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Why Sanlitun Bar Street Gets so Popular

In modern days, for entertaining and fully relaxed, Sanlitun Bar Street has become a very popular attraction among the young tourists in Beijing. Why it is so popular?

Beijing Sanlitun

Nightlife Center
Yes, Sanlitun Bar Street has been regarded as the symbol of Beijing nightlife and the city's first bar community. It leads the bar culture and fashion of Beijing. It is truly an amazing land for the nightlife. Once the night falls, this area will be full of young people. For getting rid of the noisy life enjoying fully relaxed, they all come to Sanlitun Bar Street. Measuring 260 meters long, the bar street covers a large scale area about 1648 square meters. More than 60 percent of Beijing's bars are located here. After the week's busy working, tourists always come here to speak out their inner heats. What is more, during the period, tourists can make new friends enriching life experience.

Shopping in Sanlitun Bar Street
Attracting so many tourists, in addition to the marvelous bar street, Sanlitun is also a dazzling shopping street. Shopping here is quite different and enjoyable. The stores are distributed along inter-connected paths in the southern area. The layout, without fixed route, makes shopping a discovery tour. Tourists will be amazed by the world famous brand flagship stores, such as Adidas, Uniqlo and Puma, etc. With the economy developing faster and faster, more and more luxury stores ranging from creative luxury shops to forefront designer brands opened here. Just roaming in this live world, there is always one kind suitable for you.

Food and Art
Last reason will be the food and art in Sanlitun Bar Street. There are many restaurants with different cuisines ranging from innovative Chinese to American and from traditional Vietnamese to authentic Spanish Tapas. The food is consistent with the high-end brand surroundings. Art here is integrated into the detail of life. These arts are not just hanging on the wall but also appearing in the streets. What the most impressive there are many sculptures of the famous artists located in the street. Wandering in this street, tourists can enjoy the performances such as magic and comedy. No matter which entertaining part, they can satisfy your desire of seeking happiness and fully relaxed!

If you want to find a world belonging you in Beijing, come to Sanlitun Bar Street!

Walk into Baiwangshan Forest Park

As well all know that Beijing Fragrant Hills Park is of great renown for the scarlet splendor of its trees during the fall. However, in addition to this golden place, Baiwangshan Forest Park is also a terrific place for you to enjoy autumn view.

Baiwangshan Forest Park

Autumn Appearance of Baiwangshan Forest Park
About 3 kilometers in the north of the famous Summer Palace, Baiwangshan Forest Park also offers an excellent view of enchanting red leaves in autumn. Located in Haidian District, this park covers a large scale area over 130 hectares housing about 95% of various plants and trees. Once entered into this area during autumn, you will arouse the feeling of entering into a fairy story world where here is no boring and trouble but the tranquil environment and charming sceneries. Once the autumn falls, this mountain will be beautifully covered by splendid red foliage. Of course, the common smoke tree is the main species, while the intoxicating red leaves on the torch trees resemble countless torches on the mountain.

Typical Inner Beauty
Getting rid of the bustle life and the big pressure of the city, Baiwangshan Forest Park can help you. For the typical charming of autumn scenery, there are several reasons. This park has a variety of trees including a large quantity of mature maples. In addition, this special location of this area provides a superb habitat for these trees. After the first frost in September, the red leaves will be even more charming. Sauntering through the enchanting park, you will feel as if you are wreathed in a red mist. Standing in the pavilion sightseeing around, the red leaves look like numerous unfolding umbrellas. If you choose come just at the sunset, these red leave make a fine contrast with glow of the setting sun. Walking along the slope of the mountain, vast forests come into view with stele pavilions, stele corridors and poetry walls. Tourists will be impressed by over 1,000 pieces of work by Chinese leaders. The memorial hall in this park tells you the story of over 200 revolutionary martyrs. In addition, there are other famous attractions waiting for your visit.

In order to meet tourists satisfactory, this park offers tourists various activities including rock-climbing, orienteering and music bar. So your happy Beijing autumn holiday is easy to get!

Strategies Used to Defend Great Wall

The Great Wall has been used as a defense for the capital and inner land for quite a long time. But to send soldiers and build the wall higher are not the only way to defend the Great Wall. There are some other strategies which were used to defend the Great Wall from being invaded by the Mongolian tribes.

Great Wall

In the beginning of Han Dynasty, the state was in no condition to build the Great Wall to defend the inner land from Mongolian invaders as the construction of the Great Wall costs a sizeable amount of money and labor. Therefore, the Han emperors decided to send some women to the Mongolian leaders to prevent the Mongolian invaders attacking the Great Wall. In this way, the Great Wall was void of being engaged in blood and war. This way of dealing with the invaders had been used till the Han dynasty was ready to attack back the Mongolian tribes. In later times, the dynasties also used this strategy to defend the wall. During Han and Sui dynasties, peace marriages were used to keep the Mongolian tribes attacking the Great Wall. Back then, the women played a key role in softening the ambition of the Mongolian tribes.

Moreover, the trade and granting titles to the Mongolian leaders were other way of keeping the Mongolian tribes attacking the Great Wall. The reason why the Mongolian tribes tried to attack the Great Wall lies in the lack of sources and respect from the Han people. If the Mongolian tribes could get what they want without war or blood, they would be more than happy to accept those offers. The most famous records are about the Ming dynasty. Back then, the Mongolian leader Anda Khan was granted imperial titles by the Ming emperor and decided not to attack the Great Wall. And the peace between the two leaders lasted for a long time. To make the peace last longer, the Ming emperor also gave orders to set up a few passes for trade between the Mongolian people and Han people. Afterwards, the Khan died, but his wife continued his legacy and kept peace with the Han emperors. Ever since then, Han dynasty and Mongolian tribes maintained a peaceful relation with each other.

To sum it up, there are plenty of other strategies used to defend the Great Wall in a peaceful way.

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