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Summer View on Mutianyu Great Wall

No trip to Beijing is complete without visiting the iconic – the Great Wall. Instead of the nearer but crowed Badaling Great Wall, we choose another famous section, Mutianyu. The bus ride to the Great Wall of Mutianyu was almost 3 hours long, but most definitely worth it. The base of the wall was of course exclusively touristy. And of course the wonderful experience did leave me an unforgettable memory.

Mutianyu Great Wall

This section of the Great Wall was opened to the public stretches for approximately 4 km with towers positioned at frequent intervals as the Wall dipped and dived along the contours and hugged the ridgeline. The trek up to the Great Wall was along stairs up the side of a hill. It was a bit tiring but more or less the same as walking along the wall anyways. The wall itself was a few meters wide with fairly low parapets and small holes dug out at the bottom partly to let rain water out and partly as a place to jab a spear in ancient time for protecting. The pathway was fully tiled with square stones carefully laid down. Stairs were common. You could see the wall snaking along the top of the mountain ridge going for quite a distant view. With the temperature hitting around the high 28's, I and everyone else was slogging up the wall, sweating along the way. With each successive watchtower on the way up, there was a better view of the valley below. Beautiful, magnificent, great!

Almost on every watchtower there was a vendor selling chocolate, cool drinks, beers and small souvenirs, they are all very enthusiastic with fluent English, however the prices are two or three times expensive than at the foot of the Great Wall. That’s worth it. Everyday carry these goods climbing the Great Wall is really a great job!

Totally there are 23 watchtowers on Mutianyu Great Wall. Since only has three hours hiking on the Great Wall, we could only visit parts of it and we walked through 1 to 14 of them, the part with more tourists. Here we didn’t see large group of tourists organized by the travel agencies, and the majority of the hikers were the foreign tourists.

After 2 hours hiking up and downs, my legs were shaking. The better way to went down is to take the cable car or the slide rail. Obviously the slide rail is much more popular. And I enjoyed the fast speed experience.

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