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Our Relaxed 4 days Vacation in Beijing

Beijing is a nice and clean city. We did visit a lot of impressive famous historical sites include Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Hutong, Summer Palace etc. We did see a lot and got memorable experience after the 4 day tour. Everything was also very well organized. Tour guide always helped us during the tour, and she also did not feel uncomfortable at all.

Beijing International Airport

From the start all was very coordinated, our driver was a little bit late to pick us up from the airport but the tour advisor called us and asked us to wait for a little bit. I thought it was nice, they care and really accommodating us nicely. Although it was happen small problem but they still have responsible for us. My husband and I, we were really appreciated that.

The hotel that we stayed was also nice, hygiene and comfortable. I am really suggests you, anyone who want visit Beijing, you should ask the trip advisor first about anything that you did not before. It will be very help. I asked them about the hotel, and they did give the room that I want. The trip advisor will help as much as they can by email. They are also very friendly and reliable.

Dragon on the roof of the Palace in Forbidden City

Not the service which is great, the itinerary is also ideal for us. Within those 4 days, we did visit famous attractions which worth to visit. All of them represent Beijing and China old history, rich culture, traditional lifestyle and ancient art. Everything beautiful and fascinating we could see along the journey. We got new experience and did see amazingly characteristic sites around the capital.

Summer Palace - My favorite place in Beijing

Beijing is not only the capital of China, but it is also a beautiful city which filled by a lot of historical and cultural sites. Personally, I love Summer Palace! And my husband was more like Forbidden City atmosphere. Why I love Summer Palace? I think the biggest reason is because the garden offers stunning nature scenic views with clear water of lake and large garden area.

Around Summer Palace, there surrounded by amount of significant cultural relics which has each interesting history behind. Our guide, she was very good at sharing the information. She spoke good English and always makes us understand about the spot. The time that we spend in Summer Palace might be a bit short but we are still happy. Thank you for everything!

Old City, Old Village – Fresh Feeling!

As old capital of China, Beijing owns various resources and historical sites. Besides the developing city, many villages are also developing themselves according to these historical sites.

Changyucheng Village sits at Liucun Town in Changping District, close to Mentougou and Huairou Districts, covers an area of 20,000mu, most of which is mountain and forestry. With Yan Great Wall in Warring State, old city built in Ming Dynasty, etc, Changyucheng Village keeps well-preserved traces of ancient buildings owing to few people tread. Nowadays, depending on these tourist resources including old Great Wall and old villages, Changyucheng Village starts to develop their rural tourist industry focuses on tourism and folk-custom reception.

Old Village - Fresh Feeling in Beijing

Walking on the footpaths of Changyucheng Village in summer, you will not feel the hot any more. What appear in your eyes are the green forest and residences built by stone and villagers sitting under the big tree in entrance of village talking their life and trifles. According to the introduction, Changyucheng Village shaped in Ming Dynasty, is the living place for soldiers who protected our home. The barbican entrance, old houses and temple still keep their original features after several hundred years. Besides these historical sites, the ecology landscape is also the most attractive place for tourists. Huanghuapo Scenic Spot owns wild yellow flowers in 300mu and blossom in July in every year. Yellow flowers cover all over the mountains and plains, flowing brook and faint circle path form the most beautiful scenery in this small village. For years, villagers of Changyucheng Village protecting these wild yellow flowers spontaneously, and there is no body picking.

Better ecology environment and abundant historical sites become the rich resources of villagers. The rich villagers value this land more, and 2 persons in every family protect the green mountains and river in whole year. Next, Changyucheng Village will use 25mu collectively owned land for building 25 standard greenhouses for cultivating lily seedball. In future, Changyucheng Village will become more beautiful and wealthy for every family. Changyucheng Village is only the representative of large amounts of villagers in Beijing, they also build their home more attractive and wealthy depending on themselves.

Great Experience in Beijing with My Family

Could not express my feeling about the last tour that I had in Beijing, so nice and memorable! We got this 4 days private tour since I did come to Beijing together with my family, so private tour I thought would be better than the group tour. We got much more time in each historical site in Beijing to explore more, and more than that, we got a private vacation and that was great! Worth for the money that I spend!

From the first time, the service let us feel glad and satisfied. The tour guide was very proud about her job and explained each historical site very well. Not only that, from the beginning, driver was on time picked us up at the airport as well as on time picked up us every day in front of our hotel before visited the destinations.

Forbidden City in Summer

In the second day, we did visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Hutong, three famous historical sites in Beijing. We did know the history about China in the old times (dynasty era) as well as enjoy the traditional old courtyard in Hutong Beijing and see traditional local residences, some old buildings of old Beijing.

Hutong Rickshaw Tour
Hutong Rickshaw Tour

When we were in Hutong, we did take the rickshaw ride, an interesting and fun ride to explore the whole area of old Beijing. The atmosphere was very nice and authentic. My family and I, we did take some pictures together there and we are very happy about that. The other sites on that day, include Forbidden City was very impressive. It offers a rich historical environment and had showed us amazing royal palace of Ming and Qing Dynasty era of China. The palace is so huge and has unique ancient architecture. Inside some main buildings, there still have some ancient historical heritage on it. During the tour, tour guide also explained to us a lot about history and culture of China that she knew. Every time we had stop in each important place, she was also told us about the story behind it. She is a very friendly person, very informative as well as professional for organized the whole tour.

Overall, this 4 days Beijing trip was a highlight! We did visit a lot of famous tourist destinations and we got new experience and understandings about China. Everything was well organized and met our expectation.

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