from the city noises for a while and explore the wall. We all enjoyed a great time on the wall and had fun as well. In the afternoon, we completed our day trip with a visit to the Lama Temple. Boring too for our kids but me and my husband like it over there. It was quiet and full of Buddhist atmosphere.

On our third day in Beijing, there was nothing special and all we did was visited some gardens. Overall, our vacation in Beijing was wonderful!

Memorable Holiday in Beijing

I liked Beijing very much. It is really deserved the high fame of capital city of China. This time, I came to Beijing, I not only saw the representative buildings, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City but also taste the ancient culture of Beijing. It is really successful journey! On the first day, I visited Badaling Great Wall, very marvelous. It is best preserved attraction with charming sceneries and tranquil atmosphere. I was very interested in the legend stories hidden back. From the tour guide, I got much about this building, very legendary and interesting. What is the regret is that tourists coming here are so crowded that I could not have a careful appreciation. My mother liked Badaling very much not only because the magnificent layout but also the watchtowers and history prints.

Badaling Great Wall

Summer Palace is my favorite part of the whole journey. I liked the inner design very much, typical and charming. I saw the Marble Boat built for the ancient Princess Dowager. It is so luxurious located on the bank of Kunming Lake. In addition, the Suzhou Street left me a deep impression. Luxuriant trees decorated this place adding more tastes of South China. There are leisurely boats floating on the water, unforgettable and delicate. Sceneries standing on the bridge are largely different from that in the area. Together with my sister, we walked around the area appreciating the calligraphy and paintings hanging in some palaces. It is really a kind of enjoyment.

On the last day of our tour, we saw the giant pandas in Beijing zoo. They are lovely with white and black fur. I was very interested in their black eyes. With adorable behaviors and lovely appearances, each behavior attracts big applause and laughing. The environment designed for them are very tranquil and beautiful. The environment here is very tranquil and charming. There is one big panda playing water with very adorable behaviors. There are marks writing the words, no feeding, no climbing. Each of them has certain lovely name, very interesting. At last, we were reluctant to leave these lovely treasures.

Now, whenever I opened the camera seeing the pictures taken in Beijing, I would become very exciting. It seems that I just lingering in Beijing. Each scene is lively and lifelike. Much thanks to the tour!

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