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Mistakes People Made about Lama Temple

Beijing has a diverse culture and a profound history. And the Buddhist culture is an important part of Chinese culture and there are plenty of Buddhist sights in Beijing. But there are some mistakes people make about the Lama Temple. The temple is not like any other Buddhist temples in Beijing. It is more related to the Tibetan Buddhism, very rare in Beijing.

Lama Temple

Mistake 1: Not a Palace Any More
Lama Temple used to be a prince palace in Qing dynasty. It is called Yonghegong in Chinese but it is not a palace any more. It has become the center of Tibetan Buddhism in Beijing. Lama Temple has long been the largest Tibetan Buddhism Temple in Beijing. Covering an area of 66,400 square meters, it has long enjoyed a high prestige and a long history in China. It is used to be the Mansion of Prince Yong and converted as A Tibetan Buddhism temple during the reign of Qianlong in Qing dynasty. It consists of a series of palaces and halls, as well as a group of statues. The most outstanding attraction is no other than those wooden carving groups which enjoy a high prestige in the world. They undoubtedly have added more charms and a fascinating hue to Lama Temple. Moreover, there are a large number of old locust trees in this place.

Mistake 2: Not Normal Buddhism inside the Compound
You should not be surprised to find that the temple is different from the other temples you see in Beijing. Do not take it as a normal temple while visiting the compound on a day trip. Every year, there will be hosting a series of Buddhism ceremonies and rites in Lama Temple. At that time, thousands of monks will get together to pray or hosting some traditional ceremonies concerning Buddhism. In the meanwhile, a wide variety of vegetarian food will be available for the tourists. And if you happen to come across these ceremonies, you definitely should try some of the vegetarian food on your Lama Temple tour. On this tour, not only can you get a glimpse of the most splendid temple structures but also enjoy a cultural journey. This trip will get you closer to Buddhism and how those monks live. In this temple, you do not have to be a monk to feel extremely peaceful and at ease.

Overall, the Lama Temple is a great place to understand Tibetan Buddhism while visiting Beijing.

Thrilling Adventure

Last week I went off the beaten path to visit the wild sections of the Great Wall with a few friends. The trip went very well and we all had a great time and a lot of fun that day.

Gubeikou Great Wall

Our guide picked us up from the hotel and then we hit the road on a van ride. We first visited the Great Wall at Gubeikou section. The wall is so off the beaten path there and the paths are broken all over the place. The hills are very steep and it is really difficult to climb up and down the broken paths. But that is part of the fun while hiking the wild wall. Soon we all got tired and had to take some rest after over an hour of puffing up and down the ruined paths. The wild wall is overgrown with bushes and shrubs, making our hiking even more difficult. But we were treated to quite a sight up on the wall. The snaking wall zigzags its way up the rugged hills till it disappears into the far horizon. We took plenty of great pictures while hiking along the wall. We all got an opportunity to see what the original wall looks like on our trip down there. The hiking we did up on the wall is so exciting and we had so much fun while puffing up and down the overgrown paths.

Later we had lunch at the foothill and moved on to visit the Great Wall at Jinshanling. We only visited the eastern part of the wall there. The wall down there is a lot easier to hike than Gubeikou but still very steep. There were few people hiking on the wall down there and we all felt we had the wild wall all to ourselves. The experience is just incredible and we really had a great time on the wall just we did at Gubeikou. Our guide also told us a lot history about the wall. That made our hiking even more fun and enjoyable. It is just amazing to take in the ruins down there and the scenery is very spectacular. Moreover, there are so many great photo opportunities at every bend while hiking up and down the wall. Later our adventure travel ended on a pleasant note and we all got a safe ride back to our hotel.

Overall, the trip is quite an essential Chinese experience!

Top Islamic Sight to See in Beijing

Beijing Dongsi Mosque

For those who want to take in Islamic sights and soak up Muslim culture while in Beijing, the Dongsi Mosque is not to be missed! The Dongsi Mosque was built in 1356 and enjoys a high prestige in Beijing. Facing eastward, with 3 grand gates, the Mosque covers 10,000 square meters and is characteristic of the Ming dynasty style. The Mosque is mainly made up of the grand court, two session rooms, water rooms and library. Within the grand court, the golden light seems shining all over the place and there are carvings everywhere. The 3 arch gates are all decorated with the Koran scriptures and up to 500 people can pray in the grand court.

Overall, the mosque is a great place to learn more about Chinese Islam culture.

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