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Why Beijing Is Worth a Visit

As the cultural Mecca and capital city of China, Beijing makes for a perfect place to launch your China travel. There are so many delights to explore in Beijing and you can easily spend a few days there without running out of things to see, do and experience! Here are some reasons for you to stop by Beijing for an in-depth visit!

Endless Natural and Historic Delights
Beijing Great Wall

Engineering feat of the Great Wall is rare, making ancient architectural history of mankind a military defensive project, with a longstanding history, vast project, known to the world with its majestic breadth, was included in the World Heritage by UNESCO, known as the eighth wonder of the world. The religious architecture in Beijing also have long enjoyed a good reputation, the famous Buddhist Biyun temple, Taoist White Cloud Temple, Lamaism resort of Lama Temple and Islamic mosques in Niujie; Tiananmen Square in front of the Imperial Palace can accommodate 1000000 people here, is the largest city center square filled with magnificent buildings. Beijing is also home to plenty of well-known natural landscapes, such as the beautiful scenery of the Xiangshan Park, bamboo over the Zizhuyuan, elegant Yuyuantan...... Beijing, famous for its ancient atmosphere, tracing history in the imperial palace court, walking in the alley and courtyard of the community, with the heart to immerse in the historical city, perhaps, you can understand the essence of Beijing culture.

Lively Daily Life Scenes all Over the City
Beijing City Life

As one of the most bustling metropolitan cities in the world, Beijing has a lot to offer its visitors, from the elegant art to the national essence, from fashion to the ancient temple fairs all available in all varieties. Beijing has the highest level of Chinese Drama Troupe, offering China Symphony Orchestra, Central Ballet, opera and dance. Located in the Jianguomen Avenue, Changan Grand Theatre often has a variety of high-level performances. The old Beijing Tianqiao area is Beijing civilian center for culture and entertainment, catering business. The hall in front of the stage is decorated with the black paint hardwood tables and chairs, with a variety of Beijing snacks on offer, waiters dressed in cheongsam pouring tea for you tea, the bill must also use China antique coins - all is completely in the old style. The most unusual is the harmonious atmosphere: two or three good friends sitting around a table to eat, to listen to, to see - wonderful place to have a good time.

Anyway, Beijing is not to be missed while traveling to China!

Stomach Enjoyment – Delicious Beijing Cuisine

Storing various treasures and gorgeous landscapes, Beijing has gained much recognition. In order to have a terrific holiday trip, apart from these terrific Beijing spots, one of the wonderful things to do in Beijing, Beijing cuisine also could be rented as the top spot. Today, I would like to give you detail information about delicious Beijing Cuisine.

Beijing Roast Duck

First, cuisines from many different cultures permeate the Beijing dining scene. As the first taste treasure of Beijing, Beijing Roast Duck will be the most qualified to undertake this high fame. There is always a saying that there are two important things to do in Beijing. On is to hike Beijing Great Wall groups and another is to enjoy famous Beijing Roast Duck. To be same as Beijing history, Beijing Roast Duck also has become the landmark of Beijing. Stored profound history and deep traditional culture, Beijing Roast Duck was cooked with fresh tastes and difficult cooking process. In the original time, it served as Beijing imperial food. It is very hard to enjoy for the common people. Later, it gradually popularized in the tourists.

Beijing Food

Imperial Court Food will rank the second. Having evolved over time beyond by all of the country's people, Beijing Imperial Court Food has been characterized by complex preparation techniques including the considerable choosing freshest ingredients and elaborate presentation and colorful and skillful vegetable carvings. As the basis of Beijing cuisine, the most delicious Beijing cuisine will be the Tan Jia cuisine served at the Beijing Hotel.

As the most important part of Beijing cuisine, Beijing local snacks will be a must explore in your holiday tour itineraries. During your exploring, you would meet many various snack streets ranking along, even some famous Beijing restaurants also served many delicious snacks. The Fried-pouch Roll, Cream Fried Cake, Glutinous Rice Roll with Sweet Bean Flour, etc and there are many other delicacies. Various tastes and different flavors would be the most attractive for your stomach.

Beijing is a holy land where there is nothing without your imagination. If you could help to control your feeling, come here enjoying a cool experience!

Tasting Authentic Peking Duck in Beijing

Beijing Duck is the city's most famous dish and one of the most popular foods in China. It has also received worldwide recognition for its tempting shining color, crispy skin and tender meat. While strolling down the streets of Beijing, you will find many Peking roast duck restaurants. But here, we give you some recommendation restaurants specialized with its Roast Peking Duck.
1. Quanjude Restaurant
Quanjude Qianmen Restaurant (Flagship Restaurant)        Telephone: +86-10-65112418
Quanjude Hepingmen Roast Duck Restaurant                      Telephone: +86-10-63023062
Quanjude Sanyuanqiao Roast Duck Restaurant                    Telephone: +86-10-84492760
2. Bianyifang Restaurant
Bianyifang Hademen Restaurant (Flagship Restaurant)      Telephone: +86-10-67112244
Bianyifang Roast Duck New World Center Branch                 Telephone: +86-10-67088680
3. Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant 
Da Dong Peking Duck Tuanjiehu Branch (Old Branch)         Telephone: +86-01-65822892/65824003
Da Dong Peking Duck Dong Sishitiao Branch                        Telephone: +86-10-51690329

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