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Highlights of My Trip to Beijing

Really enjoyed visiting the historic city of Beijing for the last few days. The 4 day trips I did in the city are so much fun and really opened my eyes. Definitely an essential Chinese experience and memorable trip to China. There are so many fun things to fill every day in the city. My favorite sights are no doubt the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The whole trip to Beijing went very well - got picked up from the airport right on time and taken to the hotel on a safe ride. Met the tour guide the next day and headed out for the whole day trip. The highlight of the trip is the Great Wall. It is my favorite Chinese sight and I really had a great time while hiking all the way up the wall. Saw the wall for the first time and got really excited to hike up and down the path up there. The snaking stretch of the wall goes as far as the eye can see and I really got overwhelmed by what I saw that day. There are so many great opportunities for pictures while hiking along the wall. There are some parts of the wall very steep but the experience made it all worth the climbs. Not many people out there and I felt like I had the whole wall all to myself. The experience is just incredible and I really enjoyed hiking the wall that day.

Forbidden City

Another highlight of my trip to Beijing is the Forbidden City. The Imperial Palace is now a public museum and there are plenty of treasure exhibits on offer in the museum. The architecture inside the palace is as marvelous as it can be. The palaces and halls are exquisitely decorated and full of Chinese style. The whole palace complex felt like a huge maze of enclosed wall, courtyard and houses. It is really amazing to traverse through the huge palace and it is a lot of fun. There are many visitors in the palace and the historic sight is too touristy nowadays. But my visit to the palace still allowed me to immerse in the imperial atmosphere and get a glimpse of the past glory of Chinese palace. It is so much fun and really memorable.

Overall, the 4-day trip to Beijing is quite interesting as it could be! Amazing!

Top Imperial Garden to Explore in Beijing

As a time-honored capital city, Beijing is home to a wide variety of historic sites. For those who want to explore the top imperial garden while in Beijing, the Imperial Garden housed in the Forbidden City is not to be missed! And at the mention of top imperial sights in Beijing, the Imperial Garden is second to none.

Imperial Garden in Forbidden City

Brief Introduction of Imperial Garden in Forbidden City
As you set your foot in Forbidden City during your trip to Beijing, you may easily find that the overall layout and partial decoration were paid much attention and care. This garden has an abundant collection of towers and pavilions in different shapes and sizes. They will ensure you an incredible sightseeing. The buildings in the garden are all aligned with the axis. In the middle stands a courtyard, with Hall of Imperial Peace as its main building. The buildings on both sides are kind of symmetrical, with Pavilion of Imperial View and Jiangxue Tower in the east, Yanhui Hall, Weiyu Palace in the west. These buildings used to be a place for sightseeing or praying with only one exception, Lizao Hall which used to keep in store sikuquanshu for the emperor Qianlong in Qing dynasty. Nowadays, these buildings are well worth exploring. So you definitely should pay a visit to them.

More Details about the Garden
While touring around this garden, you may easily find that the buildings are highly concentrated around the walls with only a few pavilions standing in the middle of the garden, which offers a wide open view for the tourists. The garden is filled with a rich collection of old locust trees, as well as a series of white marble pillars, copper statues and potted landscapes. They have played an important part in enriching this garden. The ground in this garden was covered with colorful pebbles which were scraped together into various patterns. This colorful path is without equal compared with other Beijing sights. The most famous Duixiu Hill used to be the climb-up place during Double Ninth Festival in China. Upon this hill stands Pavilion of Imperial View which can access the tourists to the surrounding views in the garden. This spot should not be missed by you on your trip to this garden. This garden used to host a series of Chinese traditional festivals and activities back in ancient times.

Overall, a trip to the imperial garden will be fun and eye-opening!

Adventurous Climbing

Last Saturday, I enjoyed a typical visit to Beijing. I always met the Chinese magnificent Great Wall in the book or on TV.  I really do not know they are so amazing until my appreciation!

Great Wall Tour

With good behaviors, our driver helped us carry our luggage all the way. We do not need to worry about everything. Tour guide is very considerate and informative. She gave us considerate tips and advises on the journey. First attraction is Badaling Great Wall. Perhaps, it is in the autumn season, temperature shows a little colder but the sunshine sent our sparkling light, truly attractive. After arriving at the Badaling Great Wall, I took out my camera; my mother is responsible for the food and my father took care of us. Standing to have an overlook, what appeared is just the tranquil environment and large numbers of tourists. I liked it very much, alive and naughty. After getting some tips, we started our climbing journey. Once stepped on this miracle section, all my nerves are inspired. It is not simply the tourism but deep discover to widen vision.

Great Wall Tour

Along the magnificent wall, we walked and appreciated. The plants on the mountains far away gradually become yellow colors. With the autumn wind blowing, all my borings disappeared. Compared to other tourists, we climbed faster. We carefully enjoyed the bricks and sceneries. Some are ruined seriously we saw, sophisticated and mysterious! Not long time, the beacon tower appeared in front of us. It showed unique mysterious and holy. I admire the building construction very much. It is so marvelous standing still attracting many tourists appreciation and admire. I though it very simple with four windows to observe the enemies in the ancient times. I took a lot of pictures with the landscapes far distance standing inside. During this time, my mother really cannot stand for the hiking journey. She is very tired. My father and I are still ok. Much thanks to the hand rails established on both sides. Under the help of us, we successfully got on the top, very tired but exciting. After the one hours hiking, we saw the marvelous layout of Badaling Great Wall. It is really like an elegant dragon hovering along the mountain, vigorous and alive.

Compared to Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall presents more soft and charming. We all liked this tour very much, really widening vision!

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