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How to Enjoy Great Nightlife in Beijing

Nightlife is also one of the terrific and amazing attractions of Beijing. After the daytime tour, most tourists want to get fully relaxed through the nightlife arrangements. How to gain a great nightlife during Beijing? Now, let us walk into this nightlife world.

Night View of Beijing

Fully Entertaining to Sanlitun Bar Street
Beijing Sanlitun Bar Street is the most famous bar street in Beijing housing the major bars of this capital city. Together with your friends, just choosing one favorite place, start your nightlife. Various drinks will fulfill your night experience with different flavors. Speak out your inner heart to your best friends and sharing your thoughts, it is great lace. If you are lucky, you can encounter new friends or beautiful girls and handsome boys. In addition to the recreation, Sanlitun Bar Street also establishes the shopping area and eating area. After drinking, you can have a leisurely appreciating to the famous brands clothes sold here. Any of them can attract your long time admiring, especially the young girls.

Enjoy Night Shows
If you are very interested in Chinese arts and cultures, you can have a close visit to the night shows, including Opera Show, Kung Fu Show and Acrobatic Show. Any of them can conquer your feeling with unique features and appearances. As the quintessence of Chinese art, Beijing Opera show can take you into old Beijing culture telling you more about Chinese arts. In addition, if you are very interested in the marvelous performances, Kung Fu Show and Acrobatics can take you into a marvelous world where full of exciting and wonders.

Appreciate Modern Night Scenery
For enjoying impressive Beijing nightlife, appreciating the night sparkling scenery is really nice choice. Together with your friends, walk into the dazzling world to appreciate the marvelous CCTV Tower under the neon, shining Tiananmen Square and other highlight plazas to their appearance in the daytime. Standing at the CCTV Tower, you can have a deep recognize to the modern Beijing. Seeing the cars, bus passing away to experience the faster economy. Immense in this colorful night, all your thoughts will be mixed into the lights.

Beijing nightlife serves you real wonders, if you really choose the right place!

Beijing Shihua Cave Adventure

With the golden autumn coming, more and more tourists go out to adventure the real nature. Autumn is great season for going out to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the rich harvest with mild temperature. Today, I will introduce one dazzling place for your Beijing autumn tour - Shihua Cave.

Shihua Cave

Gorgeous Layout of Shihua Cave
Located in Nancheying Village, Fangshan District, Shihua Cave gets the high fame as the underground pearl of Beijing. Far away from Beijing downtown center, this cave is endowed to the tranquil environment and charming sceneries. Once coming in autumn, you will be impressed by the unique stones flowers with variety of shapes and features. For these charming stone flowers, it gets the name of Shihua Cave. Relate to its history, it can be traced back to the year of 1446. In the north China, it is a representative landscape of karst caves. Walking inside, tourists always feel they are in the underground palace surrounded by a variety of stalagmites, stone waterfalls, stone curtains, stone towers and stone pearls.

Delicate Attractions
With the constant temperature of 13℃, Shihua Cave is rare seven-layer one. Until now, you can only appreciate the first four layers from the top. The most important is that more than 2,500 meters long route made up of sixteen halls offered for tourists to have a terrific visit. Among them, the most attractive will be the huge stalactite in the No. 1 Hall, moonmilks in the first and second layers, two stone shields, a stone curtain and a stone flag.

Treasure of Shihua Cave
It is a must to carefully appreciate the No.1 Hall during your autumn tour here. Measuring about 18 meters high, the huge stalactite is the biggest in China. As the national treasure, moonmilk was first found in the Shihua Cave with profound history. These moonmilks show the shape of lotus and become water slag when twisted. This cave is famous for the largest and the thinnest stone shields in China. Just at the entrance of this cave, there are hundreds of pictures showing the wonderful spectacles of world famous karst caves. Near this cave, there are stone sculptures of Buddha on the cliff and an exhibition hall displaying the rare stones. Each of them is full of mysterious background to discover.

Shihua Cave is very amazing. Every autumn, it will become the most popular lures in the tourists!

Incredible Great Wall Experience

I have been in Beijing for a few days and spent 5 days exploring the Great Wall of China. I visited dozens of sections of the wall with my private guide James Liu. It is fun and incredible to walk the wall and take in the countryside sights out there. Definitely once in a lifetime experience to me!

Mutianyu Great Wall

Some of the sections of the Great Wall I visited are well restored like Badaling, Mutianyu and Juyongguan. The wall itself at those sections is in good shape and great for a leisurely walk on the snaking wall. I was completely impressed by the sight of the snaking wall zigzagging its way up the rugged hills and disappearing into the horizon. There are so many great photo opportunities while hiking along the stone path. The watch towers and beacon towers built on the wall are quite impressive and I also saw a lot of relics related to war. I also got an opportunity to climb up some towers to get a better view of the surroundings. Along the way, James talked a lot about the history about the wall, which made my trip to the wall more fun and enjoyable. Later I kind of puffed up and down the path and had to take rest from time to time. By the time we had to get down I was really tired.

Simatai Great Wall

The most exciting trip is to the wild sections of the Great Wall like Jinshanling and Simatai. The wall at those sections is left to nature and some parts of the wall are nothing but some ruins. While walking on the wall I had a chance to see how the original wall looks like. It is very impressive and different from the well restored sections. The trek I did on the wall is really hard and quite challenging to me. But the breathtaking sights made it all worth it! I really had a great time climbing up and down the wall and taking in the sights up there. The ruined towers out there make great post-card photos. The trip to those wild sections of the Great Wall is fun and all about adventure.

Overall, it is an unforgettable 5-day trip I did in Beijing. Loved the wall!

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