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Incredible Day Trip in Beijing

I was so excited about the trip to Mutianyu that day and as it turned out, the whole trip is just as incredible as it could be! Definitely the highlight of my stay in Beijing!

Mutianyu Great Wall

The dense forest can be seen all over the place out there, and it was kind of pretty cool to see the first signs of autumn, something I longed to see long time ago. It was a sunny day and the breeze made my trek on the wall even more enjoyable. The wall itself, was quite impressive, and it was difficult to tell which parts had been restored as the guys really did a great job. It is really fun to puff up and down the path and the trek is just incredible. The experience is just amazing to walk the wall. Along the way, I bumped into many Chinese children crying and complaining, and many parents encouraging and bribing them. No reason to blame the kids for being like that because I felt just the same – tired and running out of breath all the time!

The wall snaked its way up the ridge of the mountain and seemed to just be a little addition to it. There were watchtowers every few hundred yards or so, very impressive. I also climbed on top of a few towers to get a better view of the surroundings. The most impressive is there are three watchtowers standing right next to each other - it is rare for the great wall according to my guide. It is called Zhengguantai, a group of three buildings. The three towers are each two stories high with their own observation pavilions well preserved to this day. The tower is a nice place to catch some breath and take a good rest. After rest at Zhengguantai, I continued on the journey, heading a little further and it was all steps. After two hours of hiking, it was time to get down the wall. I found my way down with my guide and headed to the toboggan station to catch a slide ride down. The toboggan weaved its way down the side of the mountain, through the forest - it is really a fun ride. Later I got back to the city, safe and sound.

The trip to the wall is best Chinese experience to me!

Take in Modern Side of Beijing

Beijing is really a fun place to explore with its diverse culture and profound history. Nowadays, the city has long been a place where the western culture and Chinese culture crash. A trip to Beijing not only allows you to see the ancient sights but also take in the modern side of the city. Here is the top destination to go in Beijing to get a glimpse of the modern side the city.

Beijing Finance Street

Overview to the Finance Street
In recent decades, as the capital of China, a series of ground-breaking changes have been underway, especially in terms of economy. The most outstanding mark lies in Beijing Finance Street. Nowadays, a considerable amount of companies, offices and institutions have gathered on this street. It has become the most concentrated area in view of money, technology and knowledge. This area pays more tax than other places in Beijing. It is not an exaggeration to say Beijing Finance Street has seized hold of the pulses of the economy. It was called the heart of Beijing. Along the Street are lined with a great number of modern buildings and edifices. These buildings combine to offer the tourists a spectacular city view. Wandering among this street, you will see it is full of unique and peculiar designs. These designs seem to have brought you into the future. These buildings are far too different from those structures of antiquity. They are all about fashion and trend. They are what the future looks like.

Best Time to Visit the Street
For those who want to make the most out of the trip to the Finance Street while visiting Beijing, it is best to pay a visit to the street at night. The whole street looks at its best at night when all of the buildings are lit up. The sight is as spectacular as it can be and makes for great postcard photos. Visiting the street at night is also a great way to avoid the crowd and noises. The street is lined with a large number of office buildings and shops and restaurants. A trip down there will take you to get a good look at the modern side of the city.

The Finance Street is not to be missed if you want to see more of the city.

Why Cuandixia Village is a Hidden Treasure in Beijing

During Beijing tour, most of tourists will regard the historical relics as the treasure of Beijing. They spent long time researching and discovering their culture and history as well as the sceneries arranged inside. However, as the old village of Beijing - Cuandixia Village gets the high fame as the hidden treasure of Beijing, why so called?

Beijing Cuandixia Village

Incomparable History
As well all know, Beijing tours always provide an exclusive look into ancient Chinese living. In addition to the ancient relics, Hutong, Cuandixia Village is rented as another treasure of Beijing. Just enjoying this village, tourists can gain much and more in their lifetime. When relating to its history, it can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty housing over 600 years history. So, it is the most valuable place for recording Chinese history and culture. First built in the Ming Dynasty, Cuandixia Village preserved about 70 courtyards housing built with stones and wood. For the name of Cuandixia, Cuan means the stove, and Dixia means under. From this name, you can understand it means a shelter from the cold to its inhabitants, as well as safety from the bane of war.

Impressive Sceneries
Situated in an ancient post road in the mountain area, nestled among a jagged mountain range, this village is a beautiful respite from the bustling, crowded scenes of Beijing city. Natural environment and distinctive characters make the old post stop a popular tourist spot. The marvelous scenery of Cuandixia Village is filled with hilly landscapes, push grass and luxurious trees. The charming village homes consist of stone and brick carvings, divided by small courtyard areas. With its screen walls and large Chinese character paintings at every corridor, the adored aspects of Chinese architecture from this era are on full display.

Values of Cuandixia Village
It is not a simple history recording place but a valuable place for the fans. The preservation of this site is incredible. Just wandering in this land, you will feel you have walked back in time at every ancient courtyard homes which are opened to public. Natural beauty of this area has made it an attractive place for filmmakers, painters and photographers to visit and capture the splendor. Many tourists must have a visit to Cuandixia to gain a present day look into a very real China past.

It is really a nice place to enjoy ancient China while enjoying spirit relaxed!

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