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How to be a Smarter Traveler in Beihai Park

Beijing is a treasure for tourism housing so many dazzling scenic spots and among them, Beihai Park has received a big applause for breathtaking scenery and well-designed arrangements as well as deep traditional history. How to explore this dazzling park will be the hottest topic for the tourists, especially the fresh travelers in Beijing.

Beihai Park

Seize the History of Beihai Park
Because of the best location surrounded by famous imperial sections, Beihai Park has become the must-explore spot. Located in the center of Beijing, Beihai Park is rented as one of the oldest, largest and best-preserved ancient imperial gardens. Same as other imperial buildings, the park also housed profound history. It is said that in Chinese ancient times, there were three magic mountains. The god lived in the mountains and has the herb which could help the humans gain immortality. So the emperors at that time seek the mountains but failed. So, after that, around their palaces, they will dig one large pool and piled up three earth hills. It was believed that different mountain-water area will arouse different effect. From then on, every emperor during the succeeding dynasties built a royal garden with one pool with three hills. So, the Beihai was formed under the idea. In fact, this park was built in the Liao Dynasty and experienced renovation in the succeeding dynasties.

Seize the Main Scenic Spots
With the coverage area of about 0.71 square kilometers, over half of the area in Beihai Park was covered by the lake. For such breathtaking scenery, you should carefully seize the dazzling scenic spots. The first spot will be the White Dagoba which was located on the top of the Jade Flowery Islet. It was built in the year of 1651. Under the suggestion of famous Tibetan lama, Emperor Shunzhi built such a Tibetan dagoba to show his belief in Buddhism. Another spot will be the Hao Pu Creek Garden. Built in the year of 1757, the Hao Pu Creek Garden is one of the best gardens-within-gardens of the existing imperial gardens in China. The most impressive part is the Nine Dragon Screen. The special feature is that it is the only screen having nine huge dragons on both sides among the most famous three Nine Dragon Screens in China.

After getting the basic information about Beihai Park, I believe your Beijing tour here will become colorful and amazing!

How to Enjoy Beijing Roast Duck

Sampling exotic food is an essential experience while traveling abroad, especially while you are in Beijing, one of the most prestigious centers of gastronomy in the world. As the signature food of Beijing, the roast duck is not to be missed by anyone who wants to sample authentic Chinese food. Here are some tips regarding to roast duck:

Beijing Roast Duck

Find the right place to try roast duck
While traveling in Beijing, you can easily find a restaurant or a street stall for a bite of the roast duck. But if you want the experience to be more authentic and worthwhile, you really should consider putting the right place on your list to go in Beijing. It is highly recommended that you should head to one of the many up-scale restaurants that serve up roast duck such as Quanjude Restaurant. It may be pricy but you will get an essential dining experience too, which is more than worth your money and time. Moreover, after you find the right place for a taste of roast duck, it is best to make reservation in advance, as most of the restaurants are packed with foodies, especially the most famous ones. By the way, to make the roast duck takes much longer than you think, so reservation saves you a lot of time.

Try the roast duck the right way
While you are waiting for the roast duck dishes, you will be served with gorgeous starters from honey-soaked lettuce to sesame spinach. And then, the duck will be served. Before you rush to wolf down the dishes, you will have a chef who will come to the table and carve the crispy duck skin off for you. After he finishes cutting the duck, you may go ahead and start to enjoy the succulent duck. While enjoying the dishes, it is best to eat the duck with the pancake and bechamel. First roll the duck slices in the pancakes and add in some of the bechamel of your choice. Then you may sample away with the gourmet food. After the duck is served there will be other dishes, like beef, vegetables, rice and other very tasty dishes. However, it is the duck that gives you the most incredible dining experience.

Go for the duck. This Beijing delicacy is to dies for!

How to Fulfill 72 Hours Visa Free Tour in Beijing

For tourists, 72 hours visa free tour is just like a fairy treatment. By this advanced tour policy, tourists could not only save money and time but also realize their dreams getting close to dreamful attractions. Staying in Beijing, how to fulfill your72 hours visa free tour?

Beijing Great Wall

Seize Beijing Top Attractions
To be a smart traveler, coming to Beijing, arrange your attractions first is a must! Housing so many tourist attractions and deep Chinese culture, you will be mixed into disorder. If you are a fresh Beijing tourist, Great Wall is the first choice. Covering world wonder fame and unexpected project, different sections of the Great Wall are always listed into the tourism order. After that, the top imperial buildings will be a must. Forbidden City, as the imperial palace for 24 emperors, has undergone numerous histories and painstaking. After the two scenic spots, according to your interests, do your plan. However, for regular visitors, you could choose THE PALACE to feel the modern Beijing economy and Beijing Xidan Commercial Street to feel modern shopping condition.

Seize Top Beijing Cuisine
After Beijing attractions sightseeing, you should have a fully enjoyment about Beijing cuisine. As the representative of Beijing cuisine, Peking Roast Duck is the most impressive food. To be same as Beijing culture and history, Beijing Roast Duck also experienced complex history. With well-selected duck materials and different seasonings, Beijing Roast Duck also covered complex eating methods. The most famous Roast Duck Restaurant is Quanjude. Besides the top cuisine, Beijing snacks are the second bait. Visit Wangfujing Snack Street to enjoy various snacks from all over China.

Seize Beijing Night Show
Last of your 72 hours visa free tour, you could see the famous night show in Beijing. Representing Beijing traditional culture and history, Peking Opera Show is the most colorful. Sitting in the large scale square and listen to the delicate performance, you will be mixed into old Beijing. The roles, dressing styles and face-painting are all added with many complex ideas. The most famous Peking Opera Theater in Beijing is Liyuan Theater. Here, sipping a cup of tea and enjoy the typical performance, you could fully feel profound China Performance culture.

After getting attractions, cuisine and performances during 72 hours visa free tour staying in Beijing, you have got Beijing. Your visa free tour is successful!

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