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Highlight of my 2-day Trip in Beijing

It goes without saying that an experience on the Great Wall is one of the most exciting and fun stuff to do while visiting Beijing. So when I decided to visit Beijing, I put the Great Wall in my itinerary and went to visit with my guide Mike. It was definitely the highlight of my trip to Beijing.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The section we visited is called Mutianyu and as Mike told me it was less crowded and well restored, very suitable for a hike. It took us over an hour to get there. I took the round trip cable car up and down for extra 80 CNY. After I was landed on the wall, I started to hike along with Mike. I walked from Tower 6 to Tower 14 and back again along the way. It took me about 3 hours to complete the whole trek on the wall. My knees were feeling it and my ankles hurt too after that. You could easily spend all day if you want as there are many more towers to walk to on the wall.

It suddenly got very steep in some places towards Tower 14, but to my surprise, it got steeper after the tower 14. If you want to save some energy, you better take the cable car to Tower 14. The view of the rural countryside was quite breathtaking and the snaking wall itself was quite impressive. I really enjoyed myself on the wall and got plenty of pictures taken up there. With fewer people on the wall, I felt like the whole wall was all to myself and I could explore it at my own pace. Soon, it was time to get down the wall. I also grabbed the toboggan ride. The toboggan ride down was fun, but just hope the person in front of you go fast, otherwise it will be less fun. Anyway, it was really an incredible trip I did to the wall!

If you ever make it to Beijing, you really should head down to the wall to go for a hike. Totally worth it!

Incredible Chinese Experience

Wow Beijing is incredible!! The last few days I spent in Beijing have been my best travel experience actually. I even got a chance to hike the Great Wall - one of the seven ancient wonders of the world!!!! I still cannot what I did that day when I was trekking on the wall.

Badaling Great Wall

The wall is nothing like what I have seen on TV or travel magazines! The Great Wall of China is just way spectacular once you have been there and seen it. Photos, no matter how good they are, seem to do it little justice. There are actually dozens of sections of the wall that I could walk, but opted for the most visited Badaling because I only had a short stay in Beijing. The section of the wall is too touristy and well restored, making it perfect for an outdoor trek destination, however, the crowd made it less enjoyable. But it was packed for a very good reason. The sight of the wall was simply overwhelming for a first time visitor like me! My guide told me that the section of the wall is the most intact, and had been restored a lot in many parts. With a walk on the wall, I got to see it snake for miles over huge mountains! The sight of it totally took my breath away. I really enjoyed my trek down there and had fun as well!

Summer Palace

After we got back to town in the afternoon we had a lunch and moved on to visit the Summer Palace, another favorite of mine. The imperial garden is really huge and used to the favorite retreat for the Emperor and Empress during the Ming and Qing dynasties. While walking around the compound, the garden was filled with pagodas and temples scattered along the Kunming Lake. I also climbed up the Longevity hill to see the Buddhist Temple of the Sea of Wisdom and get a sweeping view of the whole garden. The marble steps made it so much fun on the trek down the hill! I spent about 2 hour walking all around the garden and really enjoyed myself over there. Gorgeous buildings and views were at every bend in the garden, as well as great picture opportunities! Unlike the time I spent on the wall, my visit to the garden was more relaxing and enjoyable. I just loved it over there!

Overall, it was a great day trip I had in Beijing!

Soak up Fascinating History in Beijing

By far the best trip I ever did in Beijing! Visited a couple of historic sights in the city. Highlight is no doubt the Great Wall and Forbidden City. Never been to Beijing before and not disappointed at all the first time I was there. Definitely once-in-a-lifetime Chinese experience!

Mutianyu Great Wall

First day my guide took me to see the Great Wall at Mutianyu and Ming Tombs. In the morning we went to visit the Great Wall and did an incredible hike and sightseeing on the wall. The wall was wonderfully built on the rugged mountains. The sight was very impressive as the wall snaked its way into the horizon. The day was great for a hike on the wall and the air on the top of the mountain was quite crispy. I really loved it over there and had fun as well! Getting down the wall, we had lunch and some rest. We then hit the road for the tomb area in the afternoon and spent a few hours down there. Had a stroll down a stone-paved path lined with lovely animal statues and then went to visit an underground tomb. Personally, I did not enjoy much while touring the creepy tomb. Other than some tacky exhibits, there was not much to see down there. After the tomb, we got back to the city proper and stopped by the Birds Next and water Cube to take some photos. First day ended on a pleasant note.

Next day, I was taken to visit the Tiananmen Square first and then led to visit the Forbidden City. The complex is really huge and more like a crisscrossed maze made of palaces, courtyards and walls. The architecture itself was all very impressive and it was nothing like what I have seen on TV or the magazines! Strolling through the massive maze felt like traveling back in time and I felt dizzy from time to time while moving here and there with our guide. She kept filling us some history and stories about the imperial palace and that made our visit more fun and enjoyable. Exciting the imperial complex, we were led to another historic site - Temple of Heaven. The park is larger than the Forbidden City and the architecture down there was quite different from what I saw in Forbidden City. After lunch we were led to duck down some Hutong alleys in the afternoon. The end!

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