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Incredible Great Wall Hiking in Beijing

This summer my Mom was visiting me in Beijing for a couple days. So I decided to take her to see the Great Wall of China. We picked some restored sections of the wall including Badaling, Mutianyu and Juyonguan. The next day we made an early start and all set for our day trips. Just as we finished our breakfast, our tour guide showed up and we jumped on a car and hit the road to Badaling first.

Badaling Great Wall

We took a cable car up the wall at Badaling and walked along the stone paved paths, among all the tourists. The Wall at Badaling, overall, was very impressive. It is just incredible how high and thick it was built. The wall seems to go on and on snaking over the crest of the mountains. Parts of it are incredibly steep, and we could not help but wonder how anyone managed to build such a thing, especially in a time with no modern construction equipment available. Badaling was kind of busy with crowds that day and we barely had some private space for our photos on the wall.

Juyongguan Great Wall

After lunch, we headed for Juyonguan with our guide. We enjoyed an incredible walk over there with not so many people out there like Badaling. The watch towers at Juyongguan were even more impressive and there was a huge city out there. Our experience at Juyongguan was just incredible, but that was not all. At the end of the day, we were arranged to crash for the night at a farm house located at the foothill at Juyongguan. It was definitely a whole new experience for both of us.

Early the next day, after breakfast, we hit the road again and this time we headed for Mutianyu section. We enjoyed an incredible walk over there too. And the views were just spectacular and took our breath away. At Mutianyu, there were plenty of paths and stairs very steep and it took us lots of efforts to get over them, But it was kind of adventurous and we were treated to quite a sight while standing on the highest point of the wall. Overall, we really enjoyed some quality time while exploring the wall outside Beijing. Definitely an essential Chinese experience for my mom!

What an Adventure on Jinshanling Great Wall

For the last couple days, I had explored a bunch of historic sites in the center of Beijing. So I decided to explore outside Beijing to see the Great Wall. As Jinshnaling is far away from the city center, I had to make an early start to avoid the traffic and have more time to explore the wall. Alarm set early I woke up to a sunny day and waited outside the hotel for my tour guide to show up. 15 minutes later we were on a car ride for Jinshanling.

Jinshanling Great Wall

On our way over there, my tour guide told me the history about the wall and the significance it has played over the years. With the mystic history of the wall, my excitement built up even more on our ride. About two hours later, we stopped at a shack on the side of the road, there was a restaurant where we would have lunch after our walk.

As we headed for the final destination I could see the wall snaking over the mountains and hills - it was quite a sight. A couple minutes later we made our way up the wall and started to walk. The walk was the most amazing experience while exploring the wall at Jinshanling. The climbs were steep sometimes but I was rewarded with the stunning views. Hardly anyone out there and I only met a few other young packers walking the wall. We passed through a couple of watch towers which used to be used as the accommodation block for soldiers. Half way through and at the very top of the wall we stopped to get some rest and catch my breath. Standing on the highest point, looking over uninterrupted views of the mountains and hills with the wall meandering all over, I was overwhelmed by the sight.

After hours of walk on the wall, I was really tired and my joints ached and I knew it was time to get down the wall. So we headed for our meeting point to meet the car. My walk on the wall at Jinshanling was quite an adventure I did in Beijing. I really had fun and learned a lot about the Great Wall.

Unforgettable Walk on Great Wall

The weather was perfect the day when I decided to go for a walk on the Great Wall of China. After met my tour guide at my hotel, we hit the road for Badaling Great Wall.

Badaling Great Wall

The car ride to the wall took about an hour. The foothill of the wall was of course quite touristy when we got there. There were cable car, sled as well as tourist stalls - all kind of reminded me of the perfect tour. I grabbed a cable car up the great wall. It was a good idea because the lift ride really saved me more energy for my walk on the wall. Badaling is a well restored section and the closest one from city proper of Beijing. The walk on the wall was just incredible. It was quite challenge for my feet but I was treated to quite a sight while hiking along the wall. There were many Chinese visitors struggling up the wall, just like me. With the crowds it was hard for me to pace myself on the wall. After an hour of walk, I caught my first glimpse of the wall - snaking along on the rugged hill. While walking along the wall I found that the walls on both sides were built with different heights. My tour guide told me that we were on the China side, so the wall did not need to be built so high. However, the Mongol side was much higher - what a clever idea!

Mutianyu Great Wall

In the afternoon, we headed for Mutianyu section. I climbed up at the western path of the wall, which was roughly in the middle of the Mutianyu section. The path was relatively flat, with the wall snaking ups and downs, but not on a hard-to-handle level. About every few hundred meters there was a watchtower ahead. The watch towers were restored too and I used them as marks to count my time. The pathway was fully paved with square stones, making my walk quite easy. Like at Badaling, the wall meandered along the top of the mountain ridge - quite a sight to see while trekking on the wall. By the end of my walk on the wall, I grabbed a toboggan ride down the wall and so my trip ended on a pleasant and tiring note.

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