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Wild Great Wall Journey, Fully Relaxed

This time, I booked this tour as a present for my daughter this weekend, also for me! Booking process is very easy and at the same time, I received the considerable service offered by Beijing Landscapes.

Gubeikou Great Wall

Of course, on the day, we all got very happy and exciting. Dressed the loosen sport clothes and do the enough preparation. On the journey to Beijing suburb area, I felt very tranquil getting away from the bustle city center. My daughter asked many interesting questions, funny and lovely. After arriving at the destination, what appeared in my vision is the wild and sophisticated Gubeikou Great Wall section. It is just like a disable man waiting for the tourists care. To be honest, I was very interested in this kind of great wall sections, because I was very interested in this atmosphere without any man-made decoration. Stepping on this section, we felt very cool under the soft breeze. Sometime, we could hear the birds singing. Tourists coming here are less than I expected. In the late spring season, this section reached its most charming appearance. All the grasses growing surrounded could add some vigorous strength to this section.

Jinshanling Great Wall

In the afternoon, we got close to Jinshanling Great Wall. I liked this section very much with the original tastes it sent out. Watch towers, great wall bricks and the Beacon Tower all reflected its age. Some roofs of watch towers have been destroyed. You could imagine how old this ''old man''. I seized my daughter all the journey, because of the ruined sections. Touching the bricks, I felt a little afraid, because I thought these bricks are not so strong and solid sitting on the wall. After getting tired, we sited on the corner, overlooking and enjoying. With the sunset getting more and more closer, this section turned more and more charming under the sunbath. On the wall bricks, I saw man carvings, names, feelings and words, etc. I wanted to say, this action should be forbidden. For the world wonders, it needs our special protection but destroying. Perhaps because of the soft journey and cool temperature, my daughter jumped on the whole journey. After getting at the top section, I saw the whole appearance of this section, lifelike and golden. I could feel the real meaning of the sentence: One who is failing to reach the Great Wall is not a hero.

We enjoyed a fully relaxed in the farmhouse near this section. How terrific tour we explored!

Great Wall Trekking in Beijing

Last weekend I enjoyed a fun-filled and blood-pumping great wall trekking in Beijing with my tour guide Liu. It was fun and amazing! I really loved every minute of it! I have never done something like that before!

Badaling Great Wall

We set out on our day trip early in the morning after I had a breakfast in my hotel. We first headed for the Badaling section on a car. It was a smooth ride over there! This section is close to downtown Beijing, so it only took us about an hour to reach there! After Liu helped me to get the entrance to the wall, we paid some fees for the cable car to carry us up the wall. Badaling was kind of crowded with tourists, which I did not enjoy it, but for some sightseeing, it was okay! After getting down the wall, we had a lunch in a restaurant. Then we moved on to Juyongguan section. It was less crowded so I could explore the wall finally at my own pace, taking in the views, snapping photos here and there! The trekking on the wall at Juyongguan was fun and amazing! I really enjoyed relaxing myself in there! There were plenty of interesting structures on the wall, most impressive would be the watch towers all over the wall – definitely an incredible sight!

Juyongguan Great Wall

After getting off the wall at Juyongguan, Liu took me to get a dinner in a farmer house nearby and we spent rest of the day in there too. It was really a delicious dinner and the hosts were very friendly too, though they could not speak any English. The next morning, we rose up early to catch a glimpse of the sunrise on the wall in the city pass of Juyongguan. It was such an incredible sight with the sun rising slowly behind the snaking wall. After lingering on the wall for a while, we continued to hike for the Mutianyu section to complete our day trip. Mutianyu was even more amazing with fantastic views all over the section. Really enjoyed a good time there! The trekking and sightseeing as well as the relaxing – it was all fun and amazing! I just loved every minute of it! Great day trips and great memories!

Grand Atmosphere, Fresh Feeling

I was a fresh Badaling Great Wall visitor, together with my family, we booked this great wall day tour last Sunday. By the chance of visiting our relatives staying in China, we widened our vision appreciating elegant Badaling Great Wall. In the beginning, we did not know what to prepare and what to pay attention.

Tour guide was a middle-aged sister who was engaged in tour guide for ten years. We felt very happy and exciting on the whole journey. My mother asked many questions about Beijing Great Wall sections, such as background, history, the elegant building project and many other essences. Tour guide gave us the detail information. About 1 hour, the elegant appearance of Badaling Great Wall appeared to us. It seemed to be playing hidden and seeking game with us, faintly and clear. Walking to the foot of this section, I saw many tourists have arrived at its middle-body. The vendors here are more crowded than the tour guide said, shouting and laughing. We came here for climbing. Cable car is redundant for us at this time. Together with the crowded hikers, we started our exciting journey. What made us the happiest is that weather showed unique warm. Wind is also becoming warm and comfortable.

Badaling Great Wall

Stages are very easy to conquer in the beginning. We appreciate the sophisticated wall buildings and the elegant watchtowers. Through the watchtowers, the landscapes far distance showed more mysterious and dazzling. There are many foreign tourists taking their children. Compared with the elegant buildings, the little children showed more delicate and lovely. To our surprised, when we climbed up to the middle way, there still many vendors and small restaurants. How do they get there? Every day, they came here? Many questions appeared in my mind. This time, we started to feel tired and boring. Every stage for us is like an elegant mountain. I was reluctant to climb, staying in the desk of the eating stores, relaxing and appreciating. My legs started to trembled constantly. My father helped me, we went on. Scenery in the higher section showed more fresh and charming. Every short section, there will be a notice writing the distance getting to next top. We counted and did our best climbing. At last, we arrived at the top, out of breath. Wow, how wonderful scenery having an overview! All the things showed small and delicate.

Badaling Great Wall will mark my memory forever, especially the unique hiking experience!

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