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Enjoy Recovery Appearance of Old Summer Palace

Beijing is a flourishing city housing too many glorious scenic spots and wonders. As the most terrific royal garden, Old Summer Palace always attracts tourists for appreciating. Even though most of the treasures and scenic spots have been destroyed, tourists can find the history prints clearly!

Old Summer Palace

Layout of Old Summer Palace
Old Summer Palace is also called Ruins of Yuanmingyuan. Located in the northwest of Beijing, this large scale imperial garden was first built in the year of 1709 during the reign of Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty. Over the next 150 years of Qing Dynasty, this garden was expanded to be a large scale Chinese private pleasure garden for the emperors with a large scale area of 350 hectares. Being composed by three parts including Yuanmingyuan, Wanchunyuan and Changchunyuan, each part has its own features and theme. For the original appearance, there are hundreds of scenic spots established including halls, pavilions, chambers, kiosks, earth and rock hills, rivers and ponds and exotic flowers and grasses from different parts of the country.

Typical Architecture of Old Summer Palace
The Old Summer Palace's construction and horticulture of Yuanmingyuan is a harmonious blend of typical Chinese scenery and western architecture. For the most breathtaking scenic spots, it is indeed cannot count. For the brilliant construction and marvelous arrangements, Old Summer Palace is also called as the garden of gardens or Versailles of the East in Europe. What the most important is Old Summer Palace was also called imperial museum storing a large number of books, treasures and cultural artifacts.

Protection of Old Summer Palace
Even though most of the treasures and scenic spots are destroyed in 1860, under the protection of the relative officer, one park was established on the ruin site. Just for this, when tourists roaming in this area can imagine the former grandeur of Old Summer Palace from the crumbling walls and ruins. What the most important is that there is an opportunity for visitors to view the complete picture of Old Summer Palace in its heyday in the exhibition hall. The reconstruction picture of Yuanmingyuan and the translator will inspire all your ideas to Chinese ancient history and the past culture.

Deeply experience Chinese rooted culture, breathtaking sceneries and the marvelous architecture, join us to Old Summer Palace!

Typical Overhanging Great Wall

For the famous Mutianyu Great Wall and Badaling Great Wall, almost every tourist could speak out the characters and their appearances. For the Great Wall located in the Chinese suburb areas, they also store many features and mysteries.

Overhanging Great Wall in China

Background of Overhanging Great Wall
Located not far away from Jiayuguan City in Gansu Province, Overhanging Great Wall plays a very important role as an important part of the defense work of Jiayuguan Pass. Built in the year of 1539 during the Ming Dynasty, Overhanging Great Wall was built to strengthen the defensive capability of Jiayuguan area. It was built on the slope of Black Mountain, so it is not visible to anyone looking from west to east. During the ancient times, all the enemies always think they could enter into the inner area of China from this place, the Heishan Canyon, as long as they rounded the Jiayuguan Pass. However, finally, they always made mistake. After that, when the wars comes, the enemies always went over the mountain to find the entrance but failed. It is truly difficult to find out the entrance. After researching out the Overhanging Great Wall, because it is too firm, it was very hard to cross or pass through. Since that time, Overhanging Great Wall was regarded as a natural barrier.

Typical Layout of Overhanging Great Wall
Having an overview, from a distance, Overhanging Great Wall showed like a dragon overhanging the mountain, hence the name. The main materials of this Great Wall sections is the local gravel and the yellow earth. They were built layer by layer composed by the main path, battlements and three observation posts. In the original time, Overhanging Great Wall measured about 0.9 miles long. But, later because of the natural disasters and the human destruction, only 820 yards of the wall remains, with 253 yards climbing onto the north slope of Black Mountain. The imposing appearance and the manner are very much like those of Badaling Great Wall in Beijing. So, it got another name as the western Badaling Great Wall. Wandering along Overhanging Great Wall, tourists could start from the foot of Black Mountain to reach the top. Because the steps here are very steep, the weaker tourists exploring here should pay much attention. Standing at the top point appreciating the sceneries surrounded, tourists are always impressed by the boundless desert extending to faraway places.

With the oasis dropped in, the sightseeing here is truly amazing and fantastic!

Tips for Exploring Beijing Drum and Bell Tower

There are plenty of historic sights worth exploring in Beijing. Aside from the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, the Drum and Bell Tower is also worth a visit while in Beijing. Here are some details about the towers to give you a better understanding to these two landmarks in Beijing.

Beijing Drum Tower

Drum Tower in Beijing
In recent years, Beijing Drum Tower has stood out among the attractions in Beijing as a popular spot. Located in Dianmen Street, Beijing Drum Tower used to be sophisticated time-indication equipment. This tower was designed fully in line with the ancient timing systems. These systems have remained a myth for quite a long while. After they were unveiled, people were shocked by their advance and sophistication. It is said that the frequency of tolling indicates what time it is. If you ever come down to Beijing Drum Tower, you can try to tell time by looking at it and compares the result with your watch. It will be a lot of fun and much of a challenge. And after that, if you feel you are up for this challenge, then go ahead and give it your best shot. In history, Beijing Drum Tower had been burned down and rebuilt again by the emperors. In 1957, it was rated as Beijing Heritage Unit. In 1984, it was renovated and opened to the public in 1987. In 1996, it was appraised as National Key Heritage Unit. Now, Beijing Drum Tower has attracted millions of people.

Bell Tower in Beijing
Nowadays, Beijing Bell Tower has become a landmark in Beijing. Every year, millions of people flood into this old building. Located in Dongcheng District, Beijing Bell Tower was founded in 1420 and burned down later. In 1745, it was rebuilt and renovated in Qing dynasty. This renovation was recorded on the tablet within the middle gate. Beijing Bell Tower was rebuilt with stones in case of fire disaster. Standing on this old tower, you will get a hold of the panorama of Beijing city. Beijing Bell Tower has enjoyed a long history and witnessed a lot of historic events in China. It has become an important part of Beijing city. It has enriched and promoted Beijing tourism. A considerable amount of tourists have set their feet here and left their footprints. You will find something special here and even if you left, the memory of it will still linger in your mind. This trip will bring you an unforgettable experience.

With the above-mentioned info, you will make the most out of your trip to the Drum and Bell Tower while in Beijing.

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