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Hutong is not Simply Old Beijing Culture

As the narrow lane lying around Beijing downtown area, Beijing Hutong has attracted loads of attention among tourists with unique tastes, culture and history. It almost has become a must-enjoy place for visitors from home and abroad. But, with time goes by, it is not simply the old Beijing culture again!

Calligraphy Learning in Hutong

Profound History
It is said that Hutong houses profound history originating during Yuan Dynasty. In the Yuan Dynasty, Mongolians attached great importance to water, so almost every community in this city was designed around a well, which provide the daily water for the locals. Until now, tourists can still find dry wells in Hutong. In the past years, Beijing was composed of hundreds of courtyards around the Forbidden City and these lanes stretched out in all four directions, connecting different kinds of courtyards in the city. These lanes have their own layout and structure, and when viewed from the air the combination of the lanes and courtyards resemble a chessboard with delicate gardens. So, the Hutong formed appearing in present as the culture of old Beijing.

Colorful Activities Held in Hutong
Nowadays, in addition to enjoy the local lifestyle and culture, tourists here are mainly for the colorful activities. If you want to enjoy Chinese cuisine cooking, come to Hutong where you can experience the local cooking. Taught by the local famous cooker, you can not only learn the cooking skills but also learn more about Chinese traditional culture. The calligraphy learning is also established here. From this, you can get deep understanding about Chinese calligraphy and culture. Besides, the language learning and painting learning all established here. Just according to your interests, choose one to cultivate sentiment and mood.

Delicate Shops Hidden
There are many small, unique and well decorated shops hidden in these lanes, especially in Nanluoguxiang. There is also a famous restaurant called Pass by Bar in Nanluoguxiang. It is a gathering place for the local people and foreign backpackers. As a theme bar, Yizhan is built based on an old courtyard. In addition to these special modern-style shops, there are some more traditional shops scattered in the lanes.

There are so many treasures in Beijing Hutong, it is not simply boring culture appreciation again! Join us to experience these activities!

Wonderful Trip in Beijing

Mutianyu Great Wall is truly an amazing section bringing me too many surprises! Booking this tour is the suggestion of my father. We were picked up from the hotel and transfer to Mutianyu Great Wall. On the whole journey to Mutianyu Great Wall, we listened to the explanation told by tour guide and imagined. First time getting close to this world wonder, I really felt exciting and nervous. Beijing suburb area is very charming full of fresh air, extremely tranquil and nice.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Once arriving at the foot of Mutianyu Great Wall, the large scale luxuriant trees impressed me deeply. Tourists here are less than I expected. The tranquil environment created a very nice environment for us. After bringing out the luggage and preparation, we started our climbing journey. My father climbed faster, but I wanted to carefully enjoy the charming sceneries. Tourists here praised and communicated about the background, history and culture. After climbing on the ground, we saw the magnificent watchtower established on. All the wall and ground are almost best preserved with vigorous spirit.

We came to the legendary watchtower, touching and appreciating around. It is typically different from the watchtower we saw in the book. I thought it belongs to the 'underground watchtower' with unique steps. Tourists getting here are crowded all lured by the typical design. Tour guide is very considerate giving us detail information about this creation. We are all satisfactory about this military design. In Chinese ancient times, it plays a very important role in the war period. In addition, we saw the cannon model located beside which attracted many children. I am very interested in it. It is not too long but is lifelike. Sitting alongside, we enjoyed a relaxed while appreciating the early autumn sceneries. Under the mild sunlight, everything here is just in the picture.

Summer Palace

Second attraction - Summer Palace left me a deep impression. It is a large scale crystal royal garden housing many delicate palaces, halls and small gardens, etc. Walking inside, different kind of royal atmosphere influenced my spirits and body. I liked the environment very much, unique tranquil and charming. In addition, the Kunming Lake is my favorite section with dazzling water and breathtaking sceneries surrounded.

There is no hidden charge and forced shopping on the whole journey!

Unique Structure of Great Wall

The Nine-eye Tower is located in south of Heituo mountain, 21 kilometers northwest of Chengguan town Huairou District, in the north of Beijing. Located in Huairou county and Yanqing county at the junction of the flame mountain top. Because the 9 arrow windows are built on each side of the watchtowers, hence the name. Because of high and steep mountains, during sunny day visitors can see Beijing City, it is also known as the Wangjing Tower. The Nine-eye Tower is one of the most important structures on Great Wall, which sits 1141 meters above sea level.

Nine-eye Tower of Great Wall

The current building houses rooms and other remains, the racecourse, horse field, camp (camp city) remains. On the north side of the tower sits a stone stele left by the Ming Dynasty official Xu Shen in 13th year of Wanli reign (1585). Nearby the lush vegetation can be found all over the place, as well as wild animal like roe deer, goat, pheasant, hare, squirrels, etc.

According to "Beijing City Yanqing County gazetteer records": "the nine-eye tower was built during the Ming Jiajing reign (1543 AD) by Wang Yijian, the middle built with Red Gate. Nine-eye Tower sits on the side wall of the Sihai Xiang Shi Yao Cun, South of Flaming Mountains, very close to the Juyongguan section." This record tells us, Nine-eye Tower dates back more than 450 years ago. It also tells us, the tower had much military significance back in the day. Nine-eye Tower is two-tier architecture, with nine observation holes built on the tower. Now only one floor is left, the height is 7.8 meters, each side 13 meters, the observation hole is 1.65 meters high, 0.5 meters wide, the inner loop trail 1.2 meters wide. Nine-eye Tower is built with stone, with the upper part built with lime stone and blue bricks, strong and beautiful. Downstairs there on the west side of the small platform, Sergeant centralized site. Platform on the north side is built with the brick stairs, offering steps up along the floor of the South gate. Roof is arch structure, which can provide rooms for soldiers and weapons. North are two windows, each surrounded by a door, the door is two meters high, 1.2 meters wide, access very convenient.

Nine-eye Tower is not only the biggest watch tower on the Great Wall, but also is of great strategic significance in military defense.

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