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A Bite of Beijing (1) โ€“ Background of Beijing Food

In these ideas of local Beijingers, whatever you eat, Manchu Han Imperial Feast or Fermented Soya-bean Milk, they live equally without envy and contempt. However, it is not much strange because the people always discuss the breakfast of the emperor in Forbidden City when they had these traditional breakfast out of the Forbidden City.

Usually, ecdemic friends like to know the meals of capital people. Of course, capital people always have meals. Consider what Beijingers eat on earth carefully, the question really puzzled me in long terms. No one clear this question.

Owing to the history reason, Beijing cuisine gathers the every success of Chinese cuisines, has its own characteristic but no style of cooking. The most characteristic of Beijing cuisine is it divided into court catering culture, literati and officialdom catering culture and ordinary catering culture. Every stratum has their catering culture, no mix, no disordered. The distinguishing feature of hundred years ago always can be found easily in today. No matter the most luxurious catering culture or most democratic catering culture, you will have chance to taste Beijing. The flourish of luxurious food is as well as the ordinary. Beijing, a complex city to taste the various delicious foods, is ideal place to spend much more money on luxury cater and less money on snacks with unique style.

As well as the cate, Beijingers have fortissimo containment which was cultivated by history. They have no discrimination to ecdemic and ecdemic foods, because of their strong confidence. In fact, now Beijing people are more opened than others in dietary ways. Besides traditional Beijing cuisine, they change their taste between Suchuan Cuisine, Yunnan Cuisine, etc. They never insist their catering culture sedulously.

For tourists in Beijing, the Beijing restaurants are strange much, without any reason. Gormandize travelers always find these restaurants with unique style, delicious foods or characteristics before tour; less cultured people just want to find a restaurant to fulfill their stomach. This kind of action is very adventurous for less cultured tourists. For example, same price, Beijing has two kinds of restaurants. One you want to pack another for next meal, and the other you doubt that what bad things happened between the cook and you. Even people has stayed in Beijing for a long time, they are always carful for every meal in case of becoming an adventure.

Get ready of cuisines for your Beijing tour!

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