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How to Travel like a Local in Beijing

Beijing is China at its colorful, lively best. The list of fun stuff to explore in Beijing seems endless. But for those who want to explore the vibrant city like a local, there are some things you need to bear in mind before making your trip plan to Beijing.

Travel in Beijing

First of all - dress like a local.
You may never look like a local, or talk like one, but dressing like one will more likely land you some opportunities to mingle with the locals. Dressing like a local shows that you are interested in Chinese art and culture, so the Chinese people will welcome you as much as possible. You may give them a feeling that they are the host and you are the guest, therefore, they would go out of their way to make sure that you have a good time while visiting Beijing. There are plenty of locations or shopping spaces in Beijing where you may easily pick some local outfits to try on and be more local-like. If you still have no clue as to which one to pick, than Tang Suit is a good bet as it is hailed as the signature dress of China. Moreover, it is highly recommended to head for those time-honored shops in Beijing, selling iconic Beijing curios. By the way, dressing like a local is a best way to memorize your travel to China, with everything looking like Chinese-style.

Second of all - hang out at favorite venues of locals
If you ask a local how he or she spends spare time while living in Beijing, the answer may shock you. Nowadays, the locals living in Beijing like to hang out to their favorite haunts, like the teahouses, opera theaters, massage centers, night clubs and pubs as well as shopping malls –the list could really go on forever! For an in-depth taste of the lives of the locals, it is best to hit some lanes and alleyways in the city, but be careful as you may easily get lost while finding your way out. With a leisurely wander down some lovely lanes in the city, you will get a closer look at the laid-back lifestyle led by the locals. Some playing chess, some drinking tea by the steps of the courtyard, some just wandering around like you - all will give you a sense of the life of today led by the locals. It will be fun and an essential Chinese experience too.

Overall, with these tips in mind, you will do just fine while traveling in Beijing, less traveler-like!

How to Conduct Beijing Nightlife

More and more people waste much time of their night time during Beijing tour. In fact, in addition to the day time exploring, you also could make your Beijing nightlife more colorful and dazzling. But, how to conduct your Beijing nightlife will be the nest question.

Beijing Sanlitun Village

Sharing Your Inner Heart in Beijing Sanlitun Village
Perhaps, for the most of the tourists, Sanlitun is a fresh name. For the regular Beijing tourists, this place will be a must-enjoy place. Here is a stage where you could conduct your youth life. Located in the eastern Chaoyang District, Sanlitun is regarded as a fashion center housing shopping, food and arts. It enjoyed a high fame as a Bar Street. It has become the important representative of Beijing nightlife. As the first opened in Beijing as nightlife community, it leads bar culture and fashion essence of Beijing. It is said that more than 60 percent bars of Beijing gathered here, you could imagine how it is prosperous at night. Because of the best location adjacent to the embassies and other foreign offices, it is always attracted the foreigners. Under the dazzling neon and soft summer wind blowing, sitting in the delicate bars, chatting with your friends, speaking out your inner heart, you would feel this moment is the most happiest and exciting! In addition to the bars, there are many tea houses offered the cozy environment for the tea fans. With considerate service and dazzling decoration, each store could give you opportunity to conduct yourself.

Leisurely Shopping and Food in Sanlitun
By your enthusiasm, you could have a leisurely shopping in the south area of this street. Wandering in the bright summer night, you would find the shopping here is very different and very enjoyable. Especially the arranging layout, they have no fixed route. This time, you would find your summer tour is more adventurous. Ranking along world famous brands and famous stores, you would be completely amazed by the shopping area. If you are the fans of Beijing cuisine, here is also an ideal place to enjoy. There are many restaurants with different cuisines ranging from innovative Chinese to American and from traditional Vietnamese to authentic Spanish Tapas. Any of them could satisfy your stomach desire.

Do not waste your summer night time again. Colorful nightlife only needs your special attention!

How to Get to Know Old Beijing Better

Nowadays, with a large number of old neighborhood, houses and old stuff being replaced by high-rises and fads, the old Beijing is kind of hard to trace. But if you are interested in what it looks like of the old Beijing. Then with a visit to Old Beijing Exhibition Hall, you will find just about anything you want to know about old Beijing!

Overview of the Exhibition Hall
Exhibition in Beijing

The venue is a digital multimedia exhibition hall, using trace old Beijing and love the new Beijing as the theme. The exhibition is displayed on a 228 meters long, 3 meters high giant screen to depict the old Beijing by the moat, walls, temples, palace, alley, shops, restaurants, residential houses thousands of buildings with digital mode, and the theatre, the temple fair, shopping, wedding, funeral, entertainment, travel and other sectors of the daily life of the people and all walks of life work scenes and activities. The exhibition is one of a kind in terms of scale, the breadth and depth of performance art, the content and the form. The old Beijing scroll displays a whole panorama of what old Beijing looks like, with a total length of 30 meters. The 4000 square meters hall houses a large screen filled with a wide variety of lively scenes. The audience will be immersed in the old Beijing scene.

Highlight of the Exhibition
Exhibition in Beijing

Old Beijing scroll is no doubt the highlight of the whole exhibition, created by a famous local painter Mr. Wang. The scroll is 20 meters long, 0.26 meters wide, is a masterpiece of ingenuity in painting, has the very high artistic value, historical value, cultural value and academic value. Some of his paintings have been set for the three national cultural relics. The scroll is composed of a wide variety of scenes; painted walls, gates, moat, garden, temples, churches, Imperial Palace, street, alley, shops, restaurants, tea houses, houses and other buildings are all rolled into one painting. Old Beijing scroll can take people of today to see the old Beijing a hundred years ago, including the old Beijing City, the old Beijing local customs and practices, so as to form a strong contrast. At the turn of the century, the great changes in Beijing have a profound influence on Beijing. With the exhibition, people will learn how to love life of today more.

Overall, the exhibition hall is well worth a visit while traveling in Beijing for a piece of old Beijing!

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