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Characteristic Restaurants in Beijing (2)

One Thousand One Nights – Middle East Food
In minds of Chinese, Arab is a mysterious foreign world, is the hometown of Arabian Nights. Nowadays, in this oriental city, there is a simon-pure Arabic restaurant, spreading the stories in fairy world in thousands years, which is the most authentic One Thousand One Nights.

Middle East Theme Restaurant

One Thousand One Nights sits at northwest corner of Changhong Bridge in Chaoyang District, located at Sanlitun Bar Street East Street. Arched door and windows with strong Arab cultural elements painted the pictures of fairy tales in Arabian Nights. The inner of the whole restaurant is a huge arched sand sculpture space. The abundant foreign colors full your sights.

There is a low stage in one side, and the background is a picture of singing and dance of Persians. At lunch, guests can enjoy the cuisines in elegant piano music. But when it turns black, here is the songs and dances world full of passionate. The sexy Persian dancer dancing with beat of music and swaying the soft body. They always interact with guests shuttle back and forth in desks.

Of course, the most attractive still are the authentic cuisines. These dishes are a little acid and main managed with meat. And many Chinese people coat here because they are absorbed by the strange foreign atmosphere. The Arabic hookah is another enjoyment in this restaurant, which let the air full of the seductive taste.

Su Zhi – Vegetarian Restaurant
Vegetarian Restaurant

Dongsi Shitiao Xin Nancang was the place for storing imperial-cereals, and there are several well-preserved old granaries, hiding in modern buildings quietly. In the brief but old courtyard, there is a restaurant called as Su Zhi, is an elegant place manages vegetarian diet and tea mainly. Referring to elegance, you must pay attention to the environment of Su Zhi. Stepping into this quiet courtyard from busy environment, you seems let your heart quiet with it. All decorations are the wooden shows simple but old.

The spacious and brief style of restaurant appears the simple but elegant style. The back wall of bar counter, decorated with old timbo, has three holy white lotuses round the name of restaurant in Chinese. Having meals here, you will not disturbed by the busy environment. You have good chance to enjoy the delicious vegetarians and teas with the elegant atmosphere. Such refined place, cannot absent of the color of Chinese old musical instrument. It is really a good place for self-cultivation.

Characteristic Restaurants in Beijing (1)

It is wonderful tour takes you to visit the most characteristic restaurants in Beijing. No matter what kind you like, I will give you best information.

Schindlers Anlegestelle – Germany Atmosphere
Schindlers Anlegestelle in Beijing

Sanlitun gathers many foreign embassies, so it attracts amounts of foreign restaurants offer delicious foods. In the bank of Liang Ma River, there is an authentic Germanic restaurant. Because it is located at wharf of Liang Ma River, it is named as Schindlers Anlegestelle.

It is managed by Germans, and typical Germanic architecture is filled of honest atmosphere of countryside. Sitting in restaurant, you have strong feeling at wharf, and the unique decoration shows the elements of harbor. The wooden decorated style reflects strong village feeling. The roof is hung full of fishing net; bar counter and shelf are full of ship models; wooden floor seems like the board of ship. Most guests here are foreigners, because it full of their atmosphere of their motherland. Here you can not only drink the authentic Germanic beer, but also the local meat. The biggest characteristic of Germanic cuisine is that it regards meat as the main dish. All beers here are air transported from Germany, including beer on draft, stout, whitebeer, etc. At dusk of summer, sitting in outdoor desks, you will love the feelings with delicious foods and beer. At night, there singers sing the Germanic songs, which let you addict into the atmosphere of Germany.

La Dolce Vita – Italian Restaurant
Italian Style Restaurant in Beijing

Sweet life Italian restaurant is one of the earliest of Italian Restaurants in first authentic batch. Here you can not only enjoy the simon-pure Italian cuisines, but also the romantic environment. La Dolce Vita, managed almost 10 years, was regarded as the Most Outstanding Italian Restaurant. And this name always encourages La Dolce Vita. It attracts cate enthusiasts from many countries with its authentic foods and special Italian sentiment.

Sweet Life sits at Xindong Road, and the pure white construction hide in the green leaves, which let people associate the holy land easily. When you push the door to Sweet Life, you will feel the strong Italian sentiment spray into your face. The old but simple wooden roof and floor shows classic romantic feeling. Brief decoration style hides the elegance posture. No matter the art pictures on the wall or displayed art sculptures, you will enjoy the literature atmosphere of petty bourgeoisie. Oven, near bar counter, is also paint with white, mix with the whole restaurant. This oven is the lead of this restaurant. It is a pity to take no Italian pizza. Looking at the motions of cook, you will regard this process as an enjoyment.

Famous Snack Streets in Beijing - (2)

Continue last theme, I give more tourists more choices in Beijing catering industry.

No.6 Xiaoyun Road
Xiaoyun Road, gather place for petty bourgeoisie, located at between Sanyuan East Bridge and Xiaoyun Bridge. It is a long street from southwest to northeast, a important transportation between East 3rd Ring and East 4th Ring. Like such slanting street, it is rare in Beijing. Crowded by various high-level building, Xiaoyun Road has many restaurants including different levels and tastes, manages foreign taste mainly. Owing to these foreign restaurants, Xiaoyun Road is made to be full of petty bourgeoisie with the characteristic elegance and charm of foreign taste. Bus 104, 801, 671, 416, 403, 421, 405 arrived.

Delicate Snacks

No.7 Asian Sports Village
Asian Sports Village is the catering chief from Huizhou Road to north of Datun Road, also the catering industry of Asian Sports Village is the most developed in northern of Beijing. At night, here is very hot, not only the ordinary restaurants, but also the top-level restaurants. Heavy selectivity is the most obvious characteristic in this area, from swallow-wing to Northeastern Chinese cuisines, cover every restaurant. The rate of update is very high because of the rat race. Bus 417, 858, 387, 464, 702 arrived.

No.8 Qicai North Road
From Yanshan Bridge to East Liangma Bridge, turn left at first intersection, opposite Woman Street, you will find the Qicai North Road, the famous food street in recent years. Surrounded by the Third Embassy, Laitai Flower Market and Pengrun Mansion, Qicai North Road is more unobstructed. Gathered more than 20 restaurants including Sichuan Cuisine, Guangdong Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine, Korea Cuisine, Tea House, Coffee House, etc, Qicai North Road is the ideal choice for guests from all over China and the world. Usually, every restaurant is decorated very well and characteristic, belong to the middle level in consumption level. Bus 1, 4, 985, 620, 851 arrived.

Restaurant in Fucheng Road

No.9 Fucheng Road
Fucheng Road, super restaurants street, starts from Hangtian Bridge to Dinghui Bridge. Gathers various famous catering industries, Fucheng Road is the noted top-level catering area in Beijing. Here, every catering industry has its characteristic in decoration, style and taste including traditional oriental simple and western elegance. Tianxia Yijia, located at east enter, is the perfect combination of traditional culture and modern culture. Fucheng Road has become the first choice for business catering. Bus 26, 849, 653, 103, 205, 105 arrived.

 No.10 Suzhou Street
Suzhou Street, a food street has unlimited potential, is located at Zhongguancun area. May be close to the gathered place of IT, Suzhou Street has strong cultural deposits. Of course, the price and decoration are all very high. It is a good place has taste.

Totally 10 food streets, give you full choices to find a street belong to you!

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