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3 Days Beijing Highlights Tour

By the chance of visiting my grandfather in Beijing, my mother booked 3 days Beijing tour on the website. I really got very excited after getting the successful booking news. We prepared a lot and started journey to Beijing.

Badaling Great Wall

In fact, in my mind, Beijing is a city full of fashionable and modern essence. But, this tour completely changed my mind. First day, I saw my favorite Badaling Great Wall. It is truly an amazing wonder decorating all the surroundings. Especially the legends and stories relating to it, I like it more. Weather on the day showed a little cloudy. But the temperature on the Badaling Great Wall is very cozy. Tourists here are not too crowded as it said. We leisurely climbed and enjoyed this mysterious myth. It is an elegant Great Wall building full of too much ancient atmosphere. Building walls, watchtowers and the marks as well as the surroundings all told me that it is the production of history.

Panda in Beijing Zoo

Another impressive spot is Beijing zoo. I got closer to the Chinese pandas. Environment inside is truly attractive with many willow trees. There are many species of animals feed inside, various snakes, monkeys, elephants and tigers as well as many treasure animals. We only spent much time on the pandas. Their lovely appearance and adorable behaviors left me deep impression. They liked to eat the bamboo very much. To be unhappy is they always entered into their home leading us regret. We got fully relaxed on the bench nearside appreciating the charming sceneries around. For the imperial Beijing buildings, they are all arranged in the second. Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace all influenced my nerves. Each of them reflected deep Chinese culture and luxurious imperial period. I liked the Forbidden City very much, solemn and serious full of dignity atmosphere.

Much thanks to the three days tour, I widened my vision and learnt a lot! Perfect-arranged itineraries!

Highlight of My Tours in Beijing

My travel in China was launched in Beijing and I spent a couple days exploring the historic city. It was fun and I visited dozens of incredible sights. Personally, I just loved the Great Wall at Mutianyu section and the walk on the wall was just amazing - definitely the highlight of my travel in Beijing.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The reason why I opted for this section of the wall to visit was because it is significantly less crowded and offers dramatic views of towers winding across mountains and woodlands. Even more importantly, there was a toboggan slide available out there! After all was set, I hit the road for Mutianyu with my tour guide Cathy. The ride over there was quite interesting and did not take very long time for us to get there.

The walk up to the wall was quite rewarding. Never in my wildest dream did I think I would be so up close and personal with the wall. It was not until I walked for half an hour and paused that I realized that I really made it! During the walk, Cathy offered to take some photos for me with the wall. I also found that all visitors shared the same feeling as I did on the wall. The walk on the wall was as spectacular as it could be! The view is completely different from the city and totally took my breath away. While exploring the wall, Cathy kept filling me some history of the wall to help me to better understand the significance of each tower.

While walking up the stairs for hours, my ankles ached and my face dripped with sweat but I never stopped except for some rest by the towers. As the sun went down gracefully, we picked up the pace and got down on a toboggan ride.

There were so many unforgettable memories on my trip to the wall. Even though the walk was over I still felt excited and definitely wanted to see more of it. The experience was incredible and it was by far the highlight of my China travel.

Money-saving Tour, Charming Destination

2 days Beijing tour really brought me too much, informative knowledge, perfect attractions and amazing Beijing tastes, as well as the unexpected service. I wanted to give all the thanks to my tour guide, Anna. She held thoughtful hear and considerate service cultivating warm atmosphere for us. Together with my friends, we explored top Beijing highlights including Ming Tombs, Mutianyu Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and Summer Palace, etc. It is truly meaningful tour. Besides, we took the bus making some fresh friends.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Among all the highlights, what left me the deepest impression are the Mutianyu Great Wall and Summer Palace. Mutianyu Great Wall is really a wonder brought us too many surprises. As fresh Mutianyu Great Wall traveler, we held curious feeling, chatting and communicating on the whole journey. Sometimes, we could get information about this section. Someone said it is a very beautiful Great Wall. Someone said it is a very best preserved attraction. We just imagined. After arrived at this attraction, I felt the lively atmosphere. Soon afterwards, blossoming trees appeared with vigorous appearance. After appreciating the foot scene, we started our hiking journey. Tourists coming here are less than we expected. Weather on the day presented little cloudy but hot. Charming sceneries changed the boring weather into a fresh world. In the beginning, the steps are wooden-made surrounded by trees, very graceful.

After the wooden steps, we got the hard long-distance stone brick ground. Wow, best-preserved and clean ground stretching to the far distance. One of my friends jumped and praised. She showed different gestures to take pictures standing here. What making us impressed is that there are many carvings on the wall, names, patterns and some sentences. For such a wonderful attraction in the world, we should protect it but destroyed. We went on journey, singing and laughing. It seemed that this attraction is ours. After about half hours journey, steep steps appeared. My legs trembled. We helped each other and passed through the hard journey. It is very near away the high point. The feeling at this time is the happiest. We insisted on hiking. Finally, we are successful. From here appreciating the sceneries, unexpected charming and grand mixed together.

Beijing is a wonderful city housing so many treasures to be exhibited and showed. I like Beijing, I like Mutianyu Great Wall!

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