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Marvelous Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking Experience

As a regular Beijing visitor, I have explored Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall these two sections with my parents. Climbing them brought me a kind of familiar feeling. Last Saturday, we booked the Jinshanling Great Wall tour on the website. Together with my father, we wanted to have a challenge.

Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling Great Wall is far away from Beijing city center. On the whole journey, considerate tour guide offered us the harmonious communication. Weather is hot on that day, but the environment inside the car is very comfortable. Appreciating the landscapes outside, we roamed into the exciting hiking. Tour guide told us Jinshanling Great Wall is the most original section with unrestored appearance. I could not imagine its appearance. After arrived at this section, we got off and took out the preparation we brought. Wow, so wild and original. From the far distance, it is appearing destroyed without any man-made decoration. After getting some tips, we started our journey. I did not why I liked it very much. Tourists coming are less. Packed our food and water, we laughed and talked. Almost each step has been destroyed. So, the hiking journey is relaxing.

After climbed about half journey, we stopped and appreciated the watch tower carefully. The roof has been disappeared. Bricks have become ruined with the yellow soil decorating. There are many wild grasses growing on the ground of the watch tower adding more original tastes to it. My father is very interested in Chinese history. This section is just the right place to appreciate and taste. For this 'sophisticated person', we went on observing and appreciating. Some sections on the top have completely disappeared. Perhaps because of the flood or the rainstorm, they have become the road. Accompanied by the fresh air, blue sky, white cloud, breathtaking suburb landscapes, as well as the bird flying by, I felt more warm and cozy. Sitting on the ground, chatting with my father, this kind of feeling is very hard to search at any places. Sometimes, we saw the local farmers passing by bring some local culture to us. Jinshanling Great Wall is truly a terrific section storing so many historical tastes!

Amazing Tour in Beijing with My Dad

Last week, me and my dad spent two full days to explore the Great Wall in Beijing. It was fun and amazing! We both enjoyed a great time over there and had lots of fun as well! Those sections of the Great Wall we visited are all very complete and well restored, making them very easy to climb up and get off. The trip was really a great chance for us to relax and have fun while we were in Beijing and to hike on the Great Wall was to die for!

Juyongguan Great Wall

We had never been to Beijing before, so we joined the tour group – really glad we did that or we would not have had so much fun! Our tour guide was a lovely Chinese girl who was very fantastic and knew her way around the city very well. I could tell she was an enthusiastic travel herself after talking with her for just a few minutes. While trekking on the wall, she told us plenty of funny and interesting stories about the Great Wall, which made our hiking along the wall more fun. As those sections of the wall were all very well restored and equipped, it was kind of easy to walk along, at least it was what I thought in the beginning, but as it turned out, if you trekked for hours, it was not as easy as it seemed. My ankles got numbed, my feet hurt and sweat kept coming down my face after two hours of walking.

However, it was paid off by the splendid sights while we were hiking along – with the snaking wall meandering into the horizon, the never ending countryside, the fresh outdoor air – all made our trekking worthwhile! The hiking aside, we also got a chance to see plenty of impressive structures on the Great Wall. The watch tower was the highlight of the Great Wall. There was this unique tower group located at Mutianyu section, where three watch towers were standing together – could not be found at any other sections. It was quite a sight! Juyongguan was as wonderful as it could be too! The pass city was just like a city itself, exquisitely designed and delicately built. It was fun to walk around the city pass, kind of felt like traveling back in time, which was really amazing!

Overall, it was a lifetime experience and fun trip to the Great Wall!

In-depth Great Wall Hiking Experience

I have been looking forward to this Beijing trip for quite a long time. Last week, I finally made it! The reason why I was so excited about his trip was because I really wanted to see the Great Wall myself, not on TV or magazines. Got to say, the Great Wall is to die for if you are looking for fun stuff to see, do and experience!

Jinshanling Great Wall

Those 5 days I spent with my tour guide were just amazing as it could be! Every day we head to some sections of the Great Wall to see different sides of the wall. Personally, I just loved the sections at Jinshanling and Huanghuacheng. At Jinshanling section, I got a chance to hike up the amazing crumbling paths and take in endless natural delights over there. With the snaking wall meandering on the rugged mountains as far as my eyes could see. Great picture ops were all over the place and at every turn! The hiking on the wall was much of a challenge for me, but it was all worth it! With hardly anyone out there, I felt like I got the whole wall all to myself and I could explore the wall as long as I wanted! It was really amazing and fun! The whole time we were trekking along the crumbling paths, the views varied from time to time and by the time we headed back, the sights on our way back were truly breathtaking!

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Huanghuacheng section was another highlight of my trip to Beijing. Compared with other sections of the Great Wall, Huanghuacheng was one of a kind and pretty off the beaten path. Hiking along the wall was no easy task too, but it was worthwhile. I had never expected to see the wall when it was submerged in water, making it very unique and breathtaking. The open wide countryside, the fresh air and the waterside Great Wall – it surely is hard to beat! The views at Huanghuacheng were even more amazing than what I saw at Jinshanling and other sections. I really enjoyed a fabulous time while trekking over there! Everything was perfect that day - great weather, fantastic company, good mood – all made my trip down there a lifetime memory!

Overall, I just would not have it any other way to explore the Great Wall!

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