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My 3 Days Tour in Beijing, Full of Enjoyment

My trip to Beijing last week has been as amazing as it could be. I really had a great time over those days in the city and had fun as well. There seemed to be so many fun things to fill my agenda everyday in Beijing. Visited a whole bunch of historic sights with my guide Liu.

Forbidden City
First day, visited the Tiananmen Square. Then we headed to the Forbidden City by walking through the square. The palace is really huge and looked like a maze of palace, enclosed wall and courtyard. I felt dizzy while walking around the palace. I would have been lost without Liu by my side. She also filled me in with the history of the palace, which made my visit more fun and enjoyable. I also visited a few halls to see plenty treasure exhibits - all very marvelous. Really had a god time and an eye-opening trip to the palace. After lunch, we moved on to visit the Temple of Heaven. Also my favorite historic site that day. In the evening, Liu took me to watch the acrobatic show. The performance lasted for over an hour and was really spectacular. I really enjoyed the show and had a wonderful time in the theater.

Next day, we got outside the city proper and visited the Ming Tombs first. It was a massive tomb area where many Ming emperors and empresses were buried. To be honest, there is nothing special about the tombs down there. After lunch, we moved on to see the Great Wall at Badaling. I got to say, the wall is way better than the tomb. And I really enjoyed an incredible trek on the wall and did some sightseeing too. I totally enjoyed myself taking in the sight and walking the wall over there. It was fun and I just loved the fresh air and countryside with greenery all over the area.

Summer Palace
My last day was spent visiting narrow lanes in Beijing and the world famous Summer Palace. It was really fun to see the lovely lanes on a rickshaw ride. Definitely a whole new experience for me in Beijing. The Summer Palace is amazing too with spectacular sights all over the park. Had fun in the park too. Did not like the crowd though.

It was a great trip I did to Beijing and worth it all!

Memorable Day-trip in Beijing

This time, together with my son we have visited a bunch of historic sites in Beijing for the last few days. The most memorable day-trip we did is our visits to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Definitely the highlight of our trip to Beijing.

Mutianyu Great Wall
That day-trip started with a trip to the wall at Mutianyu. The ride over there took a bit longer but the traffic was not as busy though. We did a great trek on the wall and enjoy fantastic sightseeing too. The wall snaked all the way up the mountains and disappeared into the horizon. The sight was truly overwhelming and we both loved the wall. The section was well restored and the path was really great for trek. The whole area was covered by greenery and standing on the wall, I was filled with awe and respect toward the wall itself. I saw the wall but I just could not believe how it was built on the steep mountains back in the day. There were fewer visitors out there and plenty of great photo opportunities on the wall. Really enjoyed the morning trek to its fullest that day. Later we headed back to the city and had lunch.

Forbidden City
Our afternoon-trip started with a visit to the Tiananmen Square and we did some sightseeing and took dozens of photos over there. Then we headed to our first favorite sight - the Imperial Palace, now a palace museum. We first got inside the wall with our guide through a magnificent gate. By the time we made it through the gate, there was already a large crowd out there. We went ahead and finally got in the palace. The palace itself is really huge and we both felt kind of dizzy walking through the gates and walls with our guide. We were really glad that our guide was with us all the time or else we would have lost our way inside the palace. There seemed to be so many awe-inspiring buildings inside the palace and all very impressive. Some of the halls display reassure exhibits and others were exquisitely decorated. No wonder the palace was once home to the Chinese emperors and royal family. The palace was as luxury as it could be. We both got a better understanding of the imperial palace. The experience was really fantastic and we both enjoyed exploring the palace.

Overall, it is the best day-trip we did in Beijing. Loved it!

Ancient Imperial Memory – Explore Forbidden City

Related to Beijing, first appeared in the mind will be the Forbidden City, right? How much do you get about it? Wandering inside, appreciating the best preserved ancient building construction, tasting the deep traditional cultural connotation enjoying a fully dreamful relaxed!

Incomparable Appearance of Forbidden City
Forbidden City

Everyone got Forbidden City is located in the Beijing center and it is a large scale imperial palace. In the ancient times, all the imperial families lived inside. However, you do not know, its location stored a mystery. It is said that in Beijing, there are two dragon veins. So, Forbidden City is built in one of the dragon vein. Another is Prince Gong Mansion. You could imagine how much attention the ancient people paid on this palace. Having a bird view, the whole palace showed a square shape with numerous small palaces built inside, grave and grand atmosphere. Being regarded as the representative of Beijing, Forbidden City has stored profound history. Delicate carving, luxurious decoration, skillful construction, everyone would be impressed deeply. For the wonderful building project, ancient Chinese people displayed their very considerable skills in building it.

Inner Architectural Characteristics of Forbidden City
Forbidden City

As grand imperial palace in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, Forbidden City got the high fame not because of the palaces themselves but also its architectural style. The mysterious building architecture stands for the combination of the development of classical Chinese and East Asian architecture. It influenced the development of Chinese architecture. Being composed four gates, it showed more grave and grand. Wandering in this palace, you would find all the major buildings are wooden structures roofed with yellow glazed tiles and supported by white marble terrace. What the most attractive idea is that each of the palaces was constructed based on the Book of Changes and Chinese traditional Confucian culture. The main theme of the Book of Changes is that the perfect combination of human being and the nature. All the palace gates are built based on the Chinese Eight Diagrams in hope of the harmony with the nature.

For the fans who are very interested in Chinese ancient imperial families and history, Forbidden City is an ideal place. Here, you will find the ancient emperor pictures, their living palaces and all the recorded buildings marking Chinese development. It is truly an amazing wonder in the Chinese history!

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