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Delicious Beijing Local Snacks

With profound history, Beijing snacks have gained universal praise for wide varieties, superior materials and careful preparation. Today, I will introduce you the top flavored Beijing local snacks.

Dalian Huoshao
The Fried-pouch Roll:
in the local Beijing people, fried-pouch roll is also called Dalian huoshao. It is a pouch-shaped crispy-skinned roll filled with different fillings. With reasonable price, it has gained all the tourists' praise.

Cream Fried Cake: this kind of food is also called Naiyou Zhagao in Beijing local people. It is made of flour, egg, cream, white sugar and vanilla power. Cooking procedure is very careful. What the most important is that it a nutritious snack.

Fried Liver: it is called Chao Gan in Beijing local people. It ever enjoyed by Chairman Xijinping. Its long history can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. It is basically made of pork liver and intestine, with a blend of garlic, bamboo shoot, celery, carrot and potato starch solution. It is a good choice to eat for breakfast with the streamed stuffed buns.

Tips for Discover more of Great Wall

In recent years, the Great Wall has become one of the most popular destinations among the tourists in Beijing. For those who want to experience more of Beijing and get an essential Great Wall experience, the Great Wall at Mutianyu is worth adding to your travel list.

Tip 1: Know more about Mutianyu
Mutianyu Great Wall

Compared with other parts of Great Wall, Mutianyu scenic spot has long been highly spoken of by the tourists. While touring around this area, not only can the tourists enjoy the most amazing Great Wall but also experience a series of modern tourist facilities. They combine to provide the tourists an unforgettable Chinese experience. Along this Great Wall tourist line, a large group of famous attractions is available for the tourists. As one of the sixteen attractions in Beijing, Mutianyu Great Wall extends 2,250 meters of tourist line. This part features many crenels, especially three Watch Towers standing together, as well as other famous scenic spots, like Jiankou, Niujiaobian and Yingfeidaoyang and so on. They all will turn your tour into a lifetime experience. In addition, Mutianyu Great Wall is surrounded by lots of mountains and boasts lush vegetation, with coverage of 90 percent.

Tip 2: Fun Things to Do at Mutianyu
Mutianyu Great Wall

During your tour, you can also enjoy the top class cable car in China and other programs, like Chinese stone city and Shibide slide track. This unique combination of Great Wall culture, stone culture and sports and body-building has been honored. Moreover, touring around this area, tourists can also enjoy a wide variety of fish dishes. They will make your Great Wall trip even more worthwhile. The raising of the fish needs a series of conditions, like constant flowing spring water. Best of all, the perfect combination of fish soup and barbecue will make you want to try more of them. There are also many other delicious food available for you. These local delicacies are all very good for your health and very beneficial. Also, there is a village courtyard lying beneath the Great Wall. Tourists can get a taste of its green food planted by those villagers themselves. And these people are also very hospital and warmhearted and they will offer you all the best they have.

Overall, Mutianyu is a great place to have fun and get an essential Chinese experience while visiting Beijing for the second time!

Enjoy Best Spa Treatment in Beijing

There are a lot of fun things to do in Beijing. And it is inevitable that your day trips in Beijing will involve a lot of walking and hiking. So the spa treatment is a great way to relax and recharge your body. At the mention of Beijing Spa, I Spa Center is second to none and is a great place to relax.

I Spa Center

Brief Introduction to I Spa Center
Different from other Beijing Spa centers, I Spa is a genuine Thailand style Spa center. It offers a series of Thailand spa services to the tourists. It has been highly recommended by many institutions, newspapers and Medias in Beijing. It not only can you experience the genuine Thailand customs but also enjoy a series of Thailand style spa programs. I Spa staff have all gone through a series of professional aromatherapy trainings and are dedicated to offer a variety of aromatherapy services. They will make a series of individual essential oil formulas and offer the most effective spa programs for the tourists. These ensure the tourists an incredible and pleasant Beijing Spa experience.

Highlight of I Spa Center
The design of I Spa has been paid a lot of attention and gives an artistic feel. The decorations and furnishings are all exquisitely selected and even the product packaging comes from natural materials. These all combine to create a genuine Thailand atmosphere. The products in I Spa all come from high-end brands, like Sothys from France, Jurlique from Australia and Comfort Zone from Mediterranean Sea. These products ensure that you will enjoy a Beijing Spa to its fullest. All the programs are fully in line with medicine and health-care and provide the tourists with bodily relaxation and ease. Moreover, Phuket Package makes you experience the genuine Thailand styles and customs. This type of Beijing Spa is both exotic and beneficial for the tourists. Furthermore, I Spa offers a gentleman package for those businessmen as well as pays lots of attention to the culture-building. In this center, culture penetrates everywhere, from the design of the room to the spa programs and brand-building.

Overall, the spa center is worth adding to your travel list while in Beijing!

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