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Elegant Great Wall, Truly Amazing Scenery

After finishing the 2 days Great Wall tour, I got very interested in Chinese history and culture. Booking this tour is the suggestion of my father. Booking process is very easy and we prepared a lot.

Badaling Great Wall

I think the spring Beijing will be cozier than we imagined. First section is Badaling Great Wall. On the journey to this section, we appreciated the spring appearance of Beijing with loads of fresh flowers blossoming. Weather is also very warm and cozy. After about 1 hour, we arrived at this Great Wall building which is just like an elegant dragon winding to the far distance. After getting some tips, we stepped on this dragon-style great wall, wow, air is very refresh and I could smell the flavor tastes sending out from the wild flowers and grasses. Alongside, there are many vendors ranking alongside selling various souvenirs and goods, as well as some food. It is just like a market where all the tourists crowded together. I did not like this kind of atmosphere. We went on hiking, delicate watchtowers and well-preserved wall buildings appeared in my eyes. Perhaps, because of the crowded tourists, I could have a whole view about the layout this section.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Compared to Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall showed more charming and beautiful with best-preserved appearance, delicate and dazzling. Tourists here are not too much as tour guide said. Standing at this section, I could taste the fresh flavor of the earth soil. There are many tourists taking the hand-stick to help them hiking. It is truly an ideal idea. I was very interested in this section very much without any man-made decoration, clear and natural. I clearly remembered the cannon model located in this section which attracted lot of tourists appreciating. It reflected Chinese ancient history representing this profound times. I took a lot of pictures with this section, lifelike and vivid. After getting on the top point, I shouted I succeeding conquering in this section. Sitting on the top, appreciating the sceneries all over the mountains, it is truly a tranquil enjoyment. We enjoyed the nature for about 1 hour and are reluctant to leave.

Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall are my favorite sections where I stored my memorable holiday!

Funny Weather, No Shopping Lingering Tour

Wow, Beijing is so mysterious that I liked it very much. Staying in Beijing about three days with mother, I felt this time holiday is very meaningful and unforgettable. After visiting my grandmother, we booked this tour for memorize our holiday. Most important is that we have heard the wonders of the world – Chinese Great Wall buildings. Tour price is very expensive. My mother did some preparations.

Jinshanling Great Wall

Once meeting the tour guide, we felt very happy who was a little boy very informative in Chinese history. After getting on the bus, lots of tourists smelling to us make us feel very warm and harmonious. We communicated and talked about the tour experience in China. Yes, it is truly that China is developing faster and faster. Our exploring destination is Jinshanling Great Wall. Tour guide told us much information about this section, its history, background and some features. About three hours driving, we met the elegant mountain first. So many cars and buses full of the foot, as well as many tourists. I liked the live atmosphere very much. However, my mother liked the tranquil atmosphere. After taking out the preparation, we stepped on this section. I clearly remembered weather gave us a big encouragement leading us a cozy environment. So many wild grasses and flowers growing alongside adding much vigorous interests to this sophisticated section. My mother liked this section very much. Perhaps, because of the ruined bricks and the wild appearance, it showed closer to Chinese original times and deep culture.

Jinshanling Great Wall

After arriving at the watchtower, it has been destroyed without any man-made decoration standing strongly. This kind of atmosphere made me record Chinese ancient times. My mother took a lot of pictures with this ''sleepy man''. In some gaps of the ruined bricks, some green grasses are growing strongly too. Wow, this is just the life. After getting a short relaxed, we went on hiking. Some sections are ruining seriously need our special attention. We helped each other. Standing in the section, sceneries in the far distance seemed to be greeting to us harmoniously. I imagined in this wild area, they supported each other growing and protecting this strong section. After getting on the top, we felt very exciting and happy. Bird-view is so spectacular that I forgot all the boring purifying my mind.

Climbing Jinshanling Great Wall is the happiest moment in my life. All the way we did not have a shopping lingering, truly amazing tour!

My First Travel to Jinshanling Great Wall

This is my first time to Beijing, the capital city of China. The city is quite populous, just like I imagined and pretty impressive for a modern metropolis. I landed in the airport in the afternoon and my private tour guide Janet picked me up and took me to my downtown hotel. There was no much for me to do except some leisurely wondering in a public park nearby for the rest of the day.

Jinshanling Great Wall

Early in the morning of the next day, Janet showed up at my hotel and knocked on my door while I was still in the middle of a Chinese breakfast. She gave me enough time to finish my meal before we headed out and hit the road for Jinshanling just as we said yesterday. It was a fun ride over there and we talked non-stop about travel and all. Pretty soon, we got there. Jumped off the bus and started heading for the entrance of the Great Wall. Looking out at the Great Wall far-away, it was quite impressive as the snaking wall marched its way along the rugged hills. It totally took my breath away when I stood on the solid wall myself. A sense of awe and serenity filled my heart right away! I knew I fell in love with the crumbling wall at first sight.

My trekking on the wall was quite challenging yet it was totally worthwhile. Amazing views all around, great pics everywhere on the wall, less travelers as well as crumbling tower remains all over, and moreover, great and fine day as it was – all made my trekking on the wall a fun and blood-pumping experience! More than that, Janet also made our trekking more fun by telling me lots of legends and stories revolving around the Great Wall. I really enjoyed a fabulous time and had lots of fun while trekking along the crumbling wall with Janet. We got plenty of group photos taken also on the wall. It was really fun and amazing that I got such a chance to enjoy the fresh outdoor air and test my guts with such an adrenaline-pumping hiking to Jinshanling! Just loved every minute of it!

When we got off the wall, it was already dark, we wasted no time to catch our bus back in town. We were both very tired and all yet we were both glad we enjoyed ourselves together!

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