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Pay a Visit to Sun Village

Beijing is really a fun place to explore while visiting China. There are diverse options for exploring the historic city. Aside from the sightseeing and shopping, those who want to give some love to parentless children in Beijing really should pay a visit to the Sun Village.

Beijing Sun Village

Overview of the Sun Village
Located in Beijing Shunyi District, Sun Village, aka Children Village, is a sweet home for countless minorities whose parents had been put behind bars. As a non-government charity, it has spread love and care among those children and helped them to acquire knowledge and technologies. In this big family, these kids have grown up like the other kids and many of them have led a happy life on their own. Backed by those social communities and individuals, Sun Village is dedicated to feed, clothe and educate those minorities. The date garden and peach garden have long played the key role of bread-maker. The money is dispensed to maintain the daily life. In this way, the kids are inspired and enlightened to be independent and self-help. In recent years, Sun Village has hosted a series of fundraising activities, such as the Trees of Love, quite popular among the public. Recently, all walks of people have turned Sun Village into an educational platform. They came to do some chores and plant some trees which they call the Call of Heart. Many of these care-givers have devoted their holidays and weekends to charity and spend these times in Sun Village. Sun Village is growing bigger and bigger.

How to Make the Most of Trip to the Village
It would be an excellent idea to spend some days in the village. A trip to the village allows you to get away from the city noises and crowds as well as the traffic. The surrounding countryside also is a great place to get close to nature and take in the rural beauty while visiting Beijing. You can easily spend a few days in the village having fun with the kids and do some activities with them as well. Everything you do in the village means a lot to them and it shows them that they are loved by others. You can also try to learn to do some chores in the farmyard. It is a great way to give your love to the kids.

If you want to give some love while visiting Beijing, the Sun Village is not to be missed!

Happy Bus Tour in Beijing

Last week, with my boyfriend, we enjoyed a terrific bus tour exploring Beijing highlights Forbidden City and Badaling Great Wall. They influenced my mind and the thought to Chinese history and ancient people.

Forbidden City

I clearly remembered the weather on that day is extremely sunny and charming with higher blue sky and masses white cloud. After eating the breakfast, tour guide telephoned us that they have waited at the gate of our hotel. We soon prepared a lot and flied to the bus. We felt very sorry for them but every one of them threw mild smile to us. We sited in the behind. First, we drive to Tiananmen Square. It is vast and spacious than I imagined. Cars and buses drive away adding typical busy atmosphere. Forbidden City is just near side. It is a large scale golden structure with many palaces. What impressed me are the roof decorations on each palace. They are different. Tour guide told us that they represented the position of emperors and the empresses.

Badaling Great Wall

After enjoying delicious lunch, we were transfer back to Badaling Great Wall, my favorite section! It is located in the suburb area of Beijing city, getting rid of the naughty and boring downtown life. Tranquil environment, fresh air and terrific surroundings left us first. Once arriving at the Badaling Great Wall, the magnificent layout of this wonder and the elegant mountain behind influenced my vision. We got off the bus and walked to the world wonder. Wow, the sceneries here are very beautiful with luxuriant wild trees. To be honest, tourists coming here are crowded. This is a disappoint phenomenon. The stone steps are larger and easy to climb. Every step I climbed, I will have a carefully appreciation about the surroundings. I always thought each step can bring me much surprises. My boy friend takes a lot of pictures. Soon, we came to the legendary watchtowers. The windows designed typical. What make me boring are the masses of carvings. Some are names and some are feeling sentences. This destroy makes the bricks white sending out sophisticated colors. Not far distance, there is a cannon model which is designed same as the ancient cannon. From it, we see the deep Chinese culture and the long history.

Gradually, under the help of the handrails, we came to the top of Badaling Great Wall. Only you come to the peak, you can know the beauty of the birds view!

How to Seize a Typical Beijing Tour

As the capital city of China, Beijing is easy to get but hard to enjoy. It has a large number of attractions to visit and a lot of interesting things to do. So, during your Beijing tour, seize the treasures can prove your 'Beijing Visit'. How to seize them?

Beijing Hutong

Travel in Time
As we all know, Beijing stores a long history and deep traditional cultural connotation. Visitors, though unable be traverse time, can be taken the distance in a rickshaw of the late Qing Dynasty through the Ming Tombs or Hutongs. You can join our Hutong tour to enjoy the old Beijing lifestyle and local cultures. Only in Beijing, travelers can traverse through Qing Dynasty, hang a right at the Tang Dynasty and enjoy the natural scenery in-between all from the comfort of a cozy Mao era sidecar.

Soar Above the Wall
As the vast structure stretching Chinese northern borders, Great Wall is regarded as the world wonder hovering around Beijing suburb area protecting the Beijing people. Staying in Beijing, tourists can enjoy multi-section, Badaling Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Jiankou Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall, etc. Deeply enjoy their appearance and features. Climb over the curve of the wall's body and towers, navigate the wall as it slithers a path through forestry, snow topped peaks and valleys. It is really a great chance to get spirit and body relaxed!

Live the Olympic Dream
During Beijing tour, tourists always overlook the majesty of the 2008 Chinese Olympics, the local government and people regard this structure as Chinese coming out party and the festivities are still on display. Famous designers designed the Birds Nest as a gem amid the ultra modern Olympic Village. Traditional architectures clash and collage with contemporary designs. Along with the massive ocean blue Water Cube, just releasing your dream and hope.

Topple the Empires
During Beijing tour, there is another enjoyment you can only do in Beijing. It is to enjoy the glory of the empires through the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Old Summer Palace and so. Just roaming in the royal gardens or palaces to deep feel the past glory, it is really a experience of widening vision.

Worship at Famous Temples
Last thing for seizing Beijing tour is to have worship at famous temples. With the Lama Temple, Temple of Heaven and White Cloud Monastery, etc all established in capital city, Beijing serves the food for the soul.

Get the five things that you can do in Beijing, marvelous holiday is just around the corner!

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