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How to Enjoy Spring in Beijing

Spring is a lovely time of year to do some sightseeing in Beijing as the whole city is less packed with crowds and explodes with delightful displays of blossoms. From April to May, temperatures begin to rise in the city, making it perfect to do some outdoor activities like hiking and trekking on the Great Wall. While spring may be a little dry and windy, but you will get a chance to explore the city without competing with other travelers.

Highlight of Spring in Beijing
Beijing Spring

Springtime is a season when Beijing bursts out with spectacular displays of blossoms all over the city. If you only got a short time in Beijing, a guided flower viewing tour is highly recommended. If you want to do it on your own, it is also okay with the delightful blossom displays at every turn. Like the Beijing Arboretum, Pinggu Peach Orchards and many parks in Beijing are exploded with blossoms and worth a visit with a relaxing walk. Throughout April, Yuyuantan Park is the most sought-after destination among the locals for blossom-viewing. The park has a rich collection of cherry blossom trees – the largest in the city - and hosts an annual cherry blossom festival each April. The Summer Palace grounds and Temple of Heaven are also at their best in springtime and worth dropping by.

Useful Tips for Traveling in Spring
Beijing Spring

If you happen to be traveling to Beijing in spring, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind while enjoying your outdoor activities in the city. First of all, always keep up with the weather report before you go out on your trips, as Spring is a time when heavy winds and occasional sand storms from the Gobi Desert are plaguing Beijing. So when that happens, do have a backup plan to entertain yourself with some indoor activities. While temperatures in spring may be generally warm during the day, but be aware that they may drop dramatically, so it is highly recommended to wear plenty layers of clothes wherever you go. Secondly, there are two national holidays nationally celebrated during the spring: Tomb-sweeping Day in early April and May Day on May 1. If possible, it is highly recommended not to travel during these holidays if you want to beat some crowds, but if you must, pick some off-the-beaten-path tourist sites.

Anyway, hope you enjoy a fun trip to Beijing!

Off Beaten Trail Countryside in Beijing - Chuandixia Village

Wondering how to get away from the bustling metropolis - Beijing City and enjoy ultimate outdoor excursion? The Chuandixia village would make a perfect off-the-beaten-trail outdoor excursion destination while traveling in Beijing. You could easily spend a few days exploring the village without running out of things to see, do and experience.

History of Chuandixia Village

The Chuandixia Village can be dated back as early as hundreds of years ago. Coming into being during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the village features a strong Han group styles in architecture, decorations, furnishings and layout. A bustling stop along the post road, the village once served as a key transit point for accessing to Shanxi Province from Beijing. The economy of the village mainly comes from farming and trading up to this day. The ancient architecture dominating the village can be traced back to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasties (1644-1911). With a walk in this lively museum, the ancient courtyards, intricate carvings and cultural relics will give you a good sense of how the daily lives of the local villagers look like. Sprawling dozens of fun stuff to explore, the village never stops surprising its visitors while traveling around here.

What is Worth exploring in Chuandixia Village Today?

For those looking for some countryside sights in China and off the beaten trail walking, Cuandixia Village is a dream for backpackers. With a visit to the village, the ancient courtyards, local villagers and spectacular countryside scenery are all worth exploring while walking around the area. Despite the economic growth of Beijing, diverse and vibrant traditional folk culture and ancient architecture are well preserved in the village. Featuring its old glory and elegance, the village is sprawling with evergreen pine trees, verdant cypresses and mountainous valley. While exploring the village, you will have a lot of fun climbing up steep stairs and lanes paved with pebbles, traversing through ancient courtyards, old streets and ancient houses where the local villagers lead a relaxing lifestyles - enjoying playing cards or people watching in the street. Exploring an off the beaten track countryside excursion is all about an adventure down to Chuandixia Village.

The village of Cuandixia will make for a perfect vacation destination to spend some quality time with family and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle. Alternatively the area is sprawling with amazing trails which will make for ideal walking experience for those adventurers.

First China and Beijing Travel of Mine

My family and I, in total of 5 people of us, we did visit Beijing last month. Our trip to China last month was the first time to visit the country for all of us. It was really important since China called has long history with rich historical attractions and abundant natural panorama. Even in capital, Beijing, we could see beautiful scenery in Summer Palace, an imperial garden of Qing Dynasty era which surrounded by classical cultural relics. The garden is different with others historical places in Beijing, this garden is also offer stunning nature sceneries which brought us to more enjoy the scenery than its history.

Summer Palace

More than that, Great Wall was a thing that should not be discussed more, it was just magnificent and breathtaking! Especially on Mutianyu Great Wall, less crowded and green plants grows everywhere. Great escape from bustling city and breathe some fresh air in suburban area close from the city. Then Temple of Heaven and Forbidden City, ancient important buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Personally, I loved Forbidden City.

I could not be more proud to finally enter the sacred huge ancient palace of China. There, we could see lots of ancient historical relics in each important building and its amazing architecture. Based on our guide description, each building had its own functions at past. All of that was used by emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasty which from there emperors ruled the country for over a span of nearly 500 years. Lots of accidents, ceremonies or other imperial festivals happened inside the palace. It is a proof of China long history, a symbol and a national heritage of China that should not be abandoned.

Huge Hall of Forbidden City

Overall, I like the tour in Beijing. Well organize and a worth it tour that everyone should join. For me, all the things I did experience in the city were interesting and new. The people I've met, the things I've eaten, and the scenery I've witnessed in Beijing are things that I'll never forget. From my last trip to Beijing, I also realize that China is a HUGE country, has lots different opportunities for a traveler. Waiting for another chance to come back again to China and do some more trips to another famous city explore more about the country!

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