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How to Enjoy Ancient Beijing in Depth

Beijing, as the capital city of China, could reflect many concepts and ideas in the people's mind. Tourists could enjoy the imperial attractions in Beijing as well as old Beijing culture. Nowadays, most of tourists want to discover the Old Beijing appearance during Beijing tour. How to seize the opportunity?

Peking Opera

Enjoy Beijing Local Breakfast in the Morning
For the old Beijing people, the most popular food for breakfast will be the old Beijing Mung Bean Milk. Probably the most famous Beijing snack, mung bean milk is actually the fluid remnants of the mung bean noodle making process. It looks grayish-green, tastes mostly sour with a tinge of sweetness and has a peculiar odor. Sitting at the small table, together with the local Beijing people, enjoy a typical breakfast. First timers often drink mung milk accompanied with a few Chinese-style pickle wedges, which locals say makes it easier to go down. It is common that these small stores are always established in the small lanes of the Hutongs. So, it will be a good chance to enjoy and breakfast while appreciating the morning Hutong appearance.

Enjoy Historical Sites in Daytime
After enjoying Beijing breakfast, you could start your ancient Beijing tour. The best destination will be Beijing Hutong. It is the landmark of old Beijing with profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation. It still kept the original Beijing appearance. Wandering along Beijing Hutong, the best tool is he Rickshaw. Also, you could rent a bike wandering around the building. It is great opportunity to enjoy the locals doing morning exercises. Tranquil and harmonious atmosphere will be the big feature of Beijing Hutong. After that, walk into Beijing Hutong to get close to their lifestyle and the culture. Being built with the courtyard style, you could have in-depth understanding about the building architecture.

Enjoy old Art Performances at Night
As the quintessence of China art performance, Beijing Opera is best reserved. Different performing styles, dressing styles and face-painting will offer you rich vision enjoyment. Sitting in the cozy theater, enjoying the flourishing art performance, you will find you have been mixed into them.

Appreciating old Beijing culture is very easy. All the aspects contributed on the right destinations relating old Beijing!

How to Experience Beijing in Rainy Day

It will be unpleasant encountering the rainy days during the holiday. For most of the tourists, they regarded the rainy days as the wonderful time to sleep at home to relax. However, there are many methods to experience rainy holiday in Beijing. Now, I would like to share you some ideas to make your rainy holiday more terrific and inspiring.

Qianmen Street in the Rain

Leisurely Wandering
As we all know, Rain could bring unique tranquility and unique beauty and freshness to the environment and the scenic spots. The drizzling rain could make all the earth scenic spots more clear and natural. During this time, it will be ideal to walk out to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the leisurely walking. The best places in Beijing are multi-choice. If you are very interested in the charming sceneries, Shichahai, Beihai Park and Summer Palace will be the most favorable scenic spots. Standing in the pavilions, appreciating the fresh flowers sipping the rainy water, it will be extremely fantastic and marvelous feeing. In addition to this, you could roam along Beijing Hutong to taste the typical old Beijing culture and the tranquil atmosphere in the rainy days. This time, there are not better way to walk into these Sihe Courtyards for detail appreciating. Chatting with the local residences, listening to the Beijing story told by them, you will find rainy day is so beautiful.

Take the Bus for Beijing Overview
Without certain attention, taking the long-distance bus or sightseeing bus to appreciate the rainy sightseeing along the bus journey. It will be more safe, cheap and meaningful tour to appreciate Beijing in rainy days. Choose your favorites route, taking the bus to start your dreamful tour. Sitting at the back of the bus, leaning on the windows, appreciating the outdoor sceneries, busy workers and the plazas, you will find this world is full of mysteries and marvelous feelings. Everything seemed to be stopped for you. From Beijing downtown area to suburb area, you could not only appreciate the representative Beijing attractions, feel Beijing faster development but also taste the local Beijing lifestyle. Just mixing into your imagination, your journey will be more typical and cherish!

Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk with Friends
Apart from upper choices, choose one teahouse together with your friends to have a Heart-to-heart talk is also a nice choice. Starting your communication from your childhood to your future dreams or just to share your inner feelings, it will be another spiritual enjoyment during the rainy days.

If you have special attention, Beijing Rainy tour also could be made perfect!

How to Better Explore Beijing Villages

For visitors in Beijing, it is very easy to get to famous ancient imperial buildings, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, etc. Nowadays most of them want to research Beijing old villages to leisurely enjoy Beijing culture and history. Compared to the modern buildings, these delicate villages have become the hot scenic spots. How to leisurely explore these villages?

Beijing Village

Seize the Representative Villages
In Beijing, this metropolis city, apart from the modern buildings, there are also many reserved old villages and houses. The most famous one will be Cuandixia Village. Located in Beijing suburb area, Cuandixia Village kept more than 70 courtyards with about 500 rooms built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is always regarded as the Potala Palace in Beijing with historical appearance and tastes. Travel to this village, you will be impressed by the delicate decorations remained in the ancient times, corns and millstones. Now, there are still a few farmers lived inside. If you are very interested, you could enjoy an overnight stay here for fully enjoying the village atmosphere. Grass is lush and trees are luxuriant. Walking into this village, you will feel as if entered into an ideal world. Apart from this, Cuandixia Village is also a terrific place to make films and TV plays.

Walking into Gubeikou Village
For fully enjoying Beijing village tastes, Gubeikou Village is also an ideal place. Located under the foot of Gubeikou Great Wall, Gubeikou Village is terrific place to taste the Beijing ancient times and ancient appearance. It has the best preserved original natural sceneries and rich cultural tourism resources. Stepped into this village, what impressed you are not only the sincere local greetings but also the famous scenic spots, temples and historical relics. Being adjacent to the Gubeikou Great Wall, this village is also a fantastic place to enjoy Great Wall culture. Coming here, delicious farm-made dishes also could conquer your stomach and mind with typical village flavor. Especially the tranquil environment, tourists coming here could get fully relieve from their busy work.

Seizing the upper two villages, I believe your Beijing village tour is more colorful.

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