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Great Wall Legend about Flying Dragon

For the world wonders, Great Wall always show more fairy and legendary after decorating some legends. Also, the legend is also the important part in the Great Wall sections and the tourists are interested in. Now, I will tell you a story tales about Flying Dragon.

Great Wall

Site Choosing of Great Wall Pass
In the early Ming Dynasty, in order to strengthen the defense of northwest part of China, Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang ordered the general Fengsheng go to Hexi Corridor area to guard. In order to prevent the invasion of Mongolian, general decided to find the best place to establish the pass. So, once arriving at this region, general found the best place everywhere. Finally he decided to build strong pass on the tortoise mountain. Soon, he invited the skillful workers and prepared everything. However, to be surprised is that on the second day, he came to check and found the wood materials have been lost. On one hand, he ordered the soldiers to find everywhere, on the other hand, he called the soldier and asked the condition last night. The soldier on duty last night said he is always protecting everything here without closing eyes. But I the middle night, the strong wind suddenly appeared. After getting quiet, he found the wood materials and lines lost yet. At this time, the soldier who found in other places said that the lost materials were found in the Jiayu Mountains. To all of them surprised! After getting calm down, they observed the condition carefully: white snow covered on the Qilian Mountain in the south, sets of Mazong Mountains in the north, spacious sand area in the west and green land in the east. Under the foot, the earth is flat with vast area. If they build the pass here, near the mountain and water it will be perfect. After that, the general changed the original idea and established the site here immediately.

About Flying Dragon
There is another saying about the site is the effect of Guanyunchang. In order to commemorate the great people, local people built the Guandi Temple with the coverage area about 720 square meters. One day, the thunderstorm suddenly appeared. Everything is becoming crazy. Suddenly, two golden dragons appeared. On the second day, after everything is calm down. Inside the temple, there are two dragon sculptures. This is just the legend of Flying Dragon.

Until now the site of Great Wall pass is still a mystery.

Amazing Wall Experience

Great day for the Great Wall experience! I had done some research and sought out advice before I flew to Beijing with my kids. Then we all decided to go to Mutianyu section of the Great Wall - rather than a closer but very touristy section called Badaling. Roy had been to the Badaling section and told me it was too touristy and packed with Chinese visitors, as well as vendors selling drinks all along the wall. All things considered, Badaling is just not as peaceful for a walk on the wall as Mutianyu. Instead opting for a package tour, I just join a half day tour only contains Mutianyu Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall
The half-day itinerary included a place where we planned to go for lunch that had been recommended to me by Roy. The whole trip went very well and just as we anticipated. First, we drove about an hour to Mutianyu and passed a Schoolhouse before we made our way up to the cable car station. The schoolhouse was also the destination we would have lunch later. We then climbed up a steep hill to get to the cable car station for a lift ride up the wall. There were also lots of vendors selling t-shirts, Great Wall souvenirs, food and water on our way up the wall but we did not stop to buy anything at all after listening to the advice of our guide. The cable car ride took us up the flat path on the Great Wall. And once we landed on the path, we started to walk along. It was so exciting to walk the steps and stand on the Great Wall of China. It was really cool stuff to do as my kids told me.

The wall itself is no less than an engineering wonder. Me and my kids were overwhelmed by the massive wall. The sight of the wall snaking way into the horizon totally blew my mind. I kept thinking how this could have been built on the mountains all by human power. The weather that day was amazing too, with blue sky, a little cool, but great for walking. The air was crispy up high on the mountains. We all hiked for quite a long time and took our time to enjoy the views. At noon, it was time to get down and we grabbed a slide down, which was really fun.

Overall, it was really a memorable half-day trip we did in Beijing. Loved it!

Leisurely Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking

Jinshanling Great Wall is truly a marvelous section. I really enjoyed a lot last week. My mother and I, we really enjoyed a typical China Great Wall climbing holiday.

Jinshanling Great Wall
Originally we plan to book the Mutianyu Great Wall. However, my friends told us that Jinshanling Great Wall is more wild and original than Mutianyu and always with less tourists. So, we chose this tour. First time meeting our tour guide, she impressed us the warm-hearted. She helped us carry the baggage and asking us the relative preparation. On the whole journey, she introduced the detail information of Jinshanling Great Wall. Although the Great Wall is far from Beijing city center, we enjoyed the fluent journey and chatting with the tour guide.

Jinshanling Great Wall
Wow, I saw the Great Wall, almost flat with ruined bricks! We got off the car and stood to appreciate the layout. The mountain is very magnificent like the guard screen very mysterious and impressive. After getting the useful tips, we started our hiking journey. Weather on the day is very cozy with little coolness. Tourists are less. My mother took out the camera starting her interesting photos. We stepped on the foot is the Great Wall ground. Faintly, I can see the ruined bricks and some destroyed corners. What changed my feeling totally are the luxuriant green grasses. They showed green, vigorous and delicate. Under the light wind blowing, everything here seemed to be dancing. We talked about the history and the culture of Jinshanling Great Wall and walking forward. About twenty minutes, I saw the original watchtower but had been destroyed and ruined down. The bricks sent our grey colors with powders. Just from them, you can guess the age and history it experienced.

On the whole journey, what appeared in my mind is the traditional history, culture and the tranquil environment. I admired the environment very much. Sitting under the ruined wall, we drank the water and ate the snacks appreciating the sceneries far distance. I really can't imagine Beijing housed such a terrific area very suitable for enjoying and relaxed. There was no forced shopping on the whole journey. My mother and I we two really entertained a lot!

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