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How to Sample Beijing Snacks

Hailed as a cultural Mecca, Beijing has not only a wide variety of historic sightseeing, but also countless gourmet snacks worth sampling while visiting Beijing. Here is some basic information about how to sample Beijing snacks.

Snacks worth sampling in Beijing
Beijing Snacks

Beijing snacks, commonly known as Pengtoushi and Caishi according to locals, featuring an integration of the Han, Mongolian, Manchu, Hui ethnic flavor snacks and Ming, Qing Imperial snacks and rich variety and unique flavor. Beijing snacks boast about two to three hundred varieties. They are the side dishes (such as white water lamb head, Baodu, Baikui roast lamb head, Jiemo Dunzi), and the banquet food (such as Wotou, Sesame Cake with Minced Pork, sheep eyes steamed stuffed bun, Wufu Peach-Shaped Mantou, Ma Rong bun) and snacks for breakfast and dinner (such as AI Wo Wo, Fried Chop Rice Cake etc.). The most flavorful snacks include Douzhi, Enema, Chaogan, Mapo Tofu, Noodles with Soy Bean Paste etc. Some of the old restaurants offer rich varieties, like Fangshan alveolus fossa, Sesame Cake with Minced Pork, pea, Kidney Bean Rolls, fengzeyuan restaurant Steamed Rolls, DongLaiShun Restaurant Butter fried cake, He Yi vegetarian restaurant Guanchang and more. Moreover, many more other snacks are sold in Beijing in the snack bar and night market food stalls.

Where to find snack restaurant
Beijing Snacks

Beijing has a large number of restaurants where you can find delicious Beijing snacks. If you want to enjoy more authentic Beijing snacks, you should head to those time-honored restaurants and stores. The list includes: Longfusi Snack Store: on the East Longfu Temple Street opposite the Longfu building. Bai Kui Laohao: the roast mutton and meat pie doornail is very famous. Xinghua Baodu Store: located opposite the Shatan Honglou, in addition to Baodu it also offers halal snacks. Halal Restaurant: Ruizhen Restaurant is located in southwest corner of Dongsi Road. The only food is takeout, and the Xingyue fried cake is out of the world. Nanlaishun Restaurant sits in the west of Daguanyuan, the first floor offers snacks. Xinhua Snack Shop offers Guotie and Bean milk. Enyuanju Restaurant enjoys a high prestige and offers a wide variety of traditional Beijing snacks.

Overall, with a visit to Beijing, you will enjoy an essential dining experience and get a chance to sample delicious snacks!

How to Get a Typical Beijing Morning Tour

For most of the tourists who want to have an in-depth tour of Beijing, apart from the daytime sightseeing, your morning in Beijing could also be beautiful and colorful. Now, I will share you some places for lighting your Beijing morning feeling.

National Flag Rising Ceremony on Tiananmen Square

Watching National Flag Rising Ceremony on Tiananmen Square
Located in Beijing city center, Tiananmen Square is just like a cradle breeding all the vigorous lives. Apart from the famous buildings located on, there is a very important ceremony held every morning - National Flag Rising Ceremony. This is a very solemn and serious ceremony for the Chinese people. If you are in your Beijing holiday, getting up earlier and arrived at the Square before sunrise. Only by doing this can you appreciate the ceremony clearly as there are crowds of tourists and local people attending every day. Five Star Red Flag - the Chinese National flag flies high in the sky above the Square seemed to conveying the success of China every morning.

Experience the Morning Exercises in Temple of Heaven
If you want to experience the vitality of Beijing morning, you could choose Temple of Heaven for a deep visit. There are varieties of trees located in this park. Among them, there is a magnificent tree called Nine Dragon Cypress which offered an ideal resort for the local Beijing people. In the early morning, you will see the locals running, cycling, singing and dancing, as well as playing chess. You could join them to feel the harmonious morning atmosphere. Most attractive will be the Taiji which is the most healthy morning exercise in the old people. Housed profound history and deep cultural connotation, you will learn more about Chinese culture from it.

Strolling around Beijing Hutong
For the Beijing morning, to experience the local life style, Hutong is an ideal choice. Local people always got up early in the morning and went out for purchasing breakfast, fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, you could have a taste about the local authentic breakfast to experience their life in the stomach.

Beijing morning is full of vigorous and colorful. If you have special attention, your morning tour in Beijing also could be the most memorable experience.

How to Explore Tea Culture in Beijing

Hailed as culture Mecca of China, Beijing has a rich and diverse culture. For those tea lovers, the Maliandao Tea Street is well worth a visit if you want to learn more about Chinese tea culture.

Beijing Maliandao Tea City

Overview of Beijing Maliandao
Maliandao Tea Street is a famous street specializing in tea, located in Xuanwu District. Covering a total area of 82 hectares, the main road is 1500 meters long. Traffic developed, belonging to the Beijing railway and highway access region. Over ten years, Maliandao has become the iconic gathering place of tea in Beijing. Not only it is leading the domestic tea industry but also lives up to its reputation as top tea street in Beijing. The first Chinese International Tea Expo once was held in Maliandao, with a wide variety of tea on display to show the world the Maliandao as top tea street in Beijing style. 100 years ago, Yuan Changhou, Yongan, Zhang Yiyuan, Zheng Xing De and a large number of other tea brands were all rooted in Xuanwu, and the Lao She Teahouse has become well-known China traditional teahouse culture brand. Now Maliandao Tea Street houses 10 tea shopping malls, more than 1200 tea merchants which has become one of the biggest tea distributing centers in northern China.

Highlight of the Tea Street
As the tea street, all types of tea can be found in Malinadao. For example, the yellow tea, because it is not familiar to people, it is kind of hard to find it in other places in Beijing, but in Maliandao tea city, with hundreds of tea brands gathered around, just say you want the tea, you will find the right seller. As one executive said, in Maliandao tea city, the fact is that only the customer does not know the tea, but any kind of tea can be found in Maliandao. In the tea street, even those small shops also have hundreds of types of Chinese tea. Due to the advantage of low prices, other places selling tea are hard to match up with Maliandao. The Green Tea in Maliandao costs less than half market prices, according to market staff. The reason for the low price is because in Maliandao many dealers are also producers, eliminating the intermediate links, giving Maliandao the price advantage. Maliandao has become a famous tea brand of Beijing and even the entire Northern China.

Overall, a visit to Maliandao itakes you to explore diverse tea culture!

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