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Fun-filled Days in Beijing

This summer I spent an amazing vacation in China. Had four days down to Beijing and did some sightseeing as well. The trip down there really opened my eyes and I had so much fun.

Mutianyu Great Wall

I was first taken outside the city proper to see a Ming tomb cluster and the Great Wall at Mutianyu. It was a pretty fine day, sunny and breezy. With a walk down a well paved path lined with lovely stone statues, I was led into an underground tomb for a quick glimpse of the afterlife of the Ming emperor. It was kind of creepy and dim-lit down there yet I had a great time to soak up the mystery and exhibits in there. Exiting the tomb area, I had lunch and a break before heading for our next stop - Mutianyu Great Wall. We made it to the wall in the afternoon. With a cable car up the wall, I started hiking forward with our guide. The wall itself was very impressive and I was really excited to get up close with the magnificent engineering feat. The section of wall was well restored and great for hike yet there were also some parts built over steep hills, which made our walk more like climb. Hours of hiking on the wall was no joke at all, soon I got really tired and my ankles hurt like hell. I took my break time to get dozens of picture taken by the tower. It seemed there were so many picture opportunities that I had a hard time to decide which one to take. Overall, it was a great day trip I had!

Summer Palace

Next day spent within the city proper and saw a bunch of historic sites including the Forbidden City and Summer Palace as well as Temple of Heaven - all imperial heritage sites. Personally I loved the Summer Palace the most. The lovely garden is full of beautiful sights and attractions. Most impressive for me was the white marble stone boat sitting by the lake. Hands down to the man who built the boat! Quite a fine piece of artwork! Loved it! The walk I did in the park was great yet the large crowd made it impossible to get some alone time - wherever I went, it seemed there was someone around. Anyway, I did have a fabulous time in the garden! Overall, I loved my trip to Beijing and definitely want to see more, given the opportunity!

Highlight of My 2 Days Beijing Travel

For the last couple days I really had a fabulous holiday in Beijing! It was fun and incredible! Absolutely an essential Chinese experience for me! I got a chance to take in a whole bunch of historic sites in the ancient city. Here are two highlights I loved the most!

Summer Palace

First highlight of my Beijing experience was the Summer Palace. Compared with the Forbidden City, I loved the Summer Palace more! The retreat itself is located in a vast park area, surrounded by artificial lake and man-made hill. The garden area itself was as beautiful as it could be! There were a bunch of paddle boats and lotus flowers on the lake, and the palaces and halls were in good shape. However, my experience over there was almost ruined by the huge crowd. From personal experience, never ever go there during the national holiday when apparently everyone else in China decide it is a good time to visit the Summer Palace too. Despite being surrounded by crowds, I still managed to take my time to take in the sights in the park. I also went to climb the huge man-made hill where a couple of the ancient buildings were built. I first hiked up a paved path, and then started to climb the mountain through the forest, and soon I stood on the top of the hill. The sweeping view and the Buddhist buildings definitely made it worth the climb. Overall it was an amazing experience in the park!

Badaling Great Wall

Highlight of my next day trip was the trek on the Great Wall at Badaling section. The wall itself was very impressive and the crowd was huge too on the wall! I had an incredible yet difficult trek on the wall as I was surrounded by other travelers. However, I did get a great view of the wall and took my time to enjoy the refreshing outdoors over there! It was really a fascinating sight with the well restored wall undulating over rugged mountains as far as the eye could see! Hiking through the whole section of the wall was quite a challenge for me yet the sights and outdoors made it all worthwhile. There were incredible picture opportunities at every bend on the wall as well! Overall, the GREAT wall experience absolutely completed my trip down to Beijing and I really enjoyed every minute of it!

Truly Harmonious Group Tour

I want to say the 2 days group tour we booked last week is truly meaningful and fantastic. I tasted a lot of pleasure in this tour. It not only saved much money but also offered us many fabulous Beijing highlights. Climbing Badaling Great Wall left me a deep impression.

Badaling Great Wall

We enjoyed the harmonious atmosphere with other visitors on the bus, chatting and communicating, sharing some feelings staying in Beijing. Temperature on that day showed very hot, but it is very cozy and cool in the bus. Badaling Great Wall is not so far away as we imaged from Beijing city center. We arrived at this attraction on time. Driver is very skillful and familiar with the route with ten years driving experience. Once getting off the bus, we are immediately impressed by the crowded tourists. They are taking the sunshade wearing the sun-hat preparing their climbing journey. After stepping on the stage, I fully felt the elegance and magnificence of Badaling Great Wall. It is a strong dragon zigzagging falling and down hovering the mountains.

During the climbing journey, taking umbrellas create a very serious scene that we could not move further. I think it is not good to use the umbrellas on the wall. The wall is best preserved and we did our best. Although it is very tired and laborious, we felt very exciting and proud that we realized our dream getting close to this ancient wonder. We communicating and sharing the knowledge about this attraction. After stepping on the top, I wondered how these large bricks were carried on the top without modern facilities. Sometimes, we sit for a short time and sometimes, we took pictures with the charming moment. Environment on the top is very comfortable. There will be the light breeze blowing away bringing us the typical cool feeling, very cozy! About one hour, we stepped on the top. Turning back, we saw the far distance journey we have passed. I thought we are just the hero. There are many carvings on the bricks. It was writing the date and the feeling or names of these travelers. Every one of us was against this kind of behavior. We should protect it but destroy.

One word really could not express the happy feeling that we conquered Badaling Great Wall, I would store this memory in my inner heart for long time!

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