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Highlight of My 4-day Trip to Beijing

This 4-day trip to Beijing was fun and full of highlights. I really enjoyed every minute of it. I got picked up by our tour guide after I landed in Beijing and she took me straight to my hotel. Afterwards, I spent rest of the day on my own.

Beijing Hutong

The next day morning, our tour guide showed up early, after I finished my breakfast, I hopped on the bus with her. We first headed for Tiananmen Square. The square is really large and jam-packed with Chinese style buildings. I lingered around the square for a little while before I was taken to visit the Forbidden City. Our visit to the imperial palace was kind of in a rush, and I did like it at all. However, our walk down some lanes in the suburb of Beijing saved my day. I got to see the daily life scenes of Beijing up close and personal, which was fun and memorable. I got to say, the Hutong walk is on e of the highlights of my trip to Beijing. Everything turned out the way I expected. A relaxing stroll down the crisscrossed lanes, window shopping, as well as a rickshaw ride all made that afternoon meaningful and fun. By the way, I also enjoyed a night out to see a night show in a theater. The show is really a bonus for my first day trip. I really enjoyed the performances and had a good time.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The next day, a visit to the Temple of Heaven aside, I was taken to explore outside Beijing proper in the afternoon. It took us over an hour to get to Mutianyu Great Wall. The minute we landed on the wall, our wall walking started right away. It was really amazing to walk the solid stone paths with hardly anyone around. By the way, great picture opportunities were all over the place. I felt really great to take in the refreshing outdoor air, the lovely countryside landscape as well as the majestic Great Wall. I really had a lot of fun walking with the other guys along the wall. By the time we got off the wall, I also got a chance to see the sunset on the wall, which was truly breathtaking and made a hard-to-beat picture as well.

Overall, I am really glad I got hang out in Beijing that day. It was fun and memorable!

Excellent 2 Days Historical Tour in Beijing

Those 2 days I had in Beijing were fun and just incredible! I really enjoyed a good time and had fun exploring those historic sites. Everything turned out the way I expected it to be! Really worth it!

Mutianyu Great Wall

Our first stop was the Ming Tombs after I was picked up at the hotel. The ride over there was great, with a bunch of other travelers onboard talking and sharing travel stories. Upon arriving at the tomb area, we were taken to walk along a stone paved path lined with lovely statues of Chinese beasts and willows. After the leisurely stroll, we headed to an underground museum to see some exhibits in there. Got to say, walking around the underground tomb was no fun at all, as it felt kind of creepy and spooky. I tried my best to remain calm and act cool, but the second our tour guide told us it was time to move on to another destination, I rushed in front of the group. It is not like I did not enjoy a good time in there. It is just I did like it there! After our lunch break, we hit the road to Mutianyu Great Wall. The wall definitely was the highlight of my day trip that day. We took a cable car up the wall and the minute we landed on the wall, our hiking started right away! Trekking along the solid stone paved paths was all fun and worthwhile! There were great picture spots at every turn while walking along the paths. The wall structure was splendid too. I just loved hanging out by those watch towers.

Forbidden City

The next day, we were taken to visit the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. I really got a good sense of the Chinese imperial power on that day trip. The imperial palace was packed with crowds, as well as palaces and halls. Wandering inside the complex was fun and really amazing experience. The whole complex was like a maze of palaces, halls, pavilions as well as courtyards and gates. It was easy to get lost in there without a guide. I got to say, to explore the essence of the palace was all about details - the Chinese style decorations, pompous halls, luxury living quarters - all gave me an insight into the Chinese imperial culture and history.

Overall, it was a lifetime break I had in Beijing!

Beijing Highlights Tour, Breathtaking Badaling Great Wall

We booked this 2 days Beijing tour for family vacation in China. We all agree on this tour including Beijing highlights and representative buildings. What we liked most is the Badaling Great Wall. First day of our tour, we were drive to visit this section. I felt very exciting and happy, because I have never explored Chinese Great Wall - the world wonders. On the whole journey, my tour guide gave us much information about Chinese Great Wall buildings and their history. We all listened carefully and asked many questions. We prepared a lot, cameras, water and food, as well as the sport shoes and clothes. You could imagine how much attention we paid on the climbing. Once arrived at this section, the crowded tourists gave us a big shock. Getting closer the vendors shouting and selling various goods disturbed this tranquil section.

Badaling Great Wall

After taking out the preparation, we started our journey. Standing at the foot, I could see the tourists who have been arrived at the high point, very strong. Because of the weather is misty and a little hotter, we took the umbrella. What we did not guessed is that taking umbrella is not so convenient. The tourists standing behind us could not have an excellent view. Stages are best preserved, clean and steep. Hiking journey is really laborious. I liked the sceneries very much, fresh and natural. Most of the important is some of them are the same old with this sophisticated building. Tourists coming here are talking about the elegant building project relating its history, background and workers, as well as some legends. Listening to their talking, I became more interested in this section. Once hiked to the half journey, we sited down in the corner and enjoyed the tranquil environment. Tourists are becoming more and more less with the journey becomes higher and higher. We saw a lot of tourists taking the hand-stick to climb. It is really an ideal tool helping tourists have a good hiking condition. After arriving at this section, we all felt very exciting and proud. We shouted and laughed and we successfully got the terminal. The feeling of conquering it is so great and excellent.

This tour taught me a lot. I would store this holiday experience in my mind. It is truly a miracle wonder!

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