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Short Taste of Ancient Beijing

Coming to the capital city with long and glorious history but not traveling around is really a pity. With limit travel time, I surf the internet. "Half Day Temple of Heaven Tour", oh that's great! The tour didn't disappoint me and I did have a wonderful time.

Picked me up on departure time, during the half day tour, the English speaking tour guide told me a lot of the history about Beijing and the Temple of Heaven. Beijing has more than 3000 years of the city history and there are about 200 tourist attractions opened to the public at present such as the world's largest palace - Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, the Imperial Garden - Summer Palace and Yuanmingyuan, Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, etc. This afternoon I visited one of them - Temple of Heaven.

Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests

Temple of Heaven is located in the southeastern part of Beijing which was built in the Ming Dynasty and was the place of ancient Ming and Qing dynasties emperors to worship the heaven. Also it was recognized as a "World Cultural Heritage" by UNESCO. The tour guide led me to the main structures of the tourist destination - Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Imperial Vault of Heaven and the Circular Mound Altar. Imperial Vault of Heaven is surrounded by the Echo Wall and the Circular Mound Altar is an empty circular platform. While the main building is Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests also called "Qinian Palace" in Chinese. With gilded eaves colored blue, the total height of Qinian Palace is 38 meters high covering an area of more than 5900 square meters. The main architectural design of Temple of Heaven is outstanding the vast sky, lofty, and show the supreme of "heaven". Standing there, I really enjoyed its grand view and atmosphere.

After a half day tour to the Temple of Heaven, in the evening I went to Houhai Bar Street to experience Beijing nightlife. Different from my hometown, here is quiet and comfortable. Viewing the beautiful scenery along Houhai while enjoying the wine is really nice!

Peking Duck and Wonderful Night Show

My friends and I we four people have a China vacation during this holiday. Of course the capital city – Beijing is our first tourist destination. Time flies, this is the last night before living Beijing. So we joined a group of Beijing Night Tour: Peking Duck Dinner and Acrobatics Show to have a nice end to our Beijing tours.

Quanjude Roast Duck

Peking Duck originated in Beijing and it is famous throughout the world and duck pancakes at home are one of my favorite foods! The English speaking tour guide picked us up at 5:00 pm and drove us to one of the branches of famous Beijing Roast Duck Restaurants – Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant. We ordered one duck with accompaniments and some duck spring rolls. About 20 minutes later a chef arrived at our table and proceeded to chop a whole cooked duck in half. The chef is experienced and within a few minutes, the whole duck became chips. We were left with 2 plates of duck, one containing the meat, one containing half of the ducks head, and the other holding suspect looking meat, which I can only assume were parts of the poor duck's innards with plum sauce and cucumber! Then we were given pancakes and onions. The duck had a very strange taste in my opinion, it didn't come close to our Western duck pancakes and the meat was very fatty! However, my other three friends like it very much. All in all, the dinner gave us a very deep impression.

After dinner we went to enjoy the excellent Acrobatics Show – one of the traditional Chinese treasures. Since we know nothing about Chinese acrobatics, before the show, our tour guide told us a lot about the history and its development. Chinese acrobatics has a long history and it is the traditional performing arts. In the development stage of primitive art, together with music and dance, Chinese acrobatics has become the main dominant culture at that time. The show began at 8:00 pm. It was wonderful! I can't imagine how they could do these difficult and dangerous actions. I show my great honor to all the acrobatics actors!

We had a wonderful Night Tour in Beijing and thank you very much to our experienced tour guide. Tomorrow we will travel to Shanghai, the modern city in China and I hope we will have a nice trip there just like Beijing!

Beijing Night Biking Experience

This time my family chose Beijing tour during the holiday. We hope that we will have a nice trip and enjoy the rich culture and the historical sites here.

In order to get some different feelings, we booked the Private Beijing Nightlife Bike Tour through beijinglandscapes. During the two hours we four people enjoy the beautiful night scenery of Tiananmen Square, Houhai Lake and around the Forbidden City. While biking, the English speaking tour guide told us the history, story and the features about each tourist destination. Let me share them with you!

Tiananmen Square is the largest and widest city square in the world and it is the witness of many of important events of the Chinese nation taking place here since last hundred years. There are standing many symbols of Beijing. In the east is the National Museum of China and in the west is the Great Hall of the People. Monument to the People's Heroes stands at the center and Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall is located behind it.

Forbidden City, also known as the Palace Museum, is the palace of 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties, covering an area of 720,000 square meters. Every day large numbers of tourists come here to experience the "imperial power". However in the evening, it looks a little bit gruesome.

Night Scenery in Houhai Lake

Where I like best is Houhai Lake. The nigh scenery there is really beautiful that when I first saw it I lost in it. There is also a famous bar street there. A small alley along the lake, get together around the sea, no loud music, instead melodious songs and only 80s unique culture. With the characteristics of old Beijing Houhai, the modern city is definitely an alternative melodious. My family and I really like the atmosphere. So tomorrow we will have a cup of drink in Houhai Bar Street to experience Beijing nightlife.

Although the trip only lasted about 2 hours, the tour guide told us a lot about the old Beijing and modern Beijing. Thank you very much for his patience. Tonight we enjoyed a very happy time!

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