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How to Explore Dangerous Jiankou Great Wall

No trip to Beijing would be complete without a trip to the Great Wall. Today, the Great Wall is very popular with the backpackers from all over the world, especially those wild sections. For those who want to explore the wildest section of the Great Wall, Jiankou is second to none. How to explore dangerous Jiankou Great Wall?

Jiankou Great Wall

Overview of Jiankou Great Wall
Jiankou Great Wall is one of the wildest sections of the Great Wall in Beijing. Every year, millions of tourists swarm into this spot to unveil its myth. The trip to Jiankou Great Wall will remain the most amazing journey of their life. Jiankou Great Wall is well known for its danger, grandeur and splendor. Therefore climbing it is quite a challenge for many tourists. But once they get to the top, they will feel it is worth it. The greatest part about this tour lies in its process. Traveling around this spot, you will also get closer to the ancient military layouts of the Great Wall. There are a large amount of separate sceneries along the whole journey. You just have to be prepared to be marveled by them. Aside from the Great Wall sights, there is also a deep pool lying at the feet of the hill. There lives a rich collection of famous fish. Jiankou Great Wall is the most original Great Wall. Though much of it remains relics, it still exudes an atmosphere of the ancient times.

Tips for Exploring Jiankou
As Jiankou Great Wall is located far away from the city center of Beijing and very dangerous to hike through, it is best to prepare very well. It is not a good idea to hike the wall at Jiankou section alone and a series of climbing gears are required for hiking up and down the wall, such as walking shoes, walking stick, backpack, camera and so on. Pay more attention while climb up and down the steep parts of the wall. With a trip down to Jiankou, you really should not miss out on a local food made of fish and it will be an essential dining experience as well. The restaurants can be easily found at the foothill.

Overall, you will have a lot of fun while exploring Jiankou Great Wall while visiting Beijing.

Autumn Hiking to Gubeikou Great Wall

Nowadays, Gubeikou Great Wall has risen up as one of the most popular destinations among the tourists in Beijing. Every year, millions of people swarm into this spot and enjoy an incredible Gubeikou Great Wall. Autumn is no doubt the best time to visit Gubeikou when the amazing fall foliages can be seen all over the place.

Gubeikou Great Wall

Overview about Gubeikou Great Wall
Gubeikou Great Wall used to be the first military line of defense. As one of the most magnificent part of Great Wall, it has best reserved the prime part of Ming Great Wall. From west to east, the Great Wall consists of a whole bunch of parts, like Badalouzi Great Wall, Huangyugou Great Wall, Wohushan Great Wall, Wanshoushan Great Wall, Panlongshan Great Wall, Wulituo Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall. Along 40 miles distance, there is about 172 Watch Towers, 14 Beacon Towers, 16 passes, 3 watery Great Wall, 6 city passes, as well as other defensive systems. Gubeikou Great Wall boasts a longest watery Great Wall. Located in Miyun County, 100 miles away from Beijing city, it used to be a must-fight-for spot in ancient times. From ancient times to this day, it boasts as the throat to Songliao Plain and Inner Mongolia. It is also one of the most important passes among Great Wall and a throat compared with other parts of Great Wall.

What to Explore at Gubeikou in Autumn
Since the ancient times, Gubeikou has stood between two mountains with a river flowing through. Among all the scenic spots in the area, the most famous are Dahualou Beacon Tower, Wangjing Tower, sister Great Wall, Xiannv Tower, Jiangjun Tower and watery relics and so on. Near Gubeikou Great Wall, there are also a series of other famous scenic spots worthwhile seeing, like Sanyan Well, Yufeng Well, Simatai Spring, Yanglinggong Temple and Yaowang Temple and so on. During autumn day, there is a bustling assembly in Yaowang Temple. These superb attractions have turned Gubeikou Great Wall into an incredible tourist area in Beijing. Furthermore, in the fall, the area will be covered by fall foliages and the sight is as spectacular as it can be! There are plenty of photo opportunities out there as well.

A trip to Gubeikou in the autumn days while in Beijing will be fun and an essential Chinese experience.

Tips for Muslim Culture Tour in Beijing

Nowadays more and more tourists come to Beijing for researching the special Muslim culture. They always hold curiosity feeling and mysterious imagination to the Islamic. So, during your Muslim visit in Beijing, I would like to share you some useful tips.

Beijing Muslim Culture

Respect Their Behaviors
Perhaps, during your Beijing tour, just walking on the street, you can see the Muslim people dressing unique clothes with veil, even it is the hot days. For this kind of phenomenon, most of the tourists will be curious and gossip with their friends and families. In fact, you have created heavy hurt to them and their culture. The Muslim people dressed thick clothes and wear and veil, because they pay much attention on their privacy. Especially the Muslim women, they dressed like this for protecting their skin exposure. Even some people are curious about their language and their greeting styles. No matter which aspect, they have cultivated their own culture and life habits. We should respect them and keep the idea of we are the same!

Taste of Muslim Food
If you want to enjoy the Muslim food to understand Muslim culture, Beijing also can satisfy your desire. The most famous one restaurant is Hong Bin Lou. This restaurant has enjoyed a high fame for more than 150 years. With a large scale area, this restaurant has greeted many tourists from home and abroad. The recommended dishes here are Braised Shark Fin Sliced Chicken, Stewed Sheep Head with Sauce in Casserole and so on. On point you should get, for the Muslim dining, pork is taboo. So, during your Muslim food enjoy, you should respect their eating culture.

Deep Understand Islamic Knowledge
For researching the Islamic knowledge, the best place will be the Beijing Niujie Mosque. This mosque has a long history more than a thousand years. It has greeted Muslims all over the world to worship. The big feature of this place is there are no human or animal figures among these decorations as these are considered taboo in Islam. For visiting this mosque, there are 3 important tips. You should dress proper. If your dressing style is too short, then you are forbidden to enter into. For the Prayer Hall, only the Muslim people are admitted. Last one is you should check the information in advance for some palaces are not opened to the public!

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